■ Hanguang Liang and his car wash sweep。
Wangzhou She shadow sanitation workers driving a car wash sweep extinguish the fire hotel to avoid the gas tank explosion ensure the safety of pedestrians and the hotel staff □ reporter Shi Yingjie correspondent Sun Xinliang March 17 morning, Dingzhou a restaurant kitchen fire deflagration, near 4 sanitation workers rushed action, wash sweep car driver Han Guangliang regardless of danger resolutely rushed forward took a squirt gun fire, the fire was extinguished before firefighters arrived, to avoid the gas tank explosion, to ensure that the four hotel employees and passers life safety, Dingzhou party secretary Wang group made important instructions, called on everyone to learn from him。
Yesterday, Chong Dingzhou City Office issued a "Decision on learning to carry out fire sanitation workers Han Guangliang"。 "I did not seriously love the next day from a micro-channel circle of friends know of。 "Yesterday morning, told reporters shy Han Guangliang。   Lu Yu fire he not only did not run also rushed up, there are two roads south of Dingzhou, given no way south to Wuji County, given the deep road leading east Shenze intersect forming a T-junction, the intersection of the north-south vehicle and pedestrian flow。 Around at 10:00 on March 17, it is located in the west of the intersection of a restaurant at noon 4 employees prepare meals in the kitchen。
  Cook stove to ignition, the moment around the kitchen fire was ignited grease splashes!4 people screamed, the fire began to rush。 But the flames continued up channeling fire is growing。 "Windows full of grease, everywhere scurrying flames, quickly broken windowpane。
"Restaurant owner recalled Zhao。
  Less than four meters from the point where the fire is two gas cylinders, although the interval, but the fire a large, two gas cylinders like "bomb" could explode at any time, threatening the lives of four hotel employees and passers Safety。
  "I was driving a car wash sweep normal operation, about 50 meters from the fire point。 At that time the car left about 1 ton of water, irrigation is preparing to go back。
"Dingzhou City Chang Runda sanitation employees Hanguang Liang recalled to reporters。
He first saw the smoke, then saw flames spit out of the window from the kitchen ventilation。 Han Guangliang imagined, opened fire from the car and rushed to the hotel!He swept wash car parked next to the hotel, despite the flames of burning coke smoke and pungent smell, I took a squirt gun bravely rushed up!  Reporters later learned, at that time, Han Guangliang point about thirty-four meters from the fire, the basic point is equivalent to the distance from the gas tank of the fire。   Extinguish the fire unharmed reporter learned that two gas cylinders, when the hotel fire, about two meters where parked next to a van。 Han Guangliang distance closer than the hotel that is sweeping and cleaning of Dingzhou Chang Runda sanitation employees Jianwei, Pang Dongmei, Wang slope。
  "To see the hotel on fire, the first time we ran, shouting van drove off quickly。 "3 sanitation workers to much earlier than the Han Guangliang, while they dial 119 fire calls the police, while evacuation of the hotel and nearby persons, and do the evacuation order around maintenance。
  Han Guangliang firefighter, clutching a gun on the window of the fierce flames spray!10:08, since Han Guangliang effective rescue, just 2 minutes to give complete control of rapid fire。 10:19, when Dingzhou fire trucks arrived, the fire has been completely extinguished。
  By firefighters on-site investigation, identify fire because juh splash caused by grease igniting the surrounding。
Fortunately, due to the fighting in time, basically did not cause major damage。
If not in time to fight the blaze, the fire once ignited the gas tank will have a knock-room explosion, the hotel staff and passing vehicles and pedestrians life and property safety are under serious threat。   "Watching extinguish the fire, firefighters arrived, I quietly drove off。
"Hanguang Liang's wife logistical work in a school, he did not mention a home。 Until the next day, his wife from the micro-channel circle of friends to see how he's going to ask, he says simply: "trivial, nothing is。
"Party secretary instructions to sanitation workers to learn" good deeds like this abound in our company。 "Liu Jiang Chang Runda will Dingzhou City sanitation manager of the company said that since last year, local sanitation workers to do good more than 230, large numbers of the same advanced characters like Han Guangliang。
  After the incident, the party secretary Wang Dingzhou group made important instructions, called on everyone to learn from Han Guangliang。 March 19, Minister of Municipal Committee, Publicity ranking Wang Ye first time visit condolences fire sanitation workers Han Guangliang。   Habitat Wang Ye said, Dingzhou City, Hebei Province was selected as the first civilized city, emerged as the city becomes invasive obligations of supervisors from 60-year-old PULVERIZED petition big, red pick up litter become net 80-year-old grandmother Xieyin E and other advanced models, these typical warm city, leading the quality and spirit of the city continue to rise step by step。