Part One: Amidst the setting sun setting sun seventeen years ago amidst a memory of the people have changed Zhuhai, Zhuhai red notebook one day see a text record seventeen years ago.Zhuhai impressed me beautiful, a beautiful coastal city, not touching short life experiences, and I’m just that the sea rush the passer, there is not much gain, nor beautiful story touched people, as hundreds of thousands of times back and forth and forth and busy, and feel the movement is not easy to survive the never-ending life, especially if you do not want to live quietly willing.  I do not think outside of life will be very exciting, just feel the history of the struggle of life is not a simple life in the course of this experience, although accompanied silent unspeakable lonely and tired, but it can apply to some of life color, wading through a period of years journey, still worth the effort to Ben flutter.Years is limited, I should not give up the pursuit of the ideal heart.Our pursuit is unlimited.  Do not want to care about gains and losses, but also do not want to lose the day without a trace, disappeared at the same time, they would feel should pick up a pen to write something, the text is a voice recording, perhaps years is relentless, as long as you have a feeling for life you may feel lost at the same time, also from time to time to give life and change, then I picked up a pen, track record and touched lives in countless lonely night.  Drifting days and could not get miserable, at least leave school just in Zhuhai, I have felt this kind of life is not to say you want to work experience, but how far incompetent way, no matter what twists and hardships we must insist on and move forward, not look back to see what is missing, because we do not know what else to tie him down in front and fallen on the road.Go, do not stay on the road.  Sea and sky makes us feel vast misty, hope and disappointment appear shattered at any time and there is no reason to reject and ready, perhaps in a premonition that one day down in hope, see hope in despair, we find our hearts hope and faith, we will know how to be a better drifting precipitation and accumulation.  Leaving Zhuhai for many years, I do not know if they insist has been in Zhuhai, now would be like, occasionally read written text in Zhuhai Seventeen years ago, some muddle traces of some things without notes.Like the sea air of youth in experience.And still likes moist air and quiet Zhuhai Waterfront Park.There are roller skating wrestling school in that embarrassment, which are lost in the sea of blue memory.And that wearing a blue skirt and looking for love with me and the girls life at the beach, right where she is now, she was happy happy.  Later slowly know those leaving Zhuhai friends, have been far apart, and some had a very good living in Shenzhen, and some returned to their home.Such is life, no matter what happens you, time is the same.The most regrettable that the girl called Yuhua, sixteen-year-old with us at the shoe factory, work day and night, very simple and naive, and from her mother died young, two years later drowned in the sea, I I had also secretly liked her innocence and quiet.And a lot of times they go to the beach for a walk.Also said that the ideal, life, love.Life does not assume, and no regrets.I think that life is a journey of the bus, if passed, is leaving.If riding the wrong car, just as misty rain scenery season setting sun.Only read and dusty in the disappearance of the years gone.    Part II: ask me to walk in the desert sun.Independent and sadness.Wind, the sky blowing dust, such as overwhelming as to pressure me.Eyes closed, tears, frantically slide.For you, I was tied to the cross of love for you, my love is blocked in the Tower.I, and obviously willing to be punished.Everything is my fault, because how many people I have changed the fate of one, I ruined myself, but had to hurt others, and even the next generation, I was tired, people have to go through a lot of time to mature, sometimes I I think it is still not mature, at least touched the emotional thing, I should not be calm, I really do not know, Buddhist, no, no demand of mirror world how you do it.Recollection of events disrupted the thoughts of all, in the eyes sour astringent.Removed sleepless difficult to fall asleep, right close but as vast horizon, always alone multiply entangled lonely, always worried faint sigh of pain, blurred still can not stop the thoughts.Sometimes I feel myself silly, how will those with entanglement, perhaps as some people like to play video games, and some people jumped into the bar for a drink, some people like to travel to play golf, but all in the shooting are the same thing, that is “lonely” but also in the hunt for something that is “stimulus”: I huddled in the corner, waiting for the wounds heal, experience the kind of free and easy to lose Ganaiganhen’m.Inspired by the gray track, full of deep shadow of the water, I had a bitter storm back with regret regret, but at the moment my eyes full of tears, this world has been unknowingly emptiness — Now that you asked the setting sun rise why the setting sun sink ask, have you seen how many joys and sorrows, the light-emitting whom you ask for whom the setting sun disappearing, ask your bright sun bright why short, ask to ask the setting sun setting sun setting sun ask, can you make light docked with me alone, ask asked the setting sun setting sun setting sun ask, can you make light docked with me alone, ask the setting sun from east to west for whom you busy, you asked the setting sun rise towards evening rush off whom, you ask from the setting sun from nostalgia to ever ask sun shining so who can grab you, ask to ask the setting sun setting sun setting sun ask, can you make light docked with me alone, ask the setting sun setting sun ask, can you dock, so that light with my loneliness.Run around sunset one day, you see how many unfortunate, and sad to hear how many, if like me, the tears dry in the face, the throat into the chest pain, the love of integration into the ocean, gav’st to the distance.?Rush of the stream, and I only care about you.Willingly infect your breath.Life geometry can be confidant?In addition to you, I can not feel the slightest affection.    Part three: ask ask the setting sun setting sun, you placed affectionate, for whom sink?  When summer gradually left, autumn sun, elegant fall on the windowsill, distant horizon, a golden.  Think of no reason, with a vaguely figure, but also when the sun is strong, quietly nestled.Under the setting sun breeze, I could feel the gentle, deeply, when the sky is orange, shiny red stay together and never separated oath.How many times, how many times enjoy basking in the sun, wanton indulgence we love, those days, our affection and sun shine.Look rising sun, watching the setting sun down, look at everything in the world of separation actionable interpretation of a field can weeping love story in the setting sun.  Later, when the sun go back again, you have walked away, looking for a big crowd could not see your sight.Solitude, only the vague figure you with my thoughts, and the breeze blowing through the sadness at the setting sun, flying alone poignant.  Under the setting sun, I stood in a landscape, there is no good flower leaf green, no floor Taixie Court, only a barren lawn, spread my endless sorrow.Now that you are gone, I can why did this piece of grass from the ground through it, picking a bunch of colorful folded but no longer look back?I was naive to think that, you’re just a short leave, you’re just tired of boring lifestyle you want to go get some fresh air, you just want to see your dream long distance in the end how far, you will eventually tired, tired, etc. and then wait for you to taste the outside world share of frustration share of tough, still back to me.So, I pray for you, waiting for you, as you jealously guarding the setting sun.Sauna net year after year, looking forward to the sun rising, falling, you still did not return.Until one day, a friend saw you in a city in the south, then you have to bring my wife and mother the news, instant, I painstakingly accumulated fortress collapsed!However, I do not know why they feel no crash, but feel relieved, I suspect that he is not in the waiting has become the idiot?Alternatively, such a result had long been expected and therefore placid?However, so many years, I refused to too many temptations, the world bear puzzled suspicion, do not wait for you to do?Not for you distant return date, not to slim, modest hope it?  Nowhere sun, sun also silent.  A friend told me that you had a very good, loving your husband have a lovely son, have their own house to his car, enough to live comfortably.Say you had to leave, saying remorse after you leave, say you adrift in a foreign land hard, that you have thoughts and thinking about me.Ask me how, I ask good or bad, I can ask a husband?When a friend told you, I’ve been waiting for you, your tears welling long time silent, then said everything into the past.  Since then, I will miss the collection, put you somewhere, do not touch easily.Only when the sun rises, just after the sun go back, gently arouse you from the depths of the heart.  Perhaps the only person only fuchsia, only in the emotion laced too eager to penetrate the skin.Turning back, I’m still drowning from the water, it has been reluctant to come ashore.Who shore give me a clear sky, and who I share and a touch of the setting sun?I myself destined eventually to be sunk in this underwater will never see the light.  Asked the setting sun, the sea is not used to this life is boundless Kuwata?Asked the setting sun, is not dependent eventually be separated, is not it crazy to keep loved ones could come to hate?  I asked the setting sun, why hate into the bone marrow and love, love to the depths, but thinned out?  Asked the setting sun, the earth is not like you are in a hurry love short?  That year the personnel has been scattered into the earthly dust, unable to retain those good old days given, unable to retain Chunhuaqiuyue, you can not keep going through this world figure, only to all kinds of confusion and frustration, inquiry of the setting sun.    