Part One: spring mountain my old, who lives in a small town south of Qinling, because his father had just died earlier this year, the mother of advanced age, so this year in particular, the frequent contacts between home and my house, every time I drive when walking into the winding road in the Qinling mountains, I always want to stop the car, a man standing in the mountains, looking up Yundantiangao, mountains, I often think, if my old age in this where there is a shelter, then there is a land to farm on, and that this is how comfortable!  When I look out at the mountains, plants and trees, including the heart I secretly admire created by nature in this world, simple and unassuming and intimate harmony.  Distance Yi Keke green pines and cypresses rooted in that among the cliffs, standing on top of the mountains, is a blink of an eye looked a sentry on duty, powerful and serious, there are those who do not disrobe perennial trees of green, dotted in occasional peripheral vision, is not a landscape, slowly sit down, just turning green grass was soft, and just look at the birth of the leaf buds while it was still thin hair, but yet was very hard, a touch of grass fragrance influx into the nostril really refreshing feeling, there are many unknown plants also have to open the unknown flowers, bedding with a layer of light green carpet on the green hillside, I reclining on a hillside, smell the faint scent of wild flowers, and leaves just grow grass flavor, sprinkled spring sunshine on the body, which has been lying really want to embrace nature, off the city coat, accept the baptism of nature, this is the city never not enjoy another kind of happiness.  After the break finished, continue driving a car to rush home along the winding mountain road, in front of the scenery there is the taste of a non-spring gave away the old days, there is a rare quiet space in the bustling city, and here I can hear the birds in the mountains of Chui song, mountains, springs splashed down in the rock next to a wonderful note, this is the nature of the melody, never had the feeling in the city.  This is the nature of it?It bears many of our unimaginable beauty, in my heart to stay forever imprinted, where there is no dispute fame and fortune, do not worry and sadness, all the earth not unhappy, everything is so simple, so natural and relaxed.  After some time themselves often ask ourselves, why can not I be like nature, plants and trees as not to deliberate pursuit of those pale without real fame, when homeopathic learn shun a thing in nature, as not a little because of the food and clothing problems than those who abuse their incompetence away, they will not learn their children away scold their children stupid, but he did not blame a powerful and influential parents’ chagrin, it’s all was virtually put on ourselves the yoke, is not it?  Fast finish when a friend sent a text message said, not demanding everything, come to make money, failing to do not frown, laugh to laugh, the results do not insist, do it right, life is a simple , to calm the calm, do not refuse to go to busy, because it is a full, not to complain about frustration, because it is a strong, not to remain silent, because it is an injury, not to refuse to smile, because that is your charm.After reading these, I feel my heart calm a lot, after the road that gets good.    Part II: Wife of mountains under the blue sky is a dense mountain, I often wander in here, talk to a place Boiling mood!  Is a mountain in the evening after the rain, I’m marching carding soft soil along the small stone ridge side, seek to find grass knot while climbing, as dew bead plate attached to the sea buckthorn twigs, from time to time wet my trip trousers, but moisten a dry heart; distant clouds revealing a golden smile, love the green grass, spikes, folded open to reveal a charming flower, a flower together into Fairview , wrapped in a piece of the mountains, to the top of the mountain slowly stretch away, meandering fly to the sky!I stood on top of the mountain nightlife network lookout mountain, it can be seen not far from a boundless field between Yunshan, with the advent of twilight gradually cage on a layer of light veil, the small spring and bitter chrysanthemum dew bud red kidney beans in his arms swept mountains; my sweat dripping down the face in the colors of the five Shiyan, hot Oh Yun in the mountains, slowly submerged in this dense mountain in; I was reluctant to slow down pace, let Fengyun hard heart to hang around in the natural affection between these mountains, I feel a little bit in the stretch, inadvertently spilled on this land in any of stay in a daisy and clouds in let boiling mood became dense source of mountains, played down that numerous real life!  Step-by-step sunset stepping stone to fall back on, along with the yellow smile blue sky, clouds carefully from a small steps back to the fields, of course, with that has a simple thick mud like a thousand years!This is the most awe-inspiring things brewing forever the nature of affection!    Part three: wild mountain in May in May, blowing hot air, smell of flowers is.  Mountain roads, cliff, the red, white, purple, yellow, pink flowers, clusters, piece, larger, such as mature walnut-like, small in size as nails baby cap, scattered in the grass, bloom, Vying Doo-yeon.Qinren fragrance, attracted a large number of bees, butterflies, trained, trained, flying in the meantime, nectar pollination, their place.  Jujube tree on the cliff, lush.Only the size of a grain of rice jujube, Mimizaza, throng, the sun through the green oranges, so it’s “fruitful”!  Honeysuckle wanton growth among the weeds, vines enough to have some four meters long.”Two Flowers” bud exposed from time to time pedicle petiole, if yellow gold, white like silver, like open non-open, just picking a good time.This is the origin of “Honeysuckle, two flowers, double flowers” Name of.Its flavor comparable to Paris perfume, elegant Mazumdar.Outside the meantime five minutes, afraid to be drunk not return!  Sunny wheat has yellowed, peeling yellow-green wheat shell, plump grain powder toot, reveals a unique aroma.Breeze blowing, “golden waves of grain, waves, rolling waves.”