Part One: Changbei airport quiet night under the wind, gently flowing, tree branches drilled from the slot, drifting away from the highway at the end of the tripod, stacked stone bridge over from the edge of the square, in the bright mercury under mercury lamp, cast a trembling slightly, then drifted hall.  The small tea room attendant smiling standing occasional whisper, shy face, has already turned into adult free.Passengers hurried, over that road exit, then head peering out to the gate.Ms. ticket quiet sit at the counter, his face ritual of self-confidence and cordial, nose and slightly curled upward.That familiar people just met, after greeting, and quietly left.  On the tarmac, venues tend to crowd, with the same spirit of woodpeckers, efforts around the aircraft, some take the book, record what gestures; also some holding tools, was walking back and forth.Tall white dining car, parked next to the aircraft tail, like a mother fed so patient.Covered with a long string long string of trailer nets, aircraft stationed in the abdomen, handling the transfer.Another pair of flat oblique wings in the air dance tired, very affectionately draped over bridges, secretly co-author, nestling doing doing to stay.  Group took a long trunk of people, some wearing the red edge silk scarves, some wearing Dayan Mao, girded with golden epaulettes some four Leverage, vertical, vertical, have crossed the long corridor, in the cabin busy, he (she) who enthusiastically, eager to finish the.Tour like many eyes, some awesome sweeping, sweeping some affectionately, also to gently sweep the.Busy hands, the sound of percussion flat plate, the finishing table of exquisite detail, the soft touch dashboard, so unflinchingly time, gurgling but rapidly scour.  Next to the broad flat highway bridge guardrail side, there are two or three individuals chatting.After a small space, despite thinking on the wings of mosquitoes talk, dancing, and the city is not the same dance, to think of natural incense, natural to think of the dream, to think about ten thousand years ago the moon, whether calmer than this, peaceful?  Night, between movement and stillness, between the villages of dirt and concrete road off the field, between the rush of pedestrians and desk person, little bits and pieces trimmed with floating track running, slowly constituted aviation memo extraordinary history.    Part II: Night at the corner of the night, sleeping in his mother’s arms like a baby quiet, only to hear the wind footsteps!Head from time to time fall a few bugs, accurate to say that the insects were blown down, desperately vibration wings a few, will no longer move!I stopped the hands of the pen.My life?You will like him?What my life is how the?I was in the end in the pursuit of what?  Life, this very hesitantly topic!Meng interpretation of the life with wine, “wine and song, life geometry”, Su also leaving the “sorrow of my life even for a moment, infinite envy of the Yangtze River.”.And I, my life, what is it?A song, or a river?A glass of wine, or.Life is the first free spectrum song, is high or low, and I have self come into the world, to have my parents wrote the song, self-birth that moment, my song of life I will be played this is a song belongs to me, it has a high melody, the lyrics also sad, this is a song that I can finish academics can not finish, perhaps, at that moment I left, I could!But whether this is a kind of song, how high melody, lyrics and more sad.Since parents gave me the song, I have to sing it, sing red!Sauna Net Life is unnamed river, is light or dark I had when I timidly across the gutter in front of the piece, and I jumped over the first river of my life, even though I know it very narrow, the future of the river will be wider and deeper!So, I had to learn boating, swimming.I want to take young momentum, swim across the lake, standing across the river, looking for me and thrown ripples smile.I would also like riding Suzi wood cutting, surely, drifting in the blue above, by its aura, rushed to the end of my life!  Life is colorless glass of wine, I drink is bitter sweet!Perhaps, I will no longer wake up a drunk, perhaps by Jiu Jin, Wu Looking back on the trail, taking advantage of the wine world shaken hills.May be able to become a hero to kill the tiger, on the contrary, it is a tiger killed a hero, after all, I have seen better days!  Perhaps my life is also the first free spectrum song, a nameless river, also may be colorless glass of wine; perhaps, my life just them with me to dusk!    