Part One: Long time no rooftop to rooftop on the third floor of the.  From the door, as if gathered a hot summer and cold winter, a little smell of dust, slowly covering the entire night.  Probably better than the second floor of the third floor of a tree in the garden of trees grow green, grow flowers, trees more than the second floor of the tower, more solid, more a kind of heroism.Almost five months on the third floor did not go to cooking them anymore, and never give them a drop of water, a little care, they became fend for themselves, to survive alone in the wind and rain in.Trees are still green land, grass roots side, still shallots, but no fragrance, rose petals and pomegranate fruit.For them, even if no birds, even if there is no fertile soil, as long as there is still blue sky, between the car-ming, wind, rain, sun, will meet.  Third floor roof, plain certainly do not need gorgeous, simple brick, a few pieces of glass Founder, quietly rely on wooden shelves.Years of stagnant water has dried, one muddy, stir clear of dust and ashes scattered in different places a watermark on the glass, perhaps years of vicissitudes blot them pitifully neat decoration, to get people to pay attention to them.Can turn a blind eye for so many years, they did not phrase it soon, silently, motionless originally belonged to stay in place they should stay and wait for ages, waiting for Love’s gone, waiting time when they can really use.  Endure a bunch of red brick in the wall, when childish, put a damp cloth and stacked in a brick building on the shelf, until the time I ignore the past few years, until I finally found them when there is, I really was surprised: cloth outside the brick has been stiff, and the accumulation of dust has swallowed a piece of cloth, and in the building after the cloth, although it is faded, but there is no loss, do not leave abandoned later in cloth supporting strips of cloth to protect it’s been a warm cloth to rely on, and how many times the passing of seasons back, how much snow at the distant sky, the sun has cropped up a few bundles?  Ignored, no greetings, no one gives a drop of water, a little care of the roof, gave birth to life, brewing a strong aftertaste is years, is tough initiation.  New start last night with my mother to the roof to clean, it was decided for so many rooftops of Nagai who thoroughly wash away the vicissitudes buried, buried bitterness, buried lonely dirt, as they create a perfect.I was on the roof, in two long lamp lit, tiptoe, looking down at the moment, top ridge ridge hut under the stars with the car to drive to the original world is so big, the original world is so busy, it turned out that with more than 40 six hundred million vicissitudes Love the world, still working, still indifferent to work with for anything in the world.The world’s third floor, the roof of the world, must canthus with the heart to wait and see everything in sight, zoom all, better to see a different aspect.  Soon a long time to the third floor rooftop, turned out to be so much harvest.Now, I’ve used the summary canthus of mind to look at the roof, the roof look at all insignificant thing.    Part II: Tiaoshan Gong and rooftop rooftops scenery pass God, Fushou heart is steadfast support line.  Brigade Road pedestrian sweaty, porters kept the body Hedan.  Summer breeze love trees, ask to send cool dark tranquility.  Mountain scenery naturally, the husband is willing to pay and passionate row.  Drowsiness unawakened, tour guides has come to the party, ready to take me to ride the roof, etc..Perhaps it is “Nine Huasheng Jing in the roof” beautiful dream “in their minds”, and actually ripples move the hearts of rare excitement.Car in the winding mountain road circling walking through skilled driver master driving skills still can not resist the temptation of the original charm of the trees on both sides, one by one we like a baby in the cradle of swaying familiar melody, gradually quiet down.Some eyes closed, some eyebrows around, some speechless.Maybe someone is motion sickness, but I believe someone is intoxicated, you will be unaware of him that kind of unconsciously infected with gas.Sauna net car off the roof of nearly half away and stopped, there is some distance to go trekking forwarded to the feet.This personal experience to go through a scene reminiscent of a hundred uterine top: the middle-aged woman dressed in robes, carrying a yellow sachets, knock three steps, sincere and determined to move forward.It is said that in many Buddhist shrine, there is such a move compared to no shortage of good faith.However, the vast earthly smoke, how many around them unholy blinded our original mind, how many people stick to the original Pure Land predicament it?I ask myself, ashamed to conceal his table, and continues pastime final emotional light water bar in the mountains.  On the roof of the road, lined Greenwood, stone after another on the ramp which side chains with slight Feelings roads, visitors, or in batches intended idle self appreciation, when transmitting breeze Yau songbirds mildly unvoiced, the middle row of the music is not he dripping sweat to pay to make the occasional laughing.Friends, can not miss the opportunity to capture the casual encounters oh.  