Part One: purple daisy plot I like chrysanthemums, purple prefer.Especially the kind of light purple fantastic, better ride their own imagination, but purple is not very coordinated with me, because she was too modern, and I was like belonging to a bygone era.  Think of a kid, near my hometown there is a small garden, everywhere in full bloom with a touch of purple daisy-like clouds, such as fog, a string of exquisite oblique Yi out of the flowers, making her even more vivid.beautiful.Childhood I used to play in this garden, often go to pick flowers, carefully strung with needle and thread, as a necklace, headdress.For this purpose, often to little friends made fun of, what a beautiful bride.  In purple daisy atmosphere, I spent my childhood.Back to Shanghai, he left me dreamy purple garden, from purple daisy atmosphere only stay in my heart.So, I tried to make up from the clothing, but because of my temperament and purple alien to this attempt also as a soap bubble-like burst.I began to wonder if I do not deserve love, deserve to have purple.This elegant.Elegance, romance, mystery, it makes me feel ashamed, afraid to go it seems the pursuit, but the hearts of love but as persistent, they fear desecration of purple.As we grew older, I prefer purple, purple psychic, as if always will be with me and change the and bright.warm.  I remember in 2005 I returned home — Sha Fen River, childhood friend, the occasion of a poly.I saw the garden in accordance with, purple full circle, and everywhere the purple hearts purple daisy blend together Immediately.In the moment you press the shutter, blooming bloom emblem laugh with me and purple chrysanthemums.  Purple daisy is my favorite, as I have, which I use as my nickname purple chrysanthemum, in order to motivate yourself is not depressed, when I opened the space, I use purple daisy against the background of my home..  Purple daisy still love in my heart.I have recently opened a blog, open my door with a heart purple daisy, meet Tian Ya elegant word incense.Fondly, that flower open as the emotional ties and feelings never fade.That ray of light chrysanthemum tea, so that in the years drift gently knocking the past, chrysanthemum tea and let the memory of walking slowly in, leaving the way fragrance.Watch starry night sky, flying mood.Curtain mind how much joy a bit sad, but it is opened in memory a long lonely hours.Thanksgiving memories surplus fragrant purple daisy, gently calling years affectionate gift.Thanksgiving memories contend purple chrysanthemum, savor the gift of life touched.In that purple daisy fragrance, the travel Imagination fantastic purple….  I love purple daisy, love she gave me memories of love she can give relief and vigor of my mind, memories of purple daisy, and will always be in my heart Complex.    Part II: My Annie Annie plot of the novel is always a man, he called Lin.He was a little white-collar workers everywhere but can not be caught in the office.Lin, a live, loneliness, emptiness, like the dark.Such a person can not encounter love, because it is a catastrophe.There is always a woman, she called Joe.Why Anne always loved to make her pain go after.And quietly die.Every time I do not want to read the story ending.I really do not want her to die.  Joe, always make me feel suffocated.  In fact, there are as many stories of Anne of weather, the same plot, after the same coffee, the same indifference to get along, but the outcome is the same.But I can not stop always turn the page.I think that if one day, I lost all her words, I must be growing old.  I often wondered how people should deal with their emphatic.But life has to torment us dead than alive.In these damp words, there will be a girl, her tone evil cleverness, those obscure simple statement.Never seen such cold like ice girl.She said the sea was clear and warm the Earth a tear.Love is so blue, they just continue to indulge, indulge again.  Those were some dark and beautiful words, but some of Kulie Qi Yan romance story.With respect to a white cotton dress, light wearing shoes of a young woman.Not bear a man.About a death is not an end in heartbreak.Wound on a fraying numbness, and cold sober in abandon myself to indulge in.  City – this continue to be fictional space.Unique home that is always the vagrancy of modern forest, also homeless.There, life as fragile strings.As individual leaves, during Wandering shining put out of the ashes of a bright color.As in an extremely dark, and reveal the hidden threats background colorful and full of longing Mirage.Charming, and hideous scars.  When we are together, there is no blessing sound, just struggling to stick.Hope with optimism and strong appearance wrapped themselves heard time and time again you tell me you do not love me.I always fall into the lives of others, living in someone else’s text, he disappeared in the dead of the fork.One day, when I found someone a pen to draw the outline of my heart, I love unconsciously, as if the story is alive in my interpretation, perhaps ending made me unwilling, but I neither complain too I do not want to change.  It turned out that fate is the essence of things.Whether I like it or not, my, I would never have thrown away.  