Part Three: Swear night the night under lazily down a black eye, even the last glimmer of gray dawn sky, only scratches the residual Jisi.That day excited cuckoo, this time curled up in bed evenly name intoxicated, only a lonely soul pregnant with my little light melancholy, spread out along the night.The twilight darkens, the alley pedestrian, after another long been scattered in their love nest, presented in front of me, but also alleys slender larvae shadow.I do biscuits pound last puff of smoke off in the endless twilight, with the usual way and walked slowly split step, so long lonely soul gradual emergence in the night.  I have searched the wind slowly your hair in the streets of the night, really want to use flour with mud rough hands, gently glide the hair on your fine.That wind Qing Yang hair soft, fragrant tuberose as general touched my whole heart, my heart waves rippled, like a lightning joy delivered to every cell.  I used to hide in the corner of the street that is much further away at you back, though you did not hear Yingti swallow it like a sweet whisper; do not appreciate your beauty With like pure and lovely It faces; you do not appreciate the Goddess of the first frequency graceful, but you dim shadows drunk enough to make my way back I do not know.  Resist the throbbing heart, love it permeates the atrium, I tried to contain vortex that cause lingering thoughts, feelings are always difficult in the trail.  I’m in the endless night, With sweet still and wait a minute you do not expect you back, will miss lonely as withered vine trees faint crow.  I step in the beginning of the spring bridge, but you sound further away the geese in the autumn, the opportunity did not even pass, leaving only empty than regret and tears undercurrent.  I do not know when, sentimental rain cut, and chaotic, I had thoughts drift in disturbances in.  A lot of time, really want in the coldest month Gambhir, stretch the weary limbs, lay still, let one pair of eyes full of light melancholy, staring gaze on gray-blue sky, so that time and thought at the moment Miles condenses into ice, dust-laden episode, bury love life.  Night long, lengthy road, staring eyebrow lift the dim light, cold rain ice heart.Who made the “Mo before the road no friends.”?Ye know, I do not know worth mentioning, sometimes inseparable person, not necessarily from a heart touched the deepest of another heart!  I gently flick Yi Mei, wipe the face of rain, carrying the mortal could not escape the lingering Melancholy, returned also left lingering fragrance of fried cottage.Put a lonely heart carefully light on the network platform, relying on the spirit of looking for a home for themselves, so that a restless heart enjoy a quiet moment, let oozes flowing text, diarrhea make wholehearted depressed, so covered soul dust, enjoy perched on this green sheet peaceful.  Sometimes, those who really want to step footsteps of Beauty, stop and read some more poetry, nourish the barren emptiness of thought; in some cases, intensive reading several languages and want fresh, timeless mood of exquisite prose, so that my thoughts are with of dancing.However, forced to live, to do every day Guzhe biscuits, Maishao Bing, did not share leisure time to purify themselves, only in their own freezing wilderness, listening spring buzz, busy watching Yunjuanyunshu.  The heart of this land long-term lack of moisture fresh language, into a mottled rift valley, even if we have thousands of kinds of emotion, nor did blew out as the surging river.Occasionally, filled with feelings of well-being of this world, the earth truth, goodness and beauty become the embodiment of pure and lovely “you”, pure and true to the dream of “you” has become synonymous with love, it is the world of truth, goodness, a symbol of the United States.The word I was stumped, do not convey the sentence, not the “you” dress was pretty as a flower, but can not put “you” perfect vividly presented.  I have seen the failure of a friend, always said that my writing is full of sad, she asked me if I was not so vicissitudes of life, but I like language of silence.In fact, the unhappy fact of life in abundance, life has not always feel to do so is even greater than I a?When we put all the melancholy weave into each bow prose, after Nirvana regeneration, life will bathe the warm sunshine with knowledge, see the flowers and pleasing sense.  Gradually, I got used to the streets selling cakes life, though tedious, is always one person, another person back, walked the same road, looking at the same scenery, but at least still feel alone, there is a little bit of time enjoy the loneliness and solitude of life.Drawing near and beauty new moon, dance floor and stage songs were romantic lovers, these can also dotted with my dream, I hope to lonely hearts on a point of the flame.Thus, in countless dark night, I always “you” peek into the holding hope life will become colorful.In the “you” appeal, I have a day full of sunshine.    