Part one: color of the sky color of the sky changes Mo Chang, is here, whom adds a rich and graceful twist of the Mid-Autumn.  Looking back 22 years, I walked down the road, bumpy and full of thorns, as the sky the color of impermanence.Along the way, accompanied by laughter, tears suffered.  Memories for me, is a painful thing, but they have to remember, in those dusty memories of the past, inadvertently recalled shadow floating significantly.In every period of painful experience during the years of warm items, exceptionally Bo issued motivation.  Childhood for me is golden, full of laughter.Accompanied by his father in childhood, riding comfortably spend on his father’s neck, warm and happy.While there are all sorts of physical inconvenience, but I do not feel lonely, the platform of the evening, my father and I always come to base Shacheng back, I worked with my father promised that grow up I want to earn a lot a lot of money, so father lives than we were on base Shacheng, many times larger house.I want my father can sit around swinging chairs; I want to make my father had to attend a lecture can have meat on life.On the summer flood, there will always be my father and I play the scene; even in that dreary hospital room, changing the pattern of father always told me the story.At that time, I always aspired to become a director, the only loyal audience is the father, the then young as 7 years old, worldly, I will always take their own misfortune as a theme, tell their own misfortune, often listening to his father will be tearful.In retrospect past period, found themselves silly – the pain in my body, but the father’s pain but in my heart!  Golden childhood, there is accompanied by his father, I feel, my “sky” blue!  When I heal illness, back on its feet after his father burned himself out because of overwork, the bad news came, his father suffered from leukemia, I was only 9 years old, since then, I also carefree childhood ended.When I watched his father being swallowed by the disease a little bit of life, I really Haohen myself, why not share for his father, his father in the final struggle with the disease, the lost this “game”, his father was taken away by the disease.Lost his father, I am in tears all day, my “sky” filled with unspeakable bleak!  I began to feel sorry for my whole world people are, without a father, I see who is not pleasing to the eye, no one wanted to reason, and sometimes had thought his father gone, I’m in this world is superfluous, it is better to follow his father away.But one day I read in the book saying: “unhappy things in life are often eighty-nine.”Pleased with the day too, have been unhappy day, why not choose to be happy to do!Slowly I tried to change myself, and I did not play with me on the book as partners, I put my passion for literature as a language teacher, spiritual support, and slowly learn the language found very interesting, and slowly found in literature confident, try to slowly accumulate the text, draw motivation.Literature like a pair of invisible wings, take me to find their own piece of blue sky!There accompany literature, my “sky” turned blue!Nightlife net entrance unsatisfactory, so I once again fall into the bottom of life, my “sky” and a change from blue to gray.  Select the Chinese language and literature, came to a strange city, a strange school, but I’m not confused, because I have the original dream of becoming a language teacher —-.The thinking of unexamined finished college life, to become a teacher on the line.But since I met a man, I changed my.He and his father age, the difference is only a surname of the father, and he smiles and acts very much like his father and, more subtly, I met his father died in 10 years of full time.Every time met him, I feel so close so close from his father, he let me unload the burden of thinking to bear 10 years; he is a full 10 years after his death, again I feel the fatherly love of people, gradually I found myself to become cheerful personality, life has a goal, but also something to look forward.I think through their own efforts, to better study to study, to pursue the initial dream!Because of his company, with the goal of my life, I feel, my “sky” and the blue from gray!  My way of life is changing, my “sky” is also changing along with.Regardless of the future road of life is happy or sad, I have to let yourself happily went every day; regardless of the future road of life is along or against, I have been to let myself get down every day, let her the color is more Xuanliang.  Rambling way of life, out of their wonderful, create their own piece of the sky!    Part II: Lhasa Lhasa is famous sky sun city.Where the sky is always so blue, translucent, as if washed with water, like sapphire.  In Lhasa, the people’s voice could touch the sky, stretched out a hand to touch the sky.Some people say “blue sky Juyi Peng could face”, these words really really wonderful.There are close to the top of the hill against the background of white clouds, blue sky becomes more pure; have control of Lhasa River grass, blue sky seem more apparent Jie.  Lhasa blue sky was fascinating, it tightly to attract your sight, so that you can not bear a long time away.  Throughout the year regardless of the depths of winter or summer, the sky is always blue Jingjing of the Potala Palace.With the blue sky, the hillside Potala Palace is even more majestic, magnificent.  In the Tibetan language, Lhasa means the Holy Land, then, this day is holy blue curtains up.  Description of the sky segments: the sun had fallen beneath the horizon, and that has faded to pink blush round.The sky above the lake has gradually become a green area of duck egg blue color from pale green, and there is a quiet twilight secretly to her sides crowded round.  Been sunny sky.In the vicinity of mountains, houses and gardens, are submerged in the windless quiet and clear the cold, submerged in bright light and faint shadows, everything is so white, hard and clean, cloudless light blue sky, Similarly enveloped the earth through the top, tens of thousands points of light, shiny crystals, wandering in the sky.  Day, like wondering very smooth sapphire, like a very fine texture of blue satin, it seems, it seems close to you, as long as you can touch, like a show of hands; it seems very far away from you, how can inaccessible, sparkling blue sky with white clouds foil, truly beautiful.  The horizon is hazy color, lavender, whole day has not changed.And surrounded by the same: there is no place dark and lifeless, no place thunderstorm brewing, but in some places light-colored curtains hung, it is already difficult to raise in Eau tube out of the rain.  The sky is very bright blue with just a few gauze-like Qingyun, as a young girl, wearing a bright blue summer clothing, and the collar was around for a very thin white scarf, I never seen such a beautiful sky!