Part one: the hearts of the pond when grandma hemiplegia in bed, my father fell in love with that piece of fish ponds, because my grandmother has is flat mouth chewing action can only fish.  Every day in the morning, his father would pack up the tools, pushing a wheelchair grandmother came to the pond, there is always a small figure next to my wheelchair.  Fish pond is not large, glowing green surface layers of water Halo, singing frog is one I catch the water, look down on that piece of sparkling water plants, grumpy glared at me.  Grandmother placed next to his father on support from a long fishing rod, at that bend such as silver hook hanging mysterious month of good bait, thrown far in the middle of the pond, leaving only a trace of snow line floating in the crystal water surface.Father and then point on a long cigarette, smiling and grandmother bicker, I can not help wonder, secretly brought the fishing rod.  First day climb up the tall trees, back to my grandmother, I always ran, climbed on his father’s clothes shop in the grass, stared looking at the piece of the snow line, the father waving palm-leaf fan, always put I sent sweet dreams.  In the evening, I carried the harvest of lake sediment, TV drama with excitement spray, urging his father to go home behind.Father always shuffled, ran behind him waiting for me to push him away.  Hou fish are happiest when Hou, delicious fish is divided into two halves, one half in my bowl, the other half is placed in a large bowl grandmother; I bow careful eating fish, father guarding the dim light, carefully pick out the bones, the fish into his mouth plump grandmother.  After so many years, that delicious fish I still can not forget that his father kindly smile forever rippling pond in the patch of my heart.    Part II: village pond south, mostly in front of the pond have.In front of the home village also has a pond.Bangshui houses built.Perhaps this is the time of our ancestors Robert siting, taking into account factors feng shui, yard, beautiful scenery, water enrichment, prosperity; perhaps, this is our ancestors take into account the necessities of life, waterfront neighbors, Laundry water dishes, convenient water.  However, no matter what the reason from the pond, home to really bring a lot of convenience and benefits.Pond, also home to add a lot of clever and angry.Pond, like a mirror, and record intake of the hometown people’s daily lives, throughout the year various changes and vicissitudes of the historical evolution of the rise and fall.  Weekdays, people in his hometown lotus pond fish species, hardship in his hometown of time, to increase the hometown people a little meager income, so hometown people spent the difficult years.  Dusk, pond became a hometown huge washbasin.Maundy men bathe in the pond, wash away the mud and sweat; the women were in the pond washing brush, scrub a dirt and dust.  Spring, hometown people drainage water from the pond, irrigation fields irrigated, injected hometown of Hope and desire; the summer home of people bathe in the pond to swim, wash away the day’s fatigue and toil; fall, his hometown in the pond Picking lotus dig in, enjoying the harvest of joy and happiness; winter, hometown Crabs for fish in the pond, dressed for a year’s accumulation of rewards and joy.  Old, pond photo is too devastated hometown desolation: dilapidated houses, overgrown with weeds, mosquitoes, flying, garbage everywhere; shine through his hometown sad face, dispirited, ragged figure now, bathed in the old central concern construction of the warm spring, warm spring breeze riding the new rural construction, the face of the home has undergone tremendous and profound changes.Pond, also this all faithfully recorded and taken down: a well-off building blocks of beautiful stylish stand, row upon row of neat appearance; Yi Keke manicured trees, leafy trees, Ziying dancing; pieces new Picture, leisure and entertainment, coming and going; the ones wearing the fashion of Guys and Dolls, colorful, bright color; warm smiling faces, happy face blooming pond itself is also a new look: the home of people around the pond with a brick ascent of a beautiful embankment, as to which home side mirror studded with beautiful silver edge lap.  Pond more clear, bright and clean up.Whenever Delicate Long Day, the hometown of fresh and beautiful village scene greet pond, Qian back reflection, looks like a huge bright environment, consumption looks beautiful home.In this way, sky color, colorful, is just a beautiful picture.  Home, every day in front of this mirror surface in commissioning new makeup!    Part three: the memory of a small pond to a small pond dates back to when I was little, it makes my memories get a little messy.  