So, instead of fruitless, let it process a little brighter!    Part III: plot, one from the song went to Valentine’s Day.Such a festival to me is the absence of any sense of.Even I do not know how to celebrate this charity frustrating time.Was try to figure out some words, including many good memories, feelings and warm memories, always placing among themselves, those distant fantasy of happiness, although only superficial care.Perhaps it is because of this spirit of poor self-esteem before I was powerless.So, I will be all words are marked by a tragic period.  Quietly under the sun, has thrown a fairy-tale imagination, belonging to the bright sadness, a touch of sadness, thinking about how to make their own crushing everything, like how to fly E flame, to capture the heart pathos pleased.I know the deepest, they will never scale body in the corner always retains the scars of that War, no one can touch it, but can not cure.  Look back every time I am sad traces, again and again turn the pain, wandering alone in still exudes the taste of winter.Another snow day, slowly go away over time, but later I can only make empty memory, so that the fairy huts empty; I do not care how tragic shortcoming whether the United States extends, I do not care how their own bear longing after a heavy loss, struggling in living in; I just care about, can I have finally let go of sorrow and grief, loneliness pleased.Sauna net tragedy or some of the shortcomings of life will always be the long time can not be dispersed in the background, perhaps because of the incomplete or can not have, you know in the process of occurring, there will always be those carved deep and shallow, or injury or pain the track was removed, perhaps we are in life along this curve can never be perfect, all the way to walk off.  In the initial road, the road or there is no way in time, people across this side, the other side, do not have to aspire to, it was just a tragic life and life with the wrong, there is enough pathos, bring your infinite sadness.But I do not know whether this belongs to the period of the fault, or some willing to bear, I can only once again in the wind, carrying hand from the time of the.In the past many, more sadness, more poignant, can only be buried in mind the very bottom of the lake, when all disappear with the smoke, only silence down the altar of war; tears stained the Red, need clear pain , who did not care to amplify subtle, and then let the emotion of the past on the road keyed.  Emotional displacement, can not post the way dwelling, dignified respect to the last, on expectations that the silence in memory, with the most authentic regret forging.I think this is a fairy tale that is the most extraordinary finale.  Memory burn, wither nothing to do with.Heart, or to the total silence down the altar, in the vast sea laments the disappearance of the figure in the corner no one.Part Four: exotic plot falling away from home this time, I have been considering a problem, whether it is day or night, as long as there is a leisure, this problem will slowly, like smoke from my mind coming out, and then fishes continuously spread.  With respect to the present, the past is always young.Young and brilliant, full of passion, envy and nostalgia.Memories of the past should be like an old thing, so I always thought I was not old.Or, like a young animal skin, in my life I have only a donkey tail.  It’s should not be a complete story.  Life has not yet ended, no one knows what will happen tomorrow.Every day is like a fragment of life, they can not predict how the final will be a kind of collage form.Nobody can determine which stories will be halted in a paragraph, to achieve true end.Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps forever, perhaps simply do not end.  Time seems to be quietly came in mid-2004.When I left Vietnam in 2004 also in this season.I last published in Shenzhen, “Mirs Bay,” a poem gave unique to the station gave me water products.That day was her 30th birthday.In finish her birthday party, I said I’m going, I want to give back to the city of my life.Water for the car ran very far along, I threw her to the poem, the title poem called “Untitled”.I think I would forget her, although she gave it all to her for me, but every time in the autumn breeze, leaves all over the floor when the past can not help but to pour in front, but I discovered that I have been in the deep deeply miss her.  I think people are met and that there are a great chance, that part of me and water for the day, can not tell is not the edge.Water for Ho Chi Minh City is the editor of a magazine, speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, have been to many Chinese mountains and rivers, for the understanding of Chinese culture makes me sigh endless negative.After she saw of that “falling out of love nice” works I wrote called and invited me to interview her.She said that my literature pessimistic flavor too strong, and that should not be published, she asked if I could further changed.When I saw her, she was surprised to say to me, did not think you still look like a big kid.This sentence makes my heart to see her sister became my good.  