Part One: drunk Goose cold shock in the moon night, cicadas sound sparse.When the branches whipped leaves a piece of drifting away from the eyes, looking at the sky, impressively is late autumn.Autumn skies, cloudless, a pale blue swept everything, the sun became its only embellishment is everywhere presented as a pale blue light.Walking through the streets, accompanied by the howling of the wind, with open arms, larger font sky, feel the cool autumn this.In this one an oasis of light blue, I feel fresh look, very open-minded.  The autumn sky is still so bright, light blue, far, far away, always gives a sense of mystery, it’s like the wise contemplation of general.Occasionally there is a cloud, not like spring and summer-like, so heavy, it gives a silent depression.That clouds blossoming connected dough, floating like a girl’s veil as tantalizing, giving an elegant, hazy, melodious feeling, just like musical notes floating like circulation, showing the most ancient charm, people Dangqi Some of the best real yearning.  However, in contrast, I still prefer the autumn night sky.After going to night classes, I’m used to running, after a few laps stroll along the playground, football field lying, quietly looked almost purple sky, and a glowing stars.Schools have few side lights, they are formed in a circle bright orange, like a ribbon stretches generally spread to the surrounding and extending towards deep space.In the decorative orange circle, and I wanted to split the sky, like, only the middle one is purple, plus a flicker of starlight, while the edge is being inundated an orange, all orange color, only faint crescent, Xiegua quietly in the near sky.  Still look the same, filled the charming Starlight.Quietly lying under a starry, sky, looking, despite a myriad of thoughts in the spread of the Imagination.You can occasionally hear some faint chirping of insects, as if they lay warm bed, the happiest whisper.In these faint voice, enjoying a purple belt decorated like the starry sky, the stars twinkling, as if to tell fleeting, but not beneath glory.  Lying in the autumn wind, drunk in silence in.Hazy night, orange and yellow lights have mixed with leaves, the wind over the early playground, Durian, plus a bustling stars, even close your eyes, my mind is still a bustling.Endless mold, triggered a flood plan got the idea, I like really drunk, drunk in this beautiful moon night.    Part Two: Liu Ying Chiu Chiu swing Pinghu boating on Lake dim go, that was many years ago now.Full moon is high, lake reflected sparkling.Ashiba autumn breeze rustling, the vast youthful little fishing boat.Scull at the sound of babbling quiet month, floating reed scared birds, it is all the more profound the autumn.Lu Wei deep shake bird-scaring night, autumn frivolous swing Liu Ying Ge.  Autumn people often like to climb the mountain to see the autumn to see the leaves have to see red maple cream.In fact, the United States or should fall more on the rivers and lakes in.When Meng Haoran wrote “Autumn Denglan send the Five Mountains” unknowingly fall of the river to take a written far.So, more or should the United States in autumn River autumn, autumn river, a lake on the Moon.Moon on West Lake; the full moon on the Kunming Lake was once the visitors away.  Life is like a boat, always constantly changing Anchorage Park.Now there is no place to stop and lakes, as autumn than to see the moon on the lake.Pinghuqiuyue swing Liu Ying went to the United States can only dream feelings.Whenever this autumn moon is full, there is a picture of the heart.Living in harmony with moonlight night, standing alone Gu Ying Lake, on hazy hazy black, vacantly misty Lakeshore.  East Lake this fall went to look dated, dark night of the wind gently.He stood by the lake just to see the full moon rise from the willow on, faint moonlight, people from the corner through the overflow from the cliff between the branches, quietly peering lake.One day a silver to silver, the kind of Yi Jing is not describe in words.  Driving on a small boat to go boating on the lake Moonlight, Delicate water-cooled cold autumn night.Let the boat quietly floating on the lake, follow the crowd.Far from a fishing boat in the net the night comes flashing oars babbling, knocking little bang.Vacantly vast moonlit night, stumbled misty lake, boat swing over a lake startled ducks.Pinghu moonlit night like a painting, a sum too little light, too thick add a sum.  