From a piece of dirt road through the village, on the side of the road is mostly flat old tile-roofed house, people all efforts seemed only to provoke the other side of the road at a tall table covered with a tall tile roofs.For the initial stage of memory is my uncle led a state shirtless man carrying stone drums reinforce countertops, stone drums high in sub-trumpet his tear dumb in heavy lift and fall, I can not remember his chant become notes, but I’m sure it was the most beautiful music I first heard, I let the memory of long-dead uncle has always been inseparable and that chant.  Then base station only just good, great Tile realize the dream of my parents in my memory later.Small pond just after my old tile roofs.There are many trees pond, a tree grows near the surface after several steps before you get it’s branches toward the sky.For my foot trunk is thick enough already, I have often seen sitting on the branches bright blue dragonflies flying around in the sun the water; see busy people on the distant field; grasp on the number of old wall tile roofs Ding, cauliflower see mosquitoes (should be a wild bee) drilling a small hole drilled from the wall; see the old chimney smoke wafting transitory man; listen to the sparrows twittering in the eaves called.My brother also have this hobby, but he is too small, he’s a negative for this purpose at the expense of his earliest childhood memories is the grandmother rushed him to jump into the pond to save up.Sauna net pool has a large mulberry, sericulture in the season, the garden trees are purple Sang date, it will make our mouths were all turned black purple.Grandmother raised a lot of silkworm – in our view very pleasant thing, brother particular, fear them, he strongly protested grandmother raising them all day, “Falling” stop eating soy insect looks like the guy, even though brother is in the village of “commander” can be a small thing he fears most caterpillars, insects and the like soybeans.Grandmother Of course not starve to death because of his protest and her baby, she still put off beckon mulberry leaves to feed them, she bring these stupid guys spit silk to put themselves trapped inside the small round mound mound to get money.Although I do not like the silkworm, but I like to watch them spinning, layer by layer tirelessly.I think, certainly do not know silkworm grandmother would they like some persistent spit into a small house sell them.  That year, a lot of long pond water chestnut.G The father said that when he threw the old trees spring water chestnut in it, can not be verified, and no one to research, but in grams of water chestnut eating our house looks a little for granted, since we are more family pond water chestnut let him steal a few does not matter.When the water chestnut harvest, brother jumped into the water off the full pots, water chestnut on the village everyone ate our family.  I do not know when the pond dries up into a big pit, a “headquarters” Our evening collection.Every night we put on paper fold “cap” on the set here after a neat row of the team to patrol in the village again.We do not care “or sea,” said Asako us “Imperial Army team to the” mean.We are fighting to neighboring villages where deployment.Brother finished lifted the deployment plan of action after the Japanese saber.It is a four-grandfather of silver in the river floods up, by four silver steal out of a dedicated brother changed the officer’s deputy commander, in front of us are very proud.  ”To Gao Zhuang Jinjun!”We ‘mighty’ to advance to the next village.  Now think about it, a bunch of rags fart child holding a wooden gun skirmish at best only be regarded as a group of bandits, how little “Imperial Army” regular appearance.  I think of memories of a small pond should be more profound than my brother, he is a brigadier and have now, he will continue a lifetime of military service should be the beginning of the small pond.  I can not put memories of a small pond together to make a complete story, but that does not hinder me miss it.When I struggled all day in the hustle and bustle of the world, I often think of it.    Part Four: pond past people always have a nagging homesickness in a foreign land, the recent period, a child to the home of the hillside firewood cattle pond to play slapstick scenes often appeared in my sleep, that is my childhood paradise, my heart’s paradise.  My hometown is located in the “north through the Wu Gorge, the Antarctic Xiaoxiang,” the Dongting Lake, where four distinct seasons and a pleasant climate, is a scenic place.In the north there is a home in the rolling dozens of Acacia Hill at the junction of Hunan and Hubei, where Xiongjun mountains, lush pine and cypress, gurgling streams, is a good place for cattle of the villagers firewood.  