Water product is a gentle and sentimental woman, she gave me review several articles on the draft, those days of intercourse with her, I always see her alone.Later I learned that there was a Chinese man deeply loved her.The man in Shenzhen, is the editor of a magazine.The man was already married and had a lovely little daughter.He said he could divorce her.Water for holding his adorable little daughter told him not.He said that if there is no water products, his life will lose color, he will die.Water products, said: “Well, I promise you, but you can not divorce for the children.”That was eight years ago, water products was a young girl.The man put all his love for the water products.Water is the product of thought.They unrequited love for six years.One day, water products suddenly discovered that in fact he does not know what love is, and I do not know what way to express the love.She suddenly found himself made a big mistake, so she left, the man did not retain her, did not go get her, then water products, said, in fact, they have each other feel that they fare well, breaking up is perhaps the most good ending.The first time I call her “sister water products”, she was surprised, she asked me if she was very old, and I said no.She shook her head and said do not lie to me.8 years, my youth is gone.  I have also had the experience, loved had a painful spine injury, it was a love in high school and Ping.Ye I force myself to believe that in this rush of the crowd and the glitz of the earth, in addition to stepping on my feet square inch of this land, no one can change my mind.To lose that part of my love, she left home, went to Shenzhen alone, and do not want to go too injured to touch the hearts sinking.Later, due to the need to work, I was transferred to the company in Vietnam.  Understanding water products in Hue on a trade show.Exchanges and water products, so I changed the idea.Water for the people still look very beautiful, after a period love affair appear to be more mature, plump, the big place is not small, the small little place, often draped a flexible hair also attracted many eyes of the opposite sex who.The most I have a crush on water for the serious illness that is in my.I was so poor that there is no money to buy daily necessities.I think I’m almost going to die, I suddenly feel so miserable, I die in this foreign and perhaps tired fatigue life of the parents, but at this time I would like to see them, even a glance.Among the sad I thought water products, I called to her, I said I want to “walk” the.Smart water products on the phone I heard out what happened, she hurried to find me, send me to the hospital.The doctor diagnosed me get ulcers, need to be hospitalized.Water for asked me how could something like this, I told her I was in junior high school had stomach trouble, just because the family to send me to school, no money to give me a treat.Water for me to cut an apple, she told me as long as she was by my side I will not die, certainly not dead, and I feel at ease to recuperate.  A big crowd, just because wandering in a foreign country so I know the product water, and the water is always a product after work went to the hospital to see me every day.Every time she would carefully cut an apple to me.Warm water for the I feel grateful, I said I do not feel like a worm in the apple.Water for asking me all these years is how come, why not keep a good disease.In fact, all these years I do not know.Due to the low own culture, I have done unskilled laborer on construction sites, farms planted in vegetables, plasterers done in brick, and even picking through the waste, and later here in Shenzhen factory into now, lying spare time Zi in bed, write out the text written chapters could, I would not really expect, but can also apologized point royalties fill fill the belly.In my story, I saw tears in the eyes of the water products slipped quietly over time.At that moment, I found that the water product is really young, eyes clear, fresh lips, long hair like water, like her name in my heart burst of restlessness.  So far I think if there is no water products, I might not be alive today, or may not, perhaps, but certainly would not be alive today.When I walked out of the hospital, I guess I owe water products may in this life are not clear, but I am determined must be returned to her.I want to apologize money desperately, desperately writing, or even water products introduced me to do part-time.I put the money than the cost of living to all the water products, I often said to myself, I want to put in the fastest time in the water for all the money owed to pay off.Although I know that my debt is not just water for the money.Water products always said enough already paid off.Finally, she said, help me save up money.  Until one day, she was taken from the bank handsome sum of cash, she said, put all this money into foreign currency, she said she wanted to leave familiar people around, to a new start somewhere else.She said she had an uncle in Canada, we will go over there to help her do immigrants.She asked if I wanted to go, I said I was not a just a text Poor Scholar, there is no way and no ability to.She hesitated for a moment, suddenly said to me, we get married.And she cried again, weeping, said she knows to be wishful thinking to marry me, she said she was good enough for me, to others a mistress for six years, age greater off than me.I stared at her, and finally I said let me think about it.  