Part one: View of the sea promenade got nothing to do when they take advantage of the evening to walk around some fresh air, my heart always feel very depressed recently, it seems there is a stone pressing, difficult breathing, so I want to go to the beach for a blow to resolve their angst and irritability.  Zhanjiang city close to the sea, the air is particularly fresh and comfortable, they look for the sea breeze along the trail, because he liked the sea; sea of vast allows me to open up and look beyond the sea of broad confirmed I own the small, can stay foolish mind to accept all of heaven and earth, I love the sea surging waves it splashes from waves, rain barefoot step on the beach, waves occasionally aroused fear the name of countless crystal drops Manwu in the sun, the sea breeze in.I always dreamed to ride a boat can be paddled in the night in search of bright beacon.  Perhaps by chance, perhaps inevitably, we came to the view of the sea promenade.  This is a park promenade built along the coast, its layout and have fine features, build a beautiful and artistic.The overall green lawn is mainly the middle of a white stone-paved road separated by the, the trail lined up more than half a meter wide red and yellow flowers along the path stretch far away, like most of the two ribbons.The lawn also planted a variety of shapes of trees, built and neatly, like a starfish, a petal-shaped, pentagonal, most characteristic, is the most perfect “view of the sea corridor” running script four characters and these people work five rings of the Olympic flag colored flowers planted deeply shocked, impressed by the designers had to craft the perfect garden.  Go south along the road from time to time there is a gazebo, stone tables for visitors to rest, play cards together in twos and threes and some tourists, some chatting, some sit-in repose, there are very passionate kite children lying on the lawn, enjoy the sea breeze blowing kite flying high in the sky.  View of the sea promenade with two yellow bronze statue was very lively, full of meaning.One is; there is a naked man riding on the back of a big shark punched tame this monster, giving a brave and strong momentum.  Another statue is very interesting; two naked men observe a crab, either side, left in the rear, right front, the two state body is different, but the same focus, the right of people squat inclined forward observation front crab, crab might be frightened out of its excellent grip clip open or do self-protection, or for a chance to attack.The man on the left leg bent, body tilted forward also looked attentively, but kettle waist lines to fall over, so right back in the past to seize the kettle.The statue to life, whether it is two naked men or crab cast are very vivid, action is more natural and vivid.I can not be away a long time looking at the eyes, it seems to have been fixed, and I want to share their surprise and focus.  View of the sea promenade is an endless painting, and art coexist amazing, a long time, a long time roaming the meantime I do not know return date.    Part II: Dreaming gallery Where sober tonight, willow shore Xiaofeng moon.This is how the mood.Or I can not comprehend, but also unwilling to fall, then re-write, write this bright years for Love.In March, this is the season of all things blooming.There are sky blue and deep, and that the sun, glare and warm, everywhere shade, interpretation green Evergreen, was actually so exclusive charm.  Get up, trying to rub the dark sky, then clouds Quan lock.Unexpectedly, the wind comes too fast, broke into the house, I do not give room for Jingsi half-turn of.  I moved his body may have already rusty, sideways to avoid the invasion of wind lifted the once proud head, just frustrating that pair is no longer clear eyes, with a bitter interpretation of the vicissitudes of life.Suomei affects the mouth, only to find that I will eventually just passing.  Jane Zhen said that every drop of wine grapes are not back to the original.Then I recalled to pouring, into the Acacia light you already dried up.  Do you still recall late at night alone, those who unforgettable.Are you a dream so deep inside existing corridor, laden with memories.  Today, spring butterfly flying, whether dreams can promenade, enjoy the read chapter memories.  Worth mentioning, I have to preface spring, playing the mess it’s like a gift for Love.Sauna net that day, I Juanyou corridor, sitting alone shiting, slowly come to see you, lazy to indulge.Spring suddenly hit the mountain cherry, Jing Si want you to shop with cherry makeup.Your presence, so I lost the courage to open.To this day, I discovered that I myself was originally a coward.Fortunately, I know the sky mind, write it falls on March the lake.With carp play, wandered a scroll reads: everywhere three thousand cherry dance, with an empty red damask crossing.  I hand as a scoop, but the rain York after this long drought.His head, then drink.I was also a hero, pick up a pen and sketched, Cursive fly: Tonight, there is beauty, such as wine, strong and pure, I am happy drunk.  Scattered thoughts floating in the air, I actually broke the trembling hands of tight flail history, poured out Red Dust, memories have been flooded.I panic perish brush off the dust on the clothes, I want to brush off these memories together.But crack broken clothes, but also do not mind the mundane brush.  Wiping away his tears studying, or is so spring and autumn.  I stepped back and over you, you step on dead youth I.Also go too casual.You overnight white hair, still proud to say: my hair, pale just for you.  And I did not look back, only to longitudinal tear Island.You reach deeply moved, I ripped off the shore solitary remorse, then decided to walk alone and on.  Did I do not want to work together if they grow old fairy tale, reality is Drum and bell, are you a prophecy.I was originally a clump of fencing you two of the world.Like March of fireworks, after all, can not wreak havoc in the April sky.  Dreaming deterred promenade, Willow worry that not enough shade, the breeze hit, is how much the landscape is still.  I took Shoulong umbrella, walking in the corridor downpour, not to forget the open, but do not want to stop thinking about you, even if only umbrella that moment.  Finally, you are the slight rise in the mouth, with a fall must never mention my many years of tears.Part Three: quiet night promenade at night, a little cool wind blowing, the western sky still remained a touch of blush, to be grilled hot clouds sun is cooling, sparse stars have begun to flicker.  Walk in the silence of the promenade on the lake, what would you think of it?Number of the sky a kind and lovely grandmother and her granddaughter stars?The future of a confused teenager looking at the lake in a daze?Or wanted to talk about anything, just let the brain blank rare and leisure?  I think, is a quiet girl quietly standing at the end of the corridor, his hands leaning on the fence, despite the wind flipping hair, watched her from afar, his face with a faint smile.From her back, I guess she was lonely, perhaps distant relatives are missing or wife; access to her eyes, I guess she was not lonely, her eyes can penetrate the crowd, woods, fences.Straight people worried about her.  Such a quiet night, such a beautiful scene, you should not have trouble thinking of things frowning.You’re probably experienced a painful, life is not satisfactory, encountered difficult to cross the threshold of their careers, we are experiencing a sudden and emotional farewell.These can be put aside.  Nature always treat everyone equally, whether you are rich or poor, prominent or obscure nature have given you a different view.  In the arms of the night, you can be completely informal, you can cry, you can quietly miss someone, a certain period of time.If you recall when you laugh, then continued memories.Let yourself wander at night in warm, no matter what you do, think about what you are feeling a touch of joy, it was enough.  When you wish a return to “fool”, enjoy relax, smile at people and distant, or a return to himself.Even if you do not know what you’re doing, but you feel comfortable, you know a different own.  Your life can be down and out, you can obscurity, when you said goodbye to this world, came to see you one last time only a handful of friends and relatives.But your life never done wicked things, for your family and friends, you really existed, and you bring them too happy, this is your overriding value.  Quiet night, long corridor, so worried and sad farther away.The heart, such as rainy youthful, slight rippling ripples.