Part one: love of one’s regret and snow-covered greenhouse, love to become injured, cold clouds hid the moon hurt, mother mine cry tears spilled done.  Open mold in that this volume yellow shy memories, your face is covered with the sun, like a youthful love of text flow into my heart, elegant posture smile Looking back, my life became happy heaven, quiet shame of my love, your fingers crossed that the red hand of my face, my curious mind quiet first time to panic, mind blank, I actually forgot flowing air, the class bell rescued I rescued panic blush as I Yang, wandering on the parallel bars in the playground gave me a heart choking relieved “rebirth” of hope.  Teacher and made me happy and you hand in hand eclipse heart lollipops, enchanted me as a bold initiative led you mad in the bone tender and delicate watery China refers to the head, fingers crossed happiness, like a lollipop sweet, your smile I’m happy paradise, your eyes clear, non-staining, flashing into your crazy eyelashes, you pouty lips Han Xiang, you complete solution of the question relieved pleasant smile, earthly words you will be defiled the Shenzi, I know you are really beautiful.  Love to steal music in the snow, snow Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is my most beautiful memories, like that white, cold like that, holding in hands, shape into small balls, hidden in the sleeve, cheerfully walked into the cottage, gently secretly behind you, pull your collar suddenly micro snow ball close to your body into them, sad eyes looking at you, look at you look like falling into Bingku, enjoying the joy I succeed, finish up sitting beside you, I’m really bad, innocent face looking at you, I feel wronged, “stare” you, suffer me and not you, my cold hand on my frozen hair dressing purple-faced, my cold hand to steal the heart of hi ask “comfort” in the comfort of your face, a look of innocent wronged look at you and look at you once clear eyes continue to send my stay, enjoying you “fiercely” I put frozen purple hand to your arms, “fiercely” purple rub my fingers, I am very happy, you really beautiful.  That sudden you want me to hold you, really I was really shy, introverted shy and not an ordinary feudal, I feel that will compromise you, I really can not hold you, I know I am deeply at the moment deep hurt you, in fact, I would also hurt worse than you, because I’m shy hurt you, my love, my dearest, I again feel in your heart away from me, then fly my ear to the rumors completely shattered my loving heart chamber, will never be in my heart the sorrow of seedlings planted, internal destruction external blows, and again let the sad tree seedlings in my hearts rooting auxin, will never learned to camouflage, hypocritical smile that seems to suppress her grief.  It’s like a shy and arrogant bones ruined my beloved my first love, looking at your photos hurt my heart, tears of blood stagnation in the chest to conceal a smile, tears can heal if left in your heart that the scar, if the chest stagnation of blood your heart can soothe the scars like that, I am willing to shed your tears this life, the body’s blood clotting.  If we could turn the clock back, if love can be repeated, if this life we will be heavy, if this life we can last dance, I will hold you in the middle of the road avenue to vent, bold kiss your Xiangchun, let world know that you are my favorite.  I really regretted not hold you, I really regretted not kiss you, I really regretted not go back looking for you, my first love my beloved!!!    Part Two: I want to go to the snow-covered plateau snow-covered plateau free of dust is not dyed and holy soul, always attracted me touched me.Life does not ignite my second place to its yearning, only it is like a mirror in my heart, always bright flashes of light and endless glory.  I was a little like traveling people, for decades a number flexor life circumstances, not to mention travel around the world, it is to me to support my Chinese land, mountains, rivers, and historical sites, not much of a visit.There are “six dynasties” Nanjing has a long history, and I have not been; there are known as “There is a paradise under Jervois,” the Yangtze River Delta, I have not been; there is euphemistically called “Guilin Best” Third Sister Liu’s hometown I have not been to.I have not been to too many places.Sauna net I was born in Sichuan, have landed on Mount Emei, already I feel it’s profound, is a satisfying feeling, but when I talked about Xu’s article, “Huangshan Mountain in mind”, but emerge “Five Sacred Mountains fell down on reference books Hill, Huangshan guilaibukan “saying, with Huangshan, all the other mountains have become ‘list of small hills’ the.Nevertheless, I do not want to see it, because I was born in the mountains, straight to the point, out of the mountains, no time to consider the “do not know the truth, just because in this mountain,” gossip.  I’ve been to Jinan, Lao She, “Jinan’s winter”, the Jinan portrayed very beautiful.Things can not be coincidence, I went to the summer of Jinan, Jinan did not appreciate the beauty of winter, but added near the Yellow River attracted me.I cheerfully went to the Yellow River, the Yellow River is seen in a very calm, that it can not see the magnificence and excited | Love.My hometown in the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River deep and steep beauty to the world presents a picture of the Seven Wonders of the natural picture, the famous Three Gorges, renowned Chinese and foreign.  I’ve been in, whether natural or cultural landscape history, it is difficult I also want to do a “repeat”, but the snow-covered plateau, although I have not been to one, but the dream, it is conceivable that it should be an attraction huge magnet.I have repeatedly heard stories about friends snow-covered plateau, also made some understanding of the relevant information or pictures, also heard from some of its soothing songs.It can be concluded that the sky is always blue, do not pollute the slightest dust sediment; its ground is always green, wind-swept pastures of cattle and sheep; it is always pure river of the Himalayas is the world’s largest net water heaters; it’s always the white hada, because it contains a significant endless sincerity and friendship.  I want to travel a long distance for the snow-covered plateau, along the singer Han Hong’s “Tin Road”, all the way to enjoy the scenery of the snow-covered plateau.I want to draw big mouth to fresh air, metabolism and suppressed for many years out of the dregs of the chest.I looked over blue Sky, let waving a piece of white clouds to shade my eyes washed out of the eye.I want to make a close contact with prairie, kneeling in front of it shows that I love passionately devoted.I would also like to Potala Palace Meet the Lord Buddha, generous devotion to the blues as a perfect donation.Snow-covered plateau from the days close, where there is a real paradise.Riding a yak to walk in the clouds, colorful wildflowers.Drink a cup of barley wine sitting on the grass, lying in a tent sip butter tea.Almost midnight, went to counting the stars looking at the moon outside the tent listening to the sweet sound of the guitar, buzzing, endless aftertaste.In the Himalayan foothills, I’m not a singer, but I can stand open on voice peaks burst into singing “Everest”, rough and lingering sound of distant must also give a feeling of emptiness.Under the blue sky with eagle soaring in the valley, from a comfortable living from the madding crowd in a feast environment, get rid of all the hustle and bustle of all the annoyance of all worldly things, indistinct, like the paradise.I was about to come, the snow-covered plateau you welcome me?I took my sincere hope that with the blood comes with a cavity!