I thought for a long time.I found a lot of deep inner feelings, we never disarray.I say to you water products to Canada, and I will forever look upon you as my sister, if outside this range, then I will only give you pain.I said I have to go.  Before this night is about to leave when I finished this story.When I finished school this Thousand Little Man, the midnight bell had rung.I opened the balcony door, already feel the cool autumn.Inadvertently, it was found that the towering sycamore leaves, flower silence fell, and fell to the balcony, da da sound.The quiet of the sky, seems to have a lot of blue, starry sky, still bright, as if about to leave no autumn.However, the moon hanging in the air, Daorang my heart a little tremor, Although not successful, really is so bright, bright heartbreaking.Suddenly I found that each person’s life journey is twofold.We will go and we’ve walked the streets in the memories turn to go back Looking back on the old track.  Finally, I remember standing in water for International airport to the moment I returned home, I deeply feel her eyes flashing love clear away the tears, she efforts not to flow out at this moment, straight denies his status call my name, her voice ringing in my ears long echo.Tonight, I think of her shadow slowly disappear in front of me.Part Five: Wowo plot every time I see buns, there is always a special feeling.It seems so dear long-lost relatives, as in daily life like a gentle lover.Starting three or four notes, to university on eighteen, all of my memory, the most profound, the most shining and most enduring content is Wowo.365 days a year where there are 364 days, four times in one day to eat three meals a Wowo, eat very fragrant sweet, simply gobble.So, no matter when and where, no matter what the occasion, under any scenario, I just saw buns, no matter what shape, no matter what size, no matter what flour is made, can instantly put I brought their own childhood and youth.  I was born in 1959 in mid-September of Southwest Great Plains.It was a poor place could not be more poverty, hunger store is a prisoner of years.Listen to the elders say a few nearby villages, children no strength to go to school to play, the adults did not come down to earth labor effort, sitting on the threshold, crouched under foot of the wall, skinny, body soft like cotton, eyes hanging down like a bell his face yellow and black, like liver cancer patients to die slowly do not eat more than half went to the world.  That year our village people did not starve to death.Mother said that party secretary understands that without all listen to the words of others, led families to the village of sweet potatoes last fall received back, tanned dry melon, made a Wo Wo, Wo Wo day and give two per person, only survived the jaws of death; his father was the village chief, he said there is experience in the post-harvest sweet potatoes last year planted carrots preserved everywhere, store in the cellar, was passed that threshold and death fight.Regardless Zezhao, the old couple say that a man is one thing.  I can remember when, situation has improved, the village people can eat the sweet potatoes Wowo.Just note children feel happy and sweet for two things, one is to eat, the second is to play.Then I do not know anything else delicious, can eat sweet potatoes Wowo surface, sometimes also on the block salty radish, sweet potato face drinking confused very satisfied.With increasing age, I find myself loving than any play are interested in the project, which is to see the mother to do Wowo.  Mother is doing very neat person, steamed sweet potatoes Wowo, sweet potatoes Cha confused her good living.Sweet potato face is gray, mothers face a scoop to dig a large surface in the pot, then add a certain amount of warm water, mix well and knead by hand hides, which we have to put some caustic soda.Mother hides face very powerful and soon enough.Then is to do Wowo, pulling a face on the left hand, first with his right hand ring finger and middle finger in the center of the dough to press out the nest and continue to press down, increasing nest, a blink of an eye will make the Wowo , as if by magic, and soon a big pot on the well Wowo.Wo Wo a child often see mothers do, than to see the magician’s performances in the theater house also happy.After Wowo good mother covered with a thick wooden lid eight cellar cauldron, then light a fire, to please my mother, helped hold firewood, because the young, often a disservice, prompting unhappy mother.Minute effort pot edge out a lot of steam out, say good mother, to stop the fire went busy with other chores, then the human family more, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, me, and two brothers and two sisters, mothers always have so much to live.Soon, in the repeated urging of my brother and sister, the mother had to put down the hands of the living to the kitchen lift pot.  