I remember the day after the summer holidays, I got up very early, after eating breakfast, take a sickle and a rope, invited a group of good partners, each riding a buffalo, he climbed up, we often go to cattle after hillside.Down the mountainside, slipped down from the back of a bull, with a sickle to gently knock cow ass, ox hooves will cast myself went to look for grass.We started cutting wood, to noon, the flaming sun shining, after two hours of intense labor, a heavy load seven jin Mao has been cut firewood good.After we cut firewood, they split up to come back to find their cattle, buffalo hastily to the col below holding ponds along the rugged mountain road near.  Pond chilly water like a mirror as I saw before me, which I have dozens of acres of century-old pond area is so big, it is the lifeblood of the village nearly a thousand number of people.Listen to the oldest man in the village to speak, before the drought encountered in the environment, because the rice has not been good for irrigation, the villagers cut the income will appear, and sometimes even loss of income situation.The villagers here would have asked to build a pond, water shortage worries when to relieve the drought, which is a sweat from his ancestors took out of the mud.Cool and clear pond water has not dried up throughout the year, all connected streams Stream flow Ferris cloud in the vast mountains down in this hot dog days of summer, reflecting pond with lotus standing against the breeze, blue sky , white clouds, green trees, which creates a beautiful and charming picture.  I did not wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery here, the cattle arrived at the middle of the pond to regain its breath, and small partners will be stripped underwear, naked name of “yo hey” jump into the water, suddenly refreshed, heat totally disappeared, that kind of wrapped happiness and sweet taste, intoxicating.Dutch dug along the rod thick thumbs and intestines crisp lotus root raw, bite, mouthful of fluid, this is our lunch.Lotus intestine is much dug some shenanigans partners already prepared a small piece of wire, dug the lotus intestines string together, hung around the neck, never mind more air.Playing in the pond tired, he climbed out, two ponds and ancient trees, shade, green grass bend with the wind, rises and falls beautiful dragonfly.Colorful wildflowers exudes bursts of fragrance, attract butterflies in pairs, dancing.Twitter bird jump to jump among the branches to go, brandish posture.In the shade of this scenic pond to enjoy was a grand, pick a few slices of lotus leaf mat under a tree, lay up, in the breezy shade of a tree and soon fell asleep.Sleepy, the pinch sections of different color branches, painting a checkerboard place to go “Chengshan chess,” and some small partner too easy, a move wrong, all bets are lost, and sighed after insult themselves not careful, won, and kept busy comforting, say again a.There is also a tall tree to the sun, we began to prepare the last day of the program, from the shore to catch the cow middle of the pond, the cut has been good morning sun tan semi-Mao labeled as two bundles of firewood, help each other divided on both sides to hang back of the bull by the “pan angle, revolves around” take the lead “fine yellow, revolves around” bring up the rear, all the way to imposing Tingting went home.Mao Cai, lotus intestine, harvest and more also catch a bunch of fish, one by one if victorious troops to the capital generals.At this time, the sun sets, the way cattle bathed in red sunset, birds along the road to the forest of twittering tell the joy of the day, and the TV drama “Bata, Bata,” the cow hooves, constitutes a unique the Herding symphony echoing in the empty beautiful sky.  In the mid 1980s, since I left school with me to support my homeland, bid farewell to the paradise of my heart.Marshes, grow old, I left home for almost 20 years, and a few days ago, received a letter from his mother, she said in the letter, the hometown of the people in the country’s reform and opening up policies to enrich the drive has been changed in the past of poverty and backwardness landscape, village life is like now, “Zhimakaihua steadily high,” previously, only people in town and some color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines these household appliances, now is not what rare thing in the village of.Many time-saving and efficient modern agricultural machinery, every household has changed in the past by cattle farming history.Blocks of beautiful decorative building where they stand, instead of the past dilapidated farm Tile.Now, the wealthy to the masses no longer hillside after Mao chop firewood as cooking fuel Shaocha, but rather the widespread use of liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, electricity and other energy.Call the National Forest recycling beautiful mountains and rivers, the mountains past wheat Lu Gang Ling, now full of trees and luxuriant boundless.The pond has become a veritable pond, lotus take days, green covered pond, concentrated Bi Ying empty.Weir flow out of the mouth of the pond remains clear Lingling gurgle tirelessly irrigate the fertile land this side.Moistens all living beings; diving birds to fly, frog drum cicadas, still is so moving in harmony.Pond silently witnessed in the past people home closed behind the times of hardship to the poor, Evolution Getting Rid of Poverty.  