Boat carried by the wind, blown liuyin Cong.Under untwisting liuyin, vast chasing the moonlight, it is a distant memory.Lengthy boat floating gently, gently fluttering gently shake.Like children singing it, “Moon told my brother I go, I go on the lake drift creel.Small boats shake ah shake, shake the Moonlight Bridge.Look boats next month, floating in the middle of water.Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind ah ah ah shake shake, shake the Moonlight Bridge “.Once upon a time, to draw a boat floating on the lake by night, moonlit night to the net on the lake.Time flows quietly from the side too, the years rush in sparse life.Yang old hard life God, but each round Moonlight, Moonlight is not old.  Moonlight yo, yo children boat, winds in the moonlight in front of the bank to extend, the farther the more shadowy seem unpredictable authenticity.Yeliangrushui autumn, looking at the moon, clouds horizon Stagecoach.Shuitianyise overlooking the vast lake, this moonlit lake becomes very quiet very quiet.Pinghuqiuyue no human voice, as if this world has no secular numerous, sleeping only a month to accompany the land and the lake, as well as Liu Ying near the lake beach.  Night Moon gradually gone, have been able to hear the sound of the birds flutter.There have been some blue sky, dawn soon.It was before dawn fetal movement, going to the Pinghuqiuyue.  Pinghu hazy moon, the lake embankment, the everything between heaven and earth plated with silver, this autumn night became the most beautiful autumn.This dim moonlight with this beautiful autumn, beauty and this wonderful youthful, rows of willows in flat clusters of Lake in the moonlight arranged, like one of Mongolia’s most bridal veil, Tingting curl, Niuniunienie Bianbu Qing looks.The bright moon reveals a charm Pinghu, wash away the human mind.  Under Shito cable reaped, in a hurry to see the moon.Red Beans, Moon Pinghu, reaped clusters of sparkling, Moon Pinghu Liu Ying swing.    Part III: Moon night long, leisurely read persevering broken despair I stood at the window, feeling the autumn sent bursts of cool, enjoying a touch of makeup Jiao month-wrapped, lightly tracing her rouge, giving an elegant, virtuous person can not be violated solemn holy, yet without losing one kind of admirable dignity.How much wanderer also appreciate that while quietly savor the bright white cold moonlight, involuntary chant essay “Nostalgia”, share a deep innocence of a child in the home of missing loved ones, while that in difficult Bie meet thoughts, how can it not touching?  As the saying goes: “shy flowers, butterflies fly, summer waves oath go hand in hand.Qiu Yuehan Palace gaunt body, before the arrival of winter sun frost prefix “.When shallow sigh time in the next month, looking at the bright stars, they will remember that between heart troubles mundane affairs, and that touch of disarray and chaotic tangle of wires mood.Helpless mingled with a little sighs.Once the emotion is sorry for that unforgettable?Or for ordinary life, but with a heart and desperation uninhibited?Nightlife net look that deep end by the window the sky, bright moon hung empty, emitting a bright white moon, quietly dough sprinkled on the roof, through the window frames, the final full stop on my exhausted body.Even that accompanied the stars around the moon are constantly sometimes naughty blinked beady little eyes, as if in a dignified look around the bright moon serene, cheerful kept recounting the moon and the stars never separated love, then rain ; and like to please the people in favor, with a fold fold Stars with moon lit the earth, the light of his selfless dedication in every dark corner of the earth.However, they can illuminate my heart that touch of shallow annoying chatters do?  Once very superstitious believe that fate is heaven, not man-made, regardless of whether the Tonight Jiao month when empty, with or without starlight shining on earth.That joy and sadness will always be people kept in the heritage, continuing.A day of joy and good will at any moment the light constantly flowing.Share remain in our memory might be a better moment, it is not engraved.  