Part Four: After the past years a complaint setting sun in the evening, she and he finally sat face to face with the capital a cozy and quiet coffee house.French window, a touch of sun jumping through the green leaves of the tree, landed in front profoundly elegant small table, giving a dreamy ethereal, as well as at the moment the man sitting opposite her – her former lover, are she gave a very false sense of trance.  How many years apart?Five, seven, or ten years?In her feeling inside, that seems to have been a lifetime ago things.Have a saying, undergoing a divorce is like over a lifetime yet?indeed so.Between trance, she seemed to see the prime of his holding her hand, through the picturesque campus, through the torrent of beach erosion across many obstacles, and finally from the initial love into the warm haven.Once, their union is considered to be so beautiful, their marriage have so many people envy.And she is even more deeply intoxicated!  Perhaps, the more intense the more easy to love lightly; perhaps, a beautiful love can not withstand the test of time and polish.In Youyanjiangcu day after day, year after year in, I do not know when to begin, with the passion faded, love is slipping away.Slowly, slowly, she could not hold his pair of warm hands.After years of sharpening and precipitation, has been talking about the past, had no blame among each other, nor unwilling to break up when, in the seemingly peaceful words into more of a dissolve on the fate lament.However, in her heart of hearts, but still in possession of a lingering, cut and chaotic, Cecil strands, indescribable emotion.  I do not know him and makes Zamo inadvertently or intentionally points of Colombian coffee, like the taste and he had through the years together, fragrance, bitter, sour and sweet, fragrant and stay at the end of the tongue is a Fan recall the sigh of rolling Cheng pulls.  Life is a one-way journey, just a few decades, the path taken through the landscape, both happiness and pain, exciting and extraordinary, once gone can not start over.No matter how much nostalgia and sadness, no matter how much regret and contrition, after all, will be forever in the past.  People say, life story sun v..She, it is hard to close the past situation Fragments.At that moment, her mind like a coffee house Hanbo instrument gently echoed the song “failed to keep the sun”: people still, how many years of circulation sun weathered melancholy look, how sad are still paying the wind flying dream, people children not forever, but unfortunately ask repeated sun wind and rain, several rounds consider this situation can never forget.Part five: · clear autumn sun even for a few days under the rain, damp air, muffled, the occasional cool breeze blows away the thin air of the mouth, there is a feeling of suffocation.Gray skies pressure is very low, very low, it seems to all pressed into a thin, pushed the soil, shed all the dust, walk around with this cool.  Mom said she was ill and went to see her ,, day is not long, maybe a few months, maybe a few weeks, it could be tomorrow.After listening to these, my heart flutter a bit, never thought she would be sick, her body so tough, so many years of wind and rain came through, this time, she should be able to survive Come.I did not prepare for the worst, calm should be a cry.  In the evening, the setting sun hanging in the mountainside, emit weak light, the sky dyed blood red, is so gentle and yet seem powerless.Hill moved a little bit over there.  In the white house, no color, only to see nurses wearing white clothes, white walls, white doors.This white door gently opened, I saw her.More white hair, like a clump of aloe, inlaid in white bed.Weekdays short huddled, really skinny; skinny arms like dry twigs, bronze, filled with sericulture; furrow into his eyes, but there are efforts to open their arms struggled, exposing deep feeling of pain.Her daughter hugged her and wanted a hug like a child, if you would like kids start again?I sat there blankly, looked at her, gradually, my vision blurred, tears had to be so rough, tears dripping on a white floor, snapped and fall to pieces.Originally thought he could care less, but I can not, after all, lived together for so many years, no matter what her past for me, I have to forget everything, vanished at the moment.I’m gone, she looked back, her eyes full of regret, sadness, or?I do not know, maybe there is no choice.  Fast fled patch of white, which endured the humid air.The last hint of sunset afterglow scattered on the face, soft, small, caressing you ever touched me like this?Memory went blank.  In this way, a little put away the last of the setting sun felt warm, the night is coming.Once cool breeze blowing.The rhythm of it began to rain, she is crying, or telling a story to the ending?  Mom said she was gone, I just see her the next day, quietly left the.Looking out the window, the sun was fading.  Going around in circles, when the beginning and end of the reunion, turned into a full stop.