China news agency, April 25 electricity Chinese middle school essay contest (2015-2016), "Heng Yuan Xiang literature Star" finals and awards ceremony held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on the 25th。 Competition around this year, "I grew up, I play" theme in the country's 26 provinces and autonomous regions, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions pushed the total number of participants nearly 30 million。 150 players from four places, through layers of selection, eventually won the national finals tickets。 Hong Kong SAR Government Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, Qiu Hong, deputy director of the Liaison Office in Hong Kong, China Next Generation Working Committee Deputy Secretary-General concerned about Li Qimin attended this competition awards ceremony。 Mrs Lam said in his speech, "China middle school essay contest is very scale of the national languages of the competition, held since the cumulative participating high school students has more than 100 million people。 Hong Kong has also been actively involved in academic circles, Hong Kong Region of China middle school essay contest in Hong Kong has become the largest academic scale, the largest number of students to participate in an annual event。 From the active participation of students, educators and organizers visible in different units, really spared no effort in promoting Chinese education。 "Mrs Lam pointed out that one of the purposes of the contest is to raise the ideological and moral standards of high school students, to help students develop positive values and nurture their positive attitude, and this is one of the important goals of school education in Hong Kong。 The purpose of this target coincides with the competition, but also public expectations of contemporary youth。
Competition awards ceremony held on the 25th, an appearance by the young student work together to complete。 These juvenile "My Hand My Heart", with their own style of writing "Fu", hundreds of people formed a scroll of Bedford, and with calligraphy, seal cutting-height stone bears writing contest for the "Blessing China" head。
100 different styles, different fonts "blessing" to scroll the scene gift Jao cultural centers。 Competition Organizing Committee Deputy Secretary-General, Heng Yuan Xiang (Group) Co., Ltd., general manager of Zhong-wei said that one hundred juvenile literature written Bedford activities, from another angle shows the beauty of the beauty of Chinese characters, culture。
It is reported that this competition has also invited the famous writer Pai Hsien-yung up writing professor lectures, a talk on "my writing path" to share the mentality of literary writing and teenagers。
Pai expressed the hope that young man's life at least once, to real contact with Chinese traditional culture of "beauty", young people who have genes traditional culture, traditional Chinese culture blood is the same。 "In Hong Kong schools – Diocesan Girls' School, also recently held a 'speech contest', invited well-known writer Julia as a special guest speech contest。
The message essay contest organizers provided refers to Chinese middle school students composition contest "Heng Yuan Xiang literature Star" has been held 11, the contest has become the country's largest and highest specifications, the largest number of entries for the majority of high school students and most influential national, public essay competitions。
Organizers responsible person, starting from the second session of the contest, Hong Kong Chinese Culture Promotion Division Hong Kong students to participate in the contest organized by the Center。
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