Good memories, always late at night when Wan-jing mind flashed again staggered.During the day it is always time to keep up with the rhythm of the pace fast, too busy to allow the brain to store thoughts slowly copied out.When run around a busy day, return to the cozy little exhausted Court.At the time I like to swim in the sea, carrying the body swim tremendous pressure jaded sailor.Think of the whole body fatigue middle reaches of the sea, and remembered can finally return to their loved ones around, lazy curled up on the sofa, or rely on the window.Quietly listening to a classical music, that brisk pace, sad melody, makes my heart with song and dance, with monthly eye movement.At that time, I will be holding the moon shed tenderness with both hands, gently stroking starlight shadow.With the pace of that charming light of the moon, feel good, hard, relax depressed mood.In this way, perhaps in real life but rather share of frustration leisure pursuits.  During the day, some thoughts are always too busy to attend, those annoying chatters forced to push back the atrium, is stored back in my mind.When the night down the curtain, but mind blowing, it seems there is a feeling of OBE, thoughts wind cruising, accompanied by moonlight quietly flowing between the moon stars of the dance, to invest in their own annoying chatters like that is saturated with ink the night sky over the top.  Kim Thriving fragrant garden.Osmanthus trees in the courtyard, but also exudes bursts of fragrance, with the heart immersed in the night wind.I do not know, sweet-scented osmanthus why always only see the thick smell of fragrance in the night of August.I do not know if it was non-stop and I stopped waving his arms like at night in order to have the leisure to experience the night Italy caused the world have bright white moon, the stars accompanied by quiet.Is Moon osmanthus Brilliance, in order to reflect that month and night, sweet-scented osmanthus and dance realm Canxing?  Autumn, moon, read long pieces.When I breathe greedy TV drama pleasant fragrance of osmanthus fragrance, enjoying the night, bring my quiet enjoyment, then I will be quiet meditation indulge thoughts of God, so I can sustenance of a mood, more of the month in the sky tell no one can understand Xingyuxinyuan.  I do not remember how long my heart did not spare down, not able to enjoy the quiet of the night so quiet, on the bright, clear bright stars, actually I found such a good feeling beautiful today!Hustle and bustle of the city, at this point silence, like my state of mind at this time, become so calm.  I finally found drunk in Guangxi fragrant, heart wander in the month feeling, that feeling beautiful beautiful!    Part Four: Moon round flower petal a half moon incense, incense waft past dusty.Qin Xuan down branches off the sound of birds, a piece of paper Su Jian Ying-flower water.Full of thoughts floating snow, rain, a butterfly language.Shanqingshuixiu people have been wrong, Zhu Lei Yao ink mist v..Dream Whispering Color, modesty pale yarn month.Autumn painting nestled lean on a railing, rain have quietly Feelings.  Ye Mangmang eat only a little dust, a chaos Hanyue according to my heart.Exuberant fine word refers to dance music, absolute beauty, solitude empty.Moonlight slightly cold face lean, graceful shadows Chang Chang Liu.Autumn long crescent of the West Wing, solitary street looked into the water of the sky.A torn lotus lotus song night, light embroidered plum roots music.Lonely emotions obscure end, an empty flute Ying tears fall.Qin bleak snow articles, faint dust off Xueqin.  Walk, according to Su autumn, cold butterfly dance, light autumn rain lock heart alone cool, the sky yellow leaves, moonlight dance, cinnabar tears, Japanese autumn, autumn injury to dust, never intended to break, autumn everywhere capacity, purdah cold, yellow Ye sky dance, independent film, Crescent compose, fluorescence in tears, absolute beauty, the cold Yan ear, a florid core, the sky sand, without India and China, Miao Miao sound, graceful dance month, typhoid Qiu, Yan Su pen flower.  Iraqis tears, for whom red makeup, willow Lvyin, Qin thoughts snow, Star rainy night, the Lord of the heart of water, drop flower Xueqin, bleak, mountain outside the sound off, feeling weak king, deeply moved by the autumn sound, light scanning crimson, China month lamps, heart Lake ripples dust thing, thinking mournful autumn leaves Man paper.A heart flowers tears worry, everything is futile loneliness.Liyuan clear sound of rain outs month, Gu Ping Lan love purposed to draw.  