Part One: lone patch of blue in the Emerald City, is popular on the streets.Dreams are so far away, I hope it did not always so eager to burn like the cigarettes carried by the wind.Headphone plug on the ear, listening to love songs.Not in the songs, but listen to their own.Says no amount of sadness, grief or total.Always put their own dignity as a woman insole not worth paying.A woman in love do not understand value less cherished.Women do not believe in love, not love.  To a man lived up direction, just like the Emerald City streets have the same angular.We met in the Emerald City, the end of the Emerald City.I do not owe any thing to her, she did not owe me anything.Like a stranger, like passing through it, do not watch underfunded.Everything such as strike, only one intersection of two intersecting lines.  Turn around, perhaps a lifetime.Lovestruck man destined to be hurt.Love, women are pros, amateur men.Different levels of the contest, with predictable results of.Emerald City of men and women, too, can not escape the shackles of big curse.  The city is all romance, the Emerald City night.Part Two: the heart of the patch of blue sky and plenty of birds fly over, leaving traces, and big blank piece of heart, what kind of hidden sorrows and joys, in the long grass eagle season, who had promised the promise, had become lame, large tracts of barren sky in my heart.I can not be sad, but my mind was a large cooler, turn around, forgotten, bleak moment.  Those touch of silence, a touch of sadness, with a trace of melancholy, and as the dead go to the fleeting, it has a shallow sentimental.  Time flew over those in the past, in memory of shallow sing sad!But say, forget!And suddenly remembered how, but also a sense of unease, a sense of disappointment, inexplicable smirk!This is my child growing up in a style the others do?  Leave because of love too hard to give up because of injuries too, to forget in order to better comfort myself, love is look up to 45 degrees, unequal love so tired, sad with 90 degrees, so the last 180 degrees turned, tears in one place.Sauna net anyone can say who he is, but there are a few truly stand the wait, from the United States and it can really produce?It is alienated from arising, uncompromising love is always lost to each other, quarrel, the Cold War, and good, and then the Cold War, and then tired to break up!  Ridiculously funny, life is perhaps a joke, sometimes we open too seriously, and finally want to laugh to tears, when grown up, understand understand, the original pain is the only way to grow, you do not have too much meaning , do not stay on too many injuries and can not move forward Hom.  When the heart is still desolate patch of blank, just hard to comprehend better life, if one stop before some happiness beautiful, so why should I share this quest distant, if the next stop was happy so why go care about the past!  When the heart of a surging sea, I’m looking for a quiet piece of the sky, looking for free and easy and calm life.Each time there will be a growth of insight, each passing became a landscape of many people many things change over time, gradually, just how change can not change the past, like it or not clearly visible.Gambhir glowing in the moonlight, while that miserable existence behind vaguely, it was a passing of frustration, or thoughts of a wanderer, perhaps.Too much.  I want God gave me a piece of blue Yu, to fill some color to the inner area of the sky, but I’m just a mortal, how can this happen?  So hard to find one pair of wings to fly, fly to heaven waiting may one day own!  Thought that place would be happy sweet, beautiful, but when you are trying to reach, only to find that you want to put it too beautiful!