.”Look, the rabbit!”A gray hare jumping around and seemed to vanish behind the ridge.”Another one, also with two small.”Oh I see!Just that one must be “Dad”, it gives us staged one of the Thirty-Six “Tiaohulishan, diversion,” in order to protect this “girly three”.Two little guys hairy ass behind his mother, Paopao Pao go, really cute!We were infected by their family, no longer catch up – although they sometimes scourge crops.  Mayday grass sprout.Knee-deep grass occasionally scared a gorgeous golden pheasant, dragging beautiful long tail, “quack,” cried fly away.  Crystal clear mountain streams, a few two or three centimeters long fish swimming leisurely.Juyi Peng, drained, cool, sweet, and penetrate into every cell of the body, refreshing and pleasant!  Accustomed to city life people should go to the countryside and look around.Park hill town is artificial pile of tree transplanting, flowers are planted, the water coming from the river changed.How can this mountain hilly countryside, trees, flowers, streams to the simple, straightforward, natural!!    Part Four: mountain wizard spring, after another few games off the drizzle, the pan-green slopes on the mountain.A touch of green from afar like a floating thin green smoke.Zhu Zhu fern moss emerge from the soil, Tracy opened to reveal a face.  Mining fern moss on the mountain girl, carrying a small basket, flowers, wearing the same clothes, with a V body on a hillside swimming, just like a beautiful butterflies fly only in flowers and leaves, the sun off their figure to outline a road stunning scenery!In these circumstances, all of a sudden struck a chord with me, brought back memories of my time to the.I also had to adopt when the fern moss, fern roots dug.That being the famine years, my family seven people, the monthly production team points only 90 pounds of wool Valley, this food is a mix with sweet potato, potato and vegetables, eat less than half.Fortunately, I grew up in a valley covered with lush fern was.Fern root starch can be punched white, hereby support the human body.Let me know hunger fern.So dig fern – fern hit – filter Fern – eating fern, a channel program, repeated many times, thanks to nature’s gift, with fern, poor mountain people, the more the bottom line of a survival relied on to defeat famine, through hunger, fern and we share a common destiny, it grows in our muscles, our blood flowing in.Fern makes me feel warm!  I still remember the scene when I first dug fern.That very sunny, cloudless sky.And my younger brother to follow a few young uncle to the mountains to dig fern root.Crosses two mountains, came to a place called “rhino hole” in the hills.Rhino cave far from home, several uncles estimated there no one dug fern, a piece of virgin land, there will be unexpected gains.After reachable us down.Mi Zaza growth of the fir trees on the mountain, even if there are ferns, and very sparse.Several uncle no confidence, sitting under a tree playing poker, anyway, they kept at home as well as ferns, it does not matter how much digging today, but I can not be fun, tomorrow’s breakfast is also counting on me and my brother dig fern root.I took my brother to go to another place to look for Fern matter.Both of us climbed over a ridge, to “pigsty Bay”.Listen to my grandmother said she was “pigsty Bay” dug fern, where domain mouth.”Pigsty Bay” Bay Hill is a big, sunny slope east block, fertile soil, fern root tile thick, starchy, elders who often come here to dig fern root.We came here, looked around, and sure enough there is a turn on a hillside soil, leaves in green grass, emerged in a gray, very rosy.My younger brother would then dig domain mouth, a black stripe hypertrophy fern root, like a yo black wizard deep in the soil.We will dig Xie Hui, until the time when the sun West Ramp, behind us already in disorder ground floor of a swarthy fern root.Dug fern knows, if you run into a good domain mouth, it will be deeper and more vigorously.Although tired, I can not bear to give up.Younger brother is very tired, his palms blistered bounced out one black, after all he was too young, so how can withstand prolonged physical exertion ah!I let the younger brother to organize fern root, I continue to dig.Younger brother to put off the fern root of the nose, do shake the earth, a root straightened out, strapped.When we lug fern root to be home, it was dark through.Grandmother and sister in the village we are looking forward to see us come back, they only worry, the fern root pleased to get the river cleaned, my brother and I hurried home to pull a few mouthfuls of “rice”, and then went to hit fern field.Hit fern field east of a small hill in the stockade, where the team was originally a piece of dried grain field, fern relief in order to dig, where the production team excavated several hit wherever he goes fern.Hit fern is heavy manual labor.Fern drop hammer is made with a stick length oak, oak stick has a small hole, and the one meter long wooden peg attached to, flexibility to rotate.Fern very heavy hammer to drop, my body single Li Bo, when I raise my hammer smashing fern, feels like a mountain lift.Every drop fern are uncle or uncle to help me complete.Bang bang bang sound of smashing fern, shock overcast valley, all the way you can hear all the way.After fern root smashed, then the barrels into a stirred, filtered, and the red trace Cheng Cheng fern bamboo water flowing from a small mouth, followed by a bucket, and then poured into a large additional barrels precipitate.The next morning you can remove the white fern powder.When we use the pot holding white-capped heavy fern powder home, felt very excited, the whole family a day or two of life depends on it!  The passage of time, and now many years later, the share of excitement still retained in our hearts, can not be gone long!Although the Montagnards had to solve food and clothing, do not eat because by digging ferns, fern and their fate may still hard to let go!Nowadays, in addition to mining fern moss on the slopes of a little girl, there are people digging fern root, the fern cake available at markets, as income opportunities.Younger brother went to the “pigsty Bay”, where he went to dig fern root sold on several thousand dollars, for the children to go to school to solve the disaster.Younger brother said: This fern root then let the belly, today gave the children earn tuition, really a good thing.Listen to his younger brother say, I was shocked, and yes ah!Fern worthy of the mountain spirits, although it does not bloom, but its roots are dependents.