Lift pot for my brother and sister, it is an exciting time.After the big wooden lid open, weather steaming pot of thick clouds rolling in the sky and on the vapor dispersed, Wowo clearly visible, large and bright, neat, his mother put it picked up the basket, full a big basket, like a mountain, and I brother, sister looked mouth watering, mothers see children hungry, and quickly a minute per person.Every time I get Wowo, we must see something to eat, but also attend brothers and sisters.Wowo in his hand, like a rubber to do, a little pinch on the flat, let go immediately restitution, some red color seeped gray, translucent, forced to ingest the job very hard tendons, chewing up there is bitter sweet, then I felt really delicious.  I feel the best time to eat sweet potatoes Wowo or high school.Remember it was six, seven years old, is the fastest growing age, physical development, a great appetite, a meal to eat more than a dozen, more than a pound of dried noodles.Then live on campus when the school semester got me a dried sweet potato, and replaced with meal ticket.School three miles away from home, go home once a week, every home with sweet potatoes Wowo main task is, for later in the evening study hall to eat, so give me a week to do Wowo will become the mother of a heavy work, every once a big bag, you need two pot.Back to school, bring Wowo into pouch, hanging on a nail dormitory wall.At that time the “Cultural Revolution” is not over, the school does not grasp the learning, most students do not learn, but I like to learn, learned late every night, cold winter, too, back to the dorm after stomach growling He flees from the wall to get a Wowo eat.I am afraid of affect students sleep, to eat on the outdoor playground, a temperature outside the house anyway.I look at the moon’s icy cold, dead quiet around to hear dead quiet, only belly cry and I eat Wowo voice, feeling very sad.Wowo bite chew up creak, because inside there are a lot of Ice ballast, but tastes very sweet, better than any dessert now.Wowo in his hand like a child egg ice, ice succeed pains and hemp, which continue to hand down that hand.At that time the thought of their parents and younger siblings at home even this ice Wowo have enough to eat, and my heart is particularly uncomfortable, tears rolled down his face, like melting ice ballast water, cool flow into the heart.  Eat sweet potatoes Wowo body grow quickly.But only long tall and weight, effort is not long, high school two years longer than twenty centimeters high by thirty kilos of weight, seems to have become a burly grown man, may lack strength, one has to worry about physical education so after the Chinese soccer team to participate in the work of special consideration, eat and drink sweet potatoes grew up confused and Zeneng eat beef and drink milk growing up the same fight it?Later learned that nutrition sweet potatoes are not comprehensive, containing mainly starch, protein content is very low.  In fact, there are many Wowo.At that time accounted for the main sweet potato face, as well as millet surface, cornmeal, mixed with Zamian of soybeans; there are mixed wild vegetables, mixed leaves, mixed with fresh sweet potato leaves, etc..Our family has been eating sweet potato face, because cheap sweet potatoes, a pound of dry corn can be changed five pounds sweet potatoes, a pound of soybeans can change ten kilograms of wheat in exchange for more.So even missing a few months each year to eat.Every time spring famine, mothers and fathers find that friends and relatives to borrow money for grain, take the money and then borrowed another county other than the tens of miles to buy dried sweet potato, where the melon dry catty cheap penny.Pulling the row of cars, walking hundreds of miles back and forth, just like my father from the age of ten to pull sweet potatoes dry, until college, year after year.Due to the lack of food at home, parents often put Wowo only province to my brother and sister to eat, endured their own, but also to come down to earth heavy labor, people are very distressed.Often think of these, on the very hearts of sorrow and grief, tears in his eyes child playing around.Is so hard, the old couple never stopped our learning.They look for a reason, not warm enough to wear, not blaming Heaven does not complain to, they blame themselves no culture, Zaguomaitie to allow our children to go to school.  Reopening seven times seven years, the old couple’s eyes lit up.June even as the sun came out suddenly cloudy.That year I’ve graduated from high school a year of farm work done at home, in the year parents a lot of trouble, a lot of ways, far and near relatives and neighbors who work in the city, have looked for, begged, and even begging, in fact, wanted to be a temporary, when the city looks bad, employment is difficult, the result of no avail.The second half, the national college entrance examination system recovery, father unusual excitement, took me to the county homework.Di neighbors in the county a primary school headmaster, di-long eldest son of my one year old, is also reviewing sit, so we were learning together on the day, a bed to sleep at night, for a month review, to take the exam together, but he get the job remember I’m sorry.At that time food has become a problem, then no margin, more than twenty dollars per month di wages, to keep the whole family.So I had to bring food from home, eat hot pot on the teacher.Of course with rice or sweet potatoes Wowo, some teachers give me a joke, I said, Wowo regarded his strung sweet potatoes taste the bread.  