Now the villagers have lived a good life, the village pond has become a lot like the old nostalgic memories of the past life of a poor indelible memories.In order to allow the next generation to be able to bear in mind the happy life to this trade, they often talk to young people in the village they start to move shoulder to repair the pond in the leadership of the old ancestral past.    Part Five: floating pond grandfather asleep again.Bare belly solution the buckle open on the table.I opened the door, listening to the rhythm Blossom seed hit in the head, out of the window, is a golden pond.  This year’s summer wind good fine ah!Dragonfly foothold at the water gathered together layers of corrugated, like thunder bursts of light, lightly, there is no smell, no sound, only a very fine extremely soft to the touch.Perhaps lotus fibrillation can feel its presence.  Millet asked me why the corner of the old house is always wet.I know, you see, my heart is linked with it.After the morning will be held the day there are large areas of Salvinia it coming, accumulation.There, the taste of overnight rain, there Trimeresurus Green beating.  I like to watch grandpa drink!I like his white beard soak in the wine look, smile, dimples with two groups of blossoming, I found my shadow was gone, lost in the inside.  Often rolling on the plate a few sparkling cherry.  I looked up and saw my mother with steamed sweet-scented osmanthus oil today, the little sister dressed pretty good, big yellow teeth bared unventilated hey giggle: Liu Mei grazed the new black, red toot mouth stuck up, like What to eat.Readily picked up with a cherry in the mouth will bite, only the mother was playing a bit heavy, the body can not break.Turned tail and ran, only to hear the stomping sister in the back, eyebrows fly over a small knife as: Do you think I married you?  There are several strains of willow shallots total of around Kingston pond.I often saw old Palestinian head squatted there smoking bags, Da with a long face, frowning, twisted into a knot boss.Patter, mouth twitching a bit, there are a few groups of tobacco from the chest white tile pipe, straight out of the blue.This time, I like listening to his story.Sunset, willow at the moment it should be Manhuaixinshi!Old Palestinian head told me that the soil under the willow in each strain were buried in the soul of one pair of crazy man Maid.I believe.I told him my hand will become like a banana-like, put it gently peel the wicker.Inside, are roads of cotton wrapped around the hand, cut, and chaotic.  I obsessed over the grass behind the pond.Monet said that after fog dipped coal to become purple.I understand.Because I found the sun-soaked pond will become a rouge, red and gold.Fish said so, she would spit bubble when turning back: slowly, as there is a golden ladder, climb, over the railing, and I put the red, smell the smell, flowers, water, gas, birds, fish jump, nostrils, stuck in the throat, are reluctant to swallow one, and I do a little envious giraffe.  Leap pond open space, is a grass.I remember the tall wide width inside walls often fall hyacinth large tracts, has paved avenue they told me, I know, you look me in the eye will become not the same, like a sharp machete that’ll cut the corner, where rice is frantically braved the green bubble, where the grass and smoke is hard to tell.  I rubbed his eyes, and feel the chest, it turns purple marks on the neck of the mirror has not disappeared, this thread children odor, very familiar, I saw the door opened again, and got to a colorful little girl, like a butterfly Da Zhezhuan was at his bedside, she Jiao Ewen, there are two items trap gold in the hand, the sun Sa Zhejiao children.Grandfather and smiled at.  I shook head, bubble a pot leaf curl Tingting floating follow tempting, looked up, blue days Hsiao silence is long, shaking wings stopped at some pigeons poles, the Jigu Jigu cried.  I kept thinking, a sip of water, spit breath, write down the word line skew in the white pages: hey, let it be, lonely courtyard surrounding a lonely heart.