Shiny early sixties, a summer night under the moonlight: a.The stars shine, mirror-like moon happily overlooking the vast Chengdu Plain.Chengdu South Station rail, lying quietly moonlight, silver as two parallel lines, extending from east to west in the direction away Kunming.  Small army: an eleven, old little boy, dark hair under a pair of talking eyes, this is the best gift late mother left him.He had just finished his homework, while out walking one side said to the grandmother: “Grandma!My homework done, my brother fortunate to be there playing for a while Ha!”Grandma replied:” Oh, early child back to bed!”Small army should cry:” I know!”I rushed out of the house.  Yuanba small army through to the left, just passed the corner unit canteen, I saw something gleaming in the moonlight on the ground in front of more than ten meters.Curious, he ran over to bend over to see: the original is a pool thermos glass fragments.Small army thought: who is going to the boiler room may be open water, accidentally thermos out of the ground it.  Summer of that era, the Chengdu suburb and “Global buyers” (rural) of a child (especially small boy) are playing the “bare feet” habits, a small army is no exception, he was careful to bypass the broken glass walked before.Having just taken a few steps, he suddenly stopped and thought: No!In case “catch cat” (hide and seek) Huanglihuangzhang children ran from here, the “bare feet” scratched do Zage?Thought here, he quickly ran home, hurriedly brought broom, summarized Kei, moonlight, carefully put glass shards on the ground swept into summarized Kei.It can be said to be completely routed, before safely carrying a broom, holding summarized Kei go back.  Back home, he put down the broom, picked up the shovel, put that summarized Kei came to the vegetable garden behind his house building side.He laboriously dug with a shovel ten minutes, tired sweating, finally dug a sixty or seventy centimeters deep pit of small.He then poured into glass fragments, like shards of glass Daiyuzanghua like to “bury” the.He stood up, hands in the air pleasant to stretch a bit back, then bent over to pick up summarized Kei, shovels happily home.  It seems, he had to take a bath tonight, fortunate not to go there playing brother.  So far, the shining shards of glass still buried in the soil, like a computer hard drive, a memory of the immortal forever shining innocence!    Part II: Tonight corn forest under the moonlight moonlight as water, forest and corn under the moonlight as if it is a shimmering waves of the Great Lakes.  Dog days of summer has not yet been finished, the beginning of autumn solar terms again, this is to be a dog day with the fall of the old saying goes.Too much rain this summer, those crops on rural land, dart up like crazy.Most of the former village large number of acres of corn patch of forest, of uniform height, Yi Keke corn lever arm thick as a child, squeeze squeeze pay to pay airtight.Shortly before flowering corn pollination, corn cobs also party to hang beard Tufts of pink, the air will be filled from a clear, sweet and tender.  Dew tide up, just like the rain down the field like that corn on the wide long leaves, then wet, each one hung a string of dew on the leaves, by moonlight to a photo, then thousands of points Wan point shining.A hare ran, as if they flew into a lake, to hear a dew fall from the corn leaves, and fell on soybean leaves, then fall to earth “flap” clicks.  The night is more quiet, but also a full moon hung high maximum guhuai rural tree.At this point a large paddy field by the river, noisy frogs suddenly up, so it’s Rice said floral harvest, ten frogs ah!With the shock of frogs, that is not scared of microwave corn forest, all the animals and plants insects are beginning to stir up, excited.  Stretch ear to listen, Yi Keke corn bar at the bottom, which is close to the earth’s part, it sounded a string of crushing, whispering sound like Chi Chi.Plants were laughing at you?Do not!It was the bottom of the aerial roots of corn plants drilled internal voice is the sound growth.It is completely different from the sound of corn jointing rod “Baba,” the.  Next, the meal wind drink dew cricket who would you Changba me on stage singing together.Earthworms feel oppressed for too long in the soil, Yeliangrushui, they will also be one of the drilled mud, Zeitou probe looked out of the brain, and sent out a slender “creak, creak” sound.The plant eating insects who will also play in full swing devour soybean leaves and beans to leafless, and discharge particle size of the capsules of green manure.Lai toad on a rage, and it’s from a slow climb out of beans leaves, with a protruding tongues like a hook, roll it slightly, a pest into its mouth; another tongue, slightly pair of sound, another insect dish has become its dinner.Sauna net voles are nocturnal animals, they huddled in the cave recharge your batteries during the day, night out in force to spoil crops.And more fresh beans and cowpeas Yeah, eat, little sister, you marry me grow up!And more and more fragrant sweet corn tender Yeah, let go belly eating it, little brother, who says we can not be as strong as an ox Villains?  