Qingchou a piece of paper, a paper desolate, a paper Acacia, the only boat Yun Fu Xianglian core, long-haired look around the old dream dream.Gu Siqiu water Chang Chang Ying, the beginning of the microscopic peach garden, do not ask the moon knows my heart, willing exile moon shadow.If you ask Romance in the dash, the roots of whom Xiangpiao tears.If you ask why women crazy, blame Jiangshan Qing Mei love drunk, when asked why the woman Jane, in the water of peach wine.  Full of fireworks Qingqiu color, ink drop Red wine flask.Asked Moon remote past and present music, flute collapse hurt beads Zhusi.Egyptian painting pear flowers early, about May were cheap kiss snow chaos.Red bud flick moon in the water curtain, looking heartbroken howling snow core.Palace, poor and skirts butterfly flower appearance, alone to, Liu Ying, stars Mexican rain, heart autumn burning worry, half dressing, wine invitation, when the moon, time to dream off.  A candle tears, cold rain, Fuqin one thousand obscure thinking, exuberant fine finger flap Falling.Snow Heqing ink Luanhong gradually, I would like to think Nan Xiao Nan Yu Ching.Qin Xuan dance spin Yan drunk cold, warm fine moonlight dreams, Wen month were now listening to the night.Mengqingyuan off road, as appropriate, the word, moon and stars Sui, Han Yan if the rain willow shore, lute sounds Xuan Ho few early.Window frames do sprinkle fluorescence China, the scent of ink cold ethereal butterfly dance.  Suddenly, Review, Spring Moon Hess, desolate, wind edge to make, according to the cold wind, broken core, a stranger, bridge rain, emptiness, feeling loose, soft language, fingers light Xuan, full song song pear, peach broken valve , a touch of ice plain, cold touch, touch Qingchou, a touch of hurt Lei, a touch of Si Tong, Yan warm Floral difficult, the roots of whom Fu.Light incense for whom poetry played the king for whom love crazy.Whose pale face, cold Whose verse.Who lost the scent shadow.  Autumn wind tears moon night, a candle Legends of thinking.Xingshou Crescent cinnabar red, clear streams tune played Yunhua.Butterfly yellow autumn leaves were gone, overlooking a day Fang ink.San actress Sophie May Luan dance, lute raw silk pink tone.Gu Ying snow alone on the West Wing, Yong woman melodies Painting.Su Yan few stars can warm, cool four treasures dance.Qing Zhao Prostitute lamp in tears, a process space telescope landscape.  Eat only a little pink heart Huayu pool, a prime pen description Ping wind.Miao whirling clouds of sand, a text vitality autumn fall.Man to nobile Moon, Geng hard core, shallow sing, modesty month Qian Yan, heart lotus difficult Yun, Yun Qu clouds, thinking tone diminished, wet Huayu open, Spring Garden dreams, Qianshan twilight snow, heaven and earth tone music, piano skirts falling snow, sniffing tears plum, deep song palace, Iraqis waving, snow on Ice.  Yuyan flower ink, wind Zhao Qiuwan.Core non-wook, autumn difficult Yao laugh, a plum off the fan, the Chai Feng Hui cold, ice rain month, the vast youthful, lean month of rain, Acacia fat, Qin Xuan sound, tears altar clouds, cloud spend tranquil chill, leaves rustling, scattered charm, nestled moonlight, as howling autumn cold, rain Shanshan butterflies, clouds edge tones poured, slowly poetry and rain, interleaving Yilian songs.  Yan laugh hard, core ignorant, obscure sake Iraqis drunk, thousands of miles vast sea, clouds hovering marsh Cambodia, Shuiyun, Montreal, sad, song cold away thinking, a candle flowers, accommodating vertical cloud, dark scars, this situation to a faint dream, who gets the bird fly.Silver spilled soft blue purdah, Lan autumn to drunken wake.Hong worry about how much time spring flute, slowly lean on a railing hope breeze.  Core sound of fireworks dream River, the old pot of wine and song.Love War dust autumn rain fried heart, poetry Wan Yuhua rolls.Desolation who florid soft, clear sky West Side who’s song, who stranded the case of Acacia, who intoxicated Wife Ying Lin.Inconstancy of human relationships, mournful air, Ho Nai, spare, romantic, dream return, gurgling poetry rain, drop ink Doris, fragrant cold Pina painting, Iraqis Tim makeup.     