Part Four: youth under the inspiration I needed a night, special, so I’ll go to the disco, my parents were called obscene kind of place where, but I never mind if they say so, because I know, there is not.  It is said that this era created a crazy us, a group of clothes do not wash the rice will not do, the money will reach the worms, but can confidently say that we need free space, we have our own lives.Yes, we have our own lives, so we choose to indulge our youth in the night, even if it will not accidentally hurt yourself, it will not feel pain.  I used to want to become a cat, and not domestic cats, wild cats is, free to be, free to go, but, like at night activities.In this way, I can in the dark, just enjoy my own happiness, I used glowing pupil, to discern a variety of youth, and no one will know, I was watching him, he seems to see through the soul.However, I know that this is all just fantasy, I will eventually have to return to reality and to accept all people and things I have to accept the.  It seems to become a cat is impossible, unless I be born again, but no one can be sure I have my next life, it is impossible to affirm my next life can really become a cat, so I will not take the risk, take my life is a joke.But I still tirelessly haunted darkness, seems I fell in love with night, but I never spotted in the night alone.I’m afraid, everyone is so, love and fear, and this is the mystery of the night, no one can read.  I do not like crowded places, but I need a place like this, but the more the merrier.I like going to the disco, I do not go crazy with them, I like to sit on the bar, watching the people underneath jump, I have seen them very seriously, so small party table, but can accommodate so many people, and the body can be kept twisting, although in flash, see the twist of the body in the end tell something, you can always make people feel a little funny.When you keep staring at a person at the time, even if the lights flash was again badly I can understand what I had noticed a girl, her clothes shining sequin dress, painted green eye shadow ( from her came in I noticed) I really like the color, can be seen clearly in the light, maybe I be closer now, her head shaking it, like something you want to get rid of I guess, I’m not her, after all, no matter how spy, what can not be found.  Every time I go, I always think of a word, is Xia Yu starred in the film “Waiting Alone”, he had said the words, “If now all the music stopped and the lights are not flashing, would be like” I especially like this one, and I will always be to imagine, what will happen, all the body is still kept twisting, which is a nice silent burlesque.I kept thinking, I always looked at the writhing crowd, giggle Oh, okay, I’m not this human drama.  A coming of night, there are always some street vendors appear, are some of the more than 20-year-olds, they will a lot of very pretty little jewelry, but a lot of very popular clothing store to buy clothes up for sale, and the price will be very cheap.And the same, and they are attracting are the same, but do not have time to go scouring for these popular stuff young people.Well, this night, they can effortlessly to provide, you can buy what you always wanted but do not want to spend time looking for from someone else’s hands.  Night seems to be the best time for lovers, I always think so.When how romantic moonlight shed a pure, starlight as partners, so two people holding hands, walked away, that there is a.If life is so, is not regret it.  Night makes me feel at ease, because the night for me is a way to relax, they can also indulge, I do not need to think about the day’s events, whether happiness or pain, for me, is a dark end, the end of my happiness, but also the end of my sorrow.  I kept looking in the night, stop and go, I do not know what I’m looking, I saw, like me, stop and go to the people, like me, have among the best years of life.From their eyes, I see actually all a loss, perhaps only in this dark night, I’m like a cat with a pupil, their insight, their eyes never see myself.  Youth, glowing, and only in the night, I was able to find in the night, people always stop and go, the other is not looking for, but for the youth before passing away, looking for a resting-place.  Night of youth, mania and anxiety, like looking for a peaceful, may also wish to find their own way leading to freedom in Rome.