Snakes are carnivores, it is early to have the perception that the whereabouts of a few thieves.But it is elegant, do not hurry.It gentleman-like winds from, stealthy will be hidden under the Villains to their body, neck stretched, mouth piece, a Shuoshu went into its belly.By this time, those despicable They also are jubilant, Hupenghuanyou carrying on their meal of it, who knows mantis stalks the cicada oriole in the post, but the piece of Hydra are turning their brothers and sisters as the delicious world they celebrate the successful theft of corn beans, they have become the last supper.  Corn in late summer early autumn forest, there are shining bright moonlight, it is undoubtedly beautiful, tranquil.But a Traveler see only its surface, it is shallow.As you can only see a moonlight rippling lake, and see the turtles hidden under the surface of the lake, like a sea monster.The corn Lin is the case, you only see a corn tip, gently swaying in the night wind, but I do not know corn forest drama being played out scenes.So when you quietly corn deep forest on a moonlit night a person, a man quietly listening to the forest sounds of corn issue, you will find the original forest under the moonlight corn, is simply a Zhongxiang hosted ” animal World “, is simply more than one part synthetic” pastoral symphony “.  Into crops under the moonlight and you will hear land, crops and even the lake sounds of nature, you will feel deeply rural land given you a life emboldened.    Part Three: autumn moon hanging round in the moonlight at high altitude, diarrhea, such as training of light, earth covered Eau coat, the Spirit of charm clear fear is hard to poor pen Chu.Month, such as disks, light water, a canoe center.Tonight, how many writers willingly, how much wandering into the cage.Thoughts swirling, Gambhir a love one, just tonight than last night next month, more people than lean month.  Show the full moon face, the idea of a walk along the month, with a nylon thread cocoon, riding a leaf boat, thinking episode, all the way to reward Belle.Vertical and is not telling people to stay a text, readiness to stay on the edges of Su Zhen.  May pessimism of the ancients, the Festival should be more than “a thousand miles is a long,” or feeling “very full just from last night, Moon Jianjue sea late”.  I enjoy the moon it is unintentional, so not too many sad.  Moon tours should look to spend the next month.Fall season, bustling done, they go to see Aoshuang Chrysanthemum.Chrysanthemum night put, incense filled the street, while the bright month, to listen to her voice, but also avoid chrysanthemum lonely.Ju received a drop of dew on the shiny, I do not know what it is to tell people.Frost in chrysanthemum represents strong right?See it in the autumn wind sleeve of a robe Zhang Yan Wu, also considered that people live up to his praise!  Spring to autumn, flowers bloom Xie.This life is so.  Shangju autumn, winter look plum, maintain a good attitude, you can be the next spring blossoming.  Moon should reward bamboo to the next month.Some say bamboo, such as pine, I think it’s more chic than the more upright pine.Into the forest of bamboo, look at it in the autumn in the share of calm, then awe-inspiring.Moon, such as leakage, shed little warmth, bamboo, such as soldiers, accounting for round after round into the landscape.charming!Forest, listening to the sound of bamboo next shuttle month.Bamboo moon shine, someone should be here.People than the bamboo gentleman, it is to appreciate it “rather broken body can not do without Festival”, more praise interpretation of its life.  Moon reward can go months at a pond.Enjoy the beautiful tranquil.Autumn thin, no cicada noise ear.Although red cedar Handan Magnificence faded, still exudes seductive fragrance, lightly, not cloying.Moon repose central water, such as in the month servant Kam, the appreciation of a painting, feel the share of peace Oliver remove the burden of life.  Behind the rice fields to plot and waterway transportation, always the opposite of the moon.If the dough breeze to float, it played a wave, yellow light glowing in the moonlight.Waves into rhyme, and passes him bursts Wo Hong.The presence or absence of sleep deep pond frog bang, broke serene sky.As paddy guardian knows that it does not blow autumn, not yellow rice.Moon is unknown, its dream wake.Admiration of autumn grain fields, admire it loaded Qiushi ChenDian.It also tells people always hard to pay after the harvest.  It is said that many times people want to live life.As spring to autumn, flowers bloom Xie.Autumn harvest period of life, baptism akishimo, is life must go on a journey.  Autumn is merciless, but also sentient beings.In your mind once what kind of seed, it produces what fruit.  If the seeds are shed, the harvest is scheduled barren.    