In order not to delay my father’s study, put Wowo to school.Two or three days trip, every time a heavy bag full.The Twelve county to my village, sixty-year-old father of one and a half hour to walk back and forth for three hours, a time when coldest days of winter, very hard.May be the father would think very happy, every time the always looked at me kindly smile, rub a rub cold hands, rub a rub his forehead large drops of perspiration, and then personally handed the bag in my hand Wowo.I know my father is a love of learning in children, he never urged me to learn, but added repeatedly asked not to learn too late, take care of yourself.I took the bag Wowo, know its components, did not say.I look at the father, he was very thin very thin, his face covered with deep wrinkles, nearly eight meters tall, weighing less than a hundred pounds, backs very very straight, like a bulging of Stick literally, go from the road to wind down there is a danger of blowing, I really do not know why my father afford to make such a heavy Wowo bags, in fact, I was very clear.  Father sent Wowo, like a needle shot in the arm, gave me the courage and strength.So when I received a college acceptance letter, the first thought was sent by his father to send Wo Wo Wo Wo and father, and of course mothers do Wowo.After years of doing mother and father sent Wowo Wowo often recurs in my dream, every waking my heart is always sour, always flows quietly for a few tears go by.When his father died, I was in town on business, did not see the kingdom on one side, I have been feeling my father is still alive, more than a decade old dream about him often, dream as if back to the past of ordinary life, farm work together, eat together Wowo sweet potato, sweet potato drink confused, and later came to realize that his father has been living in my heart.  After college, little to eat sweet potatoes Wowo pure surface.Sometimes gave way to try to do a few back home to his mother, but could not find the taste of the past, or blame sweet potatoes applied fertilizer, change the quality, or to believe that the mother of advanced age, do Wowo technical level dropped, anyway, not to eat the original taste, bitter and astringent, round and round in his throat, it is the swallow, as if under the sun has become the most difficult to eat food.Mother looked at me to eat Wowo embarrassed look, not angry, said softly, sweet potatoes Wowo just the way, is not Wowo taste changed, but now more goodies, the stomach is not hungry.Anyway, my feelings for Wowo did not change, with the number of years but more and more deep, more and more thoughts and his father, mother, brother, sister eat Wowo day.While this is not the top grade in today’s food, but it is after all a generation or even generations to feed useful person to society.  No wonder the Qing Han Lin Weixi emblem old age home Wowo open shop, and praise for Fu Wowo it!This is my home Weng Yuncheng a history of celebrity, born poor, fatherless, by notice of management’s mother brought up.He was studious, teens will be able to write poetry writing, twenty years old provincial examinations won the first prize, thirty bang nomination, Emperor Kangxi pro-dimethyl-point first Academy Award Shuji Shi, Japan East Palace after the royal official said, special Professor crown prince.He moving in three decades, six-year-old retire and return home, in the county opened a Fanpu, Wowo monopoly, the price is very low, is intended to remedy the poor people.During this period, he wrote “Wo Wo Fu”, affectionate, popular.As such copying down, taste with readers, to understand what the original, and now the poor living.  ”Wo Wo Xi Miya, produced this heaven and earth, the human creatures, the Austrian column fine grain of the shift, the two gas Yu.Tian Sheweng of Vegetables, poor scholar of dishes and tofu for the same couple, co-garlic sauce and Happy.Gruel as good as its actual, confused as good as its fastness, laugh foreskin is false ornaments, and pot pie compatriots.The bottom bun no class, but higher than the difference between the biscuits, with which the general shape of a cap, the color match robe-like concept of.Come out eight in two, real estate broker achievement, a real table and hollow Xi, refers to both soft tone.When durable taste, there is the full day; every meal does not leave, not even for a moment of the throw, depending on Regal Seoul coarse bad, for us to see Seoul as the old one.Confucius had a bunch of do not have water, every Yen Hui Ho with Tansu scoop, no hills in Seoul three days without food, without first Yang Seoul hungry eat vegetable shoots.Winter snowy night worth a lamb wine, not cheap and labor ginger pepper seasoning.But Seoul was the same taste, and is willing to grow old with you for life. “.