The roof is a roof, there are ancient immortal sets down in one way, and that only through “non-human” and “transit World”, in possession of that hole last dip before they board the great realm of soaring.Or due to the slow pace failed to catch up with the tour, I was in before the last checkpoint leading to the roof of a temporary dock.Dressed in a white?On the steps of possession hole in the door of the sitting-shirt and blue shorts Tiaoshan Gong, body leaning forward, his legs splayed open inverted, intently dial with red and green dots banknotes.His right mouth slightly higher, and that seems to be in the shape of the toe a little Alice corresponding; people can not look into the eyes as if to retain possession of the hole purification of the gas, although bills frequency is struck, the state still intently, two crescent-like palpebral exudes a faint blur of ambiguity.Behind the wooden pestle and pole are tightly tied together two gray-green rope, rests in front of the cave lion in possession of the body; that mighty lions deportment breathtaking, open the mouth of the lion that sharp teeth, people shudder.  Apart from which, or some feng shui mystery, which really deep furnishings fit this territory.Here in possession of the world’s Cave, also known as transit, between heaven and earth post this so-called Buddhist after death, the soul is the attribution of the last filter.According to common sense terms, if not resolved through layers make the flesh clean, how can any of its transit light into the world’s ultimate platform it?It also seems to have careful design of its reasonable location.Think of this, that form Tiaoshan Gong intently Counting again in the minds of some the idea to churn.Takaya soul and clear demarcation line between the reality of the land, whether the times, in the hustle and bustle Su Chen necessarily qualitatively the world such as ants smell of mutton standard heave it?Faced with this thinking, I was confused, otherwise why that heart is always restless endless?Fortunately, along the way there are weight and hair Tiaoshan Gong “What ho” chant sounds of nature and birds chirp in the mountains, like the beautiful sounds of nature, a little set my Mind.  Win their hearts, Gongshen and had possession of the hole, Ji Xing Shu Shibu, then to the roof.Gilded “roof” look up the word visible, creeping Perspective mountains, green hills, and then the King Kuang school; and to this end, since last Magnificence, to be sincere accomplishment, has its own deep state, it is no wonder the name River a few do have high mountains of Yixian Road shrines shadow pass.This, on top of Mount Jiuhua to answer the door, “Jiuhua Sacred” Meaning of the more tangible touchable.  With the tour from the nearby photo, light and shadow of the elephant and how can this vast territory than deep?Better to make riding the roof, four Fangqing.Thus, few people follow the side of the roof ridge line, sometimes standing framing contemplation, contented chi; Erwang laugh when mountain, to the heart; really Yoshiya!  When the tour was going on tour intended scene entirely, tour guide calls urgent reminder, be sure to let me wait rushed cableway station before 12:00.There are tourist map with the tour according to the proposal, from the roof down opposite the Lion Peak, the mountain view and more light, not seen by the King, few people gladly go.Under the roof of the road, with the tour foes cautious, for fear that “without fire” went out of comfortable and relaxing after also missing the.  Lion Peak on the road, poor furnishings stones, weeds staggered, faintly visible trail.Every one stone paths, about 56 meters, but the ramp figure 90 degrees, with the limbs of the human instinctive climbing on a small platform final.Point of the platform, is on the rooftop panorama, no wonder with the tour who have held mirror.With a tour of the old man on the viewfinder was a little more artistic sensitivity, pointing us to the roof of an empty sky fill a cluster of cedar elegant green.A static queue rooftop lofty dome, fir branches and trees with cross dependencies, fine line drawing technique to write decent relative health of the landscape, but to Xu.what!But more so some of the embellishment, the roof of the charm of it there is a different style.Consider that embellishment, but also a unique life is not correct it?Many people a lifetime, in constantly fine abandon, always wanted to build a large panoramic living orientation, the overall situation of the so-called left out those who may be brilliant light of life long-term awareness, why not try to treasure those who can no longer do the Ling-hui?  Yuanwang rooftop, serene palace, its green banks of spontaneously attached to the peaks, towering peaks and fight to its site, the roof of the towering, loneliness.But I did not want to read what its towering height, solemn silence that more come to know I was pregnant.Although the majority of the roof clever, but still committed subtle, extraordinary stability and a suitable location, this humble portrayal, is it not worth a human life to pursue it?  The end result of time constraints and the mountain of raw and cooked, and way back to our original, Jiuhuashan trip will do this.Recall that line all the way, there is always an impression, to reach the summit of the most beautiful scenery, the total must go through a long road to travel.But guess this long road is meaningful, if not this quest and wash them, how to clean body and mind to match the natural attraction that boarding it?Akira drag to the roof of the road is probably some kind of arrangement.Presumably, the road of life is so right.