Part Five: Seamless Moon · space-time dream can not remember what time, will be looking at their own moon journeying daze, do not know their thinking, empty mind was gone, far away, suddenly secluded meteor pierced the sky soon, I think, at this time it will not be lonely the Xinghai, long ago, when I bent down to pick up the debris scattered on the ground, but withered, Oh, summer has already gone, and cicadas the passing of a singing hot summer wreckage, I do not know how long, scattered like yesterday, it is so inexplicable wave pull all summer story will not linger in our ears eye, which had people think fondly of the past, quietly trail through the window outside the fence, who thought · forget who, it will not be lonely, I do not think of it, listening to the wind stormed, Yingge rain, turned out to be a rare warm, perhaps inadvertently self inter suddenly forgotten a lot of it, after all, their own gently gone through, some people say autumn take away the hustle and bustle of an early summer, and people forget the fragrance of the soil, perhaps hidden quietly whisper, perhaps he and this multi-plot A secret ? watching the full House – a sad, sometimes still thinking about what their own, like what?Really can not say, still feeling the lost time, the water went to the East.Is not it the ancients is true feelings, when passing a summer night, and now look, it seems less of what Similarly, what little of it?Oh, perhaps a trace of the past lonely, in fact, in this north wind, Various Artists season where they feel a sense of loss, what is it but unfortunately, I do not know, maybe later when the wind of the past will quietly tell will be a long journey leaves it, go this way, is not home a souvenir, or trees not retain it, said gangbusters, it really is like this, what is the autumn?What is the wind?How can it deciduous? Why only a previous sweep word of it, autumn is lonely, that’s probably it is like this, the wind is not lonely, because he put a ray of fragrance deeply wrapped in his arms, smiled leaves, horse Red and wind to come along, she put past the footprints are deeply buried in the heart, this time on their hand Looking back trail, but their own a long time to die, just quietly enjoy a rare beauty, perhaps it is very greedy stop, when the red maple leaf of how many season, still so gently, just dying to know the residual pieces of fragrant rot under plexus, diffuse wild sweet gum every break up the thick soil infiltration, can not help but take a deep one, Oh, this is the taste of autumn ah, good good thick thick unique fragrance, leaves scattered over the ground, could not bear to go forward, for fear of accidentally stepped on pain of it, it seems to scream never even stepped on to its backbone, unlike the snow wildly, go no matter how light, will continue to moan at the foot, as if to crush their bones, and I asked maple, you will not be alone, you say no, see you every day, the wind will be passing you on the cheek, which is a Fu Bar.When the vast horizon of the night came to a close, the vast twilight new moon newborn star studded cocoa, look at the crystal to see spring and autumn, to listen to the night comes wind and rain, Whispering Color.At this moment, I think this sentence should be very appropriate it, but could not suppress the thought monopolize eagerly full, I ask the stars of the sky away, there will be happiness far, but I will not have forgotten tomorrow.  When Li Bai had “a toast to invite the moon, the film into three” I think loneliness is this bright, a good wind good water drunk the night, the kind of silence when it feels Xingyingxiangdiao.Sometimes quite admire the ancients, three glasses of wine you’ll feel, verses ink flying, would not happy ah, and now, but in this season of falling, the lamp glass cup of wine, the taste of the past footprint, long night, occurred What, had also remember what, but unfortunately is the “number of things past, have to pay jokes,” all has become a thing of wandering, even past the foot of the trail are filled with dust, after a long.Dawn came? · Oh, dawn.    Part VI: Moon disability, long for long once again returned to his home, it was about the 17th year after the.  