Part Four: looking at the sunset under the moonlight slowly sank, the moon shrouded in Montreal that Yinhua, who opened the sleepy eyes.The convergence of birds flying wings, flying over San smoke under the eaves, far from Fishermen Miao Miao, wind blowing through the river that night, I seem to see the boat go under the shadow of the setting sun.Between heaven and earth suddenly quiet down, then went straight forward as if Jiangliu press the Enter key, all fell back into silhouettes, indents our hearts.It turned out that was wandering through a thousand years of time and space, accompanied by moonlight ? Chunchao return the magnificent, Yan Yan with wave.Moon rising, like flower forest sleet.In that month tide over the surface of the river, the empty shore, I stood silent, calmed the past, such as Koko bypass spring grass coming to me.I was back at my teenager, pointing country, Qiu Hui Fang exclusion, emotional elegance, with a restless pride, self-confidence to make their cries against the permanent flowing rivers: Junior strong, the country strong; youth wisdom, then country wisdom.In still echo in such a new era, Tang has just unveiled its most blossoming chapter.Wei has been regarded as gods “noble patriarch system” is broken, ordinary people set foot on the top by the imperial swagger, fresh feeling cheerful now, I seem to have forgotten who I am so despised luxurious colorful.At this time, moonlight shadow is cast over such stars head handsome, gorgeous dated back to sing in the long unfulfilled.I know this is poetry when I was a teenager, vertical light is green onion tofu-like, but it is a long enough memorable.Time ever stepping on a uniform pace going forward, but do not know where to go in the end.”I feel empty inside flow frost fly, Ting invisible on the white sand.Color without Qian Chen Tianyi Jiang, bright sky lonely on wheels.”The moon ascending, straight on altitude, the air is not the other colors.Moonlight suddenly revealed in the pool of flowers in the forest, and the loneliness of the vast river, between giving a dreamy actually nothing to rely on.Things like cage Yuet Wah still in my body, but let me give birth to unprovoked sad Jisi of.After a bit impatient when that boy, I seem even more cool middle-aged, quiet.No matter how the outside beauty, I no longer look like it was originally born by me.But this faded over vast exist between heaven and earth, as it wound thread, white sand melt into the invisible, Jiang Tian Xian Chen’s no scenery, comfortable contented.Today, again aftertaste, also appears to love the deep, still is disconsolate.Slowly, slowly Qing Ji middle-aged flowing river in the old day after day, and then look back, gray hair is torn.”River who has shown signs of month?Jiang month shine on people?Life has infinite generations, Jiang month year after year look like, I do not know who to be on a river, the whole Yangtze send water.”Handle and saw little of the original cold-blooded cold, I still figure a little more straight Downs invasion of Italy in the book of life.Head down like a thinker deep reverence for nature.The kind of mixed with the sadness of his life short and warm memories of the universe care of, now think of it, it seemed special.In fact, poetry is remembered predecessors, if the morning dew life, why not take advantage of it some time and be merry.But really do not want to waste their struggle alone away from the beauty of life, those who do not hear each time the melancholy, and now have to abandon it if Bilv?I do not want can not, because even with my personal life is short, humanity is continually multiply ah!That is absolutely not hope.In the era of the sad but not hurt, my melancholy decadence also appears happy youth.Because I have a life to pursue efforts, persistent exploration of the universe ah.  Now and then looked around, everything still looks like the old remarks.Months to be hollow, but the delay does not fall, it looked dedication, I have dissipated like smoke as those of worry and sorrow and muzzle my heart.It hit like clove knot.Remember, you dried up the stone, I was far from the Xiaoxiang.”Whose Tonight boat child?Where Acacia moon House?Upstairs month wandering poor, who should light the stage makeup..Not hear each case, willing to monthly flow Zhao Jun.Geese fly long light is not the degree, latent jump ichthyosaur water written.”Wandering outside, thinking woman in the women’s apartment, and that distance in this case even become a long line.Do not roll like that, but also to whisk is not the moon, but stretches thoughts.In fact, if you know, when you can sincerely pray moonlight instead of his long journey with me, I can also quietly vow that as geese, fish and dragons often accompanied by your side.”Tam dream last night free falling, poor spring home semi also.River water spring to Yujin, Jiang Tan sangrakwol complex West Ramp.”So paranoid, wait until the water children will do, tilt month child, it has not yet broken.I smiled and said he was this invasion of the universe had a great love, but also forever in Moonlit Night against the background.But now the next month stand, Acacia then, when that breeze blowing, take away the sense of loss are countless.When moonset, shake our common feeling is that of Mitsue Murakami.  In fact, this is the flute drum under the moon, again and vanish, that flows between the atmosphere, always fall with precipitation in our minds, melted became amorous rhyme.Today, Yang Guan universe of heaven and earth, meditation already forgotten words, who can distinguish the true meaning of which?