Autumn too, is sad, hands clasped cartoon pictures do not know when dropped to the ground.This quartzite with a brick path always brought me back to the past, back to that one rainy day, the road Yuhua, dreamy, but this alley is long enough, I would not be that every significant cloves the same girl.  Kapok is open season, the wind gently, do not go with the horizon of vicissitudes, left in the falling of the fragrance, the devoted life miserable.Kapok tree covered with thorns, let the wind fly injured.maybe!This is a yearning for the decorative mood and prepare it.Home of the simple name like a dog’s tail grass fields, leads people to feel at home.The name is like a home the old song, the passage of time, still catchy.  Home just off a very modern decoration of the streets, the streets are narrow, only allow two people, not just pass by fate today.And so home, and the home of the people will, too Oh!Old home leaving only two old tile-roofed house, saying it was not too shabby a bit decent, but I really can not find an adjective modifying it.From afar like the appearance of a framework consisting of nothing more years, occasionally with emotion: the original is so jolted the years went by; close look like piles of rubble, took a deep breath can smell fishy moss taste.  If the eyes can then fine, I can ignore the blue flagstone path lined with houses.I do not know what family it is cooking coffee!Rinse the past eleven years, only a sad bitter taste.That is not the taste of home, in my memory the taste of home is a very special fragrance.That’s camellia mint taste, touch of tea was mixed with a trace of cool, feel drunk smoked heart.Only this time, as long as I onto a step forward, we heard the sound of breaking time.Sadly, ah!I can only use this way to remember.I remember that time, every summer afternoon, neighbors will get together in small talk, drinking home brewed mint camellia.The kind of light aroma, rub a cotton ball of time, wrapped tightly, sealed at the time of a gear, will turn more away ~ ~ 17 years, I think, is not it should be Here?Everything here does not belong to me.Neighbors strange eyes little by little I painted the back.Their faces twisted into a blossoming time small wrinkle chrysanthemum, imbued with years of bitter wine.There was a recall to be put into the package, but when open accidentally lost time.I try to think of that picture, but after all, every seventeen years ah!One after another, new buildings, a fan of hard iron gate, bunches of flowers and herbs, good lost, so sad, those pieces no longer a bond.Seventeen years, said it is not long long, how can it let the sea change Kuwata?But that short a little imprecise, it changed everything here, seventeen years of memories does not belong to me, neighbors joy and sorrow only quartzite road beneath my soles know.Seventeen years time flashed by, leaving only a wet mark in my eyes, slightly hot.  Picked up a small piece of red tiles, my heart suddenly have a sense of joy.Once hard to imagine that a pair of young hand is how to draw the not too dream dreams.(With chalk full of confidence to the students in class, that’s what happened afterwards) then there is a square in front of the home is sun tan white cement floor, a day when the sun goes down I have a little red tile piece to draw their favorite things on top.Day long, really became my childhood memories of the most indispensable part of the.Remember to leave that day a few months a few numbers, just remember from that day I could not find a small patch of rubble.  Still the same old moon, the silence of the heart is still the same.Without such a long time I had a quiet.Yes!Since the moment of leaving home, I have been worried about everything here.New home very wide, no longer in need potted plants, like plants and flowers can be planted directly in the open space in front of the house, do not worry on the right side of the window sill there is no sun to full sun.In short needless things, we do not have to rack their brains to think about the cost situation.maybe!Fewer think things will live lighter.  ”Slender dust chaos tears, repeatedly stacked autumn blur, three-shift window dreams of the West Pavilion, Ming worry about Acacia.”This Midnight easily appeals to the imagination, I could not help but chant a poem.There seem to mind the first wave of Quan, slowly flowing.Carrying the name of the old house, it flows through the spring and autumn and winter seventeen.