Part One: This is a mirror of the hot summer months, I sat the bus drove to the direction of home.Next to the bus station, a traffic accident just happened, I curiously around in the past.About a four-year-old man lying next to the curb, unkempt hair mixed with a few silver, wearing a pair of dusty shoes, camouflage clothing on the upper body as well as a few garish patches.Two narrowed in a crack, dry mouth full of cracks, tangled eye wrinkles, the person appears to contain the greater part into the bitterness.From time to time he whispered moan: “Help me..”That middle-aged helpless look like a mirror, I saw Yan Liang this society, even courageous heroes without a trace.  Onlookers at the scene of bustling people huddled in a large.But there is not even a person a helping hand to the injured uncle.They jabbering about, even constantly laughing.As if injured on the ground and they are not the same, they do not belong to this world.  Sunlight on car accident mirror, the mirror reflects the mix of crowds, if each person’s face that has been distorted by a small mirror, are more ugly face.  The perpetrator is a little young twenties, wearing an exaggerated large sunglasses, writhing brow, small eyes reveal a hint of disdain.He picked up the phone loudly shouting: “120, forward traffic post, has a bruised Come ah!”When he finished he put down the phone, he rebuked the crowd:” See what see, never seen a traffic accident ah!Why Why go to all this!”That little young face be white, may, after make his disdain words, that face is like a mirror that lights up an ugly face, funny and despicable.  Suddenly, a red rental came along, out of the car a tall driver hastily squeezed into the crowd.He was wearing a red jacket, thick lips glowing red eyes were rolling in.That dark face like a mirror, reveal a courageous love of ordinary people concerned about the strangers.He crouched down to lift up the neck of the injured, said urgently: “You do not touch, ambulance soon arrived.”Having turned his head, stared at the two big eyes tightly behind the crowd, like a pair of bells, it looked as if to say:” He like this, why do not you save him!”Time waits for no man, to no avail, after waiting for an ambulance, driver master picked up the wounded and drove a taxi and sped away.  The mirror is so wonderful, it always appears in our lives, so that everyone’s heart, the essence of all exposed.No matter how his clothes looks, our hearts are mirrors that face a fair trial would make the most honest of his soul.    Part II: Mirror mirror and sit in the window and hope that not far from the hills.Spaced too close to trees, poles straight, standing quietly in the mountains.They looked at peace, I like to see their own peace of mind.  Often in the face of some of the persons or things to think of himself, as if could see his shadow or some different things with his body from all things.Those people and things, much like a mirror.Right, we see all the people and things is a mirror, if you look carefully, you can learn to see themselves.Picture sitting before the mirror, looking at herself in the mirror, so clearly see his face, and see their age, experience and state of mind in the face, those wrinkles more than a few thin, white skin that becomes a little yellow, faint smile a lot calm.Mirrors can not help but ask: Do you see yourself from me you?Inherit the mirror, of course not, because a piece of glass mirrors are no eyes, no thinking, it can never see it myself from me.  Between people it?They may mirror each other, according to see themselves on each other.Those who met sauna net, are a mirror.Do you see yourself from someone else this mirror in it?Whatever features met this man, is an asset for us, we can from this person to reflect on their own thinking and behavior.This is a man’s perspective and perception.If you focus on the person’s characteristics, while ignoring their own, then you will never know their own and weaknesses.  We often think that something does not want to meet to meet, do not want to encounter things are met.In fact you can not see these things of value.Everything in this world is valuable, you can not see its value, because you see only one face, but did not see the whole, the whole is perhaps difficult to see all of it makes the potential mining endless wealth.You can find its body much wealth, depends on your perception of the.  Each time I met each other in giving each other the.You are the mirror of others, others also your mirror.So value every time it met.It is not nothing in this world who do not you just ask the people without giving.Everyone can reveal to you, so that you ingest something, so people will have to face each met with a grateful heart.  You’re not God, you must have shortcomings, no matter how much you narcissistic, self-how.Understand their insignificance to make their own strength to strength.Also learn to appreciate their appreciation to everyone.As the saying goes: three lines must be my teacher!Mutual division between people, that are mirror.  When you meet a very good person, you can not just admire, you have to see his own shortcomings and learn from him, their own practice.  When you meet a hateful ignorant people, you can not just blindly hate, blame, but also ask yourself whether you have innocent ignorance, understanding the growth process.But also to remind myself, do not like someone else’s hateful ignorance.  We often difficult to find in themselves their own problems, but in the face of others, through observation, comparison, can find their own problems more quickly, this is the role of the mirror.  In fact, our lives are in practice to become a better side mirror in the process of cultivation, we need a reference, and that is what we meet people, meet in person, we see the model, if we can absorb this model essence, we will practice into a sophisticated mirror.  Mirrors and mirror, you and I, another flashback, give each other and promote each other, according to a photo of it seriously!    Part three: the mirror of the soul in the winter, my life is very simple, in addition to visiting friends and relatives, I would be reading.I read the book, it is a coincidence that there is a Romain Rolland’s “Celebrity Biography”, there is an official of a novel is a “painting”.Originally, I was reading the main task in this winter is continuing and I have already started | a history of one-party research co.The “Celebrity Biography” and “painting” Initially I was not in the reading program in.  Reading these books is a completely accidental.Approaching winter vacation time, and I do like to read a colleague solemn recommended me an official of a novel “painting” and he happen to have one, though pirated books, but you can still read.I then borrowed to prepare a winter vacation in the history of one-party access to data when tired to read, for the right to rest.As for reading “Celebrity Biography”, of course, a chance.Son winter vacation, go home and tell my teacher to the students recommended a few books to read, the teacher recommended books, only a “Celebrity Biography” He did not read.But this book is to require teachers to be read and to write book review.I went to the library to borrow a book, in order to facilitate exchanges with the son reading experience, I decided to have read this book, also wrote a book review.  I first read the “Celebrity Biography” in the first “Beethoven”.Although I have not studied music, symphonies, piano What is even more ignorant.However, Beethoven is the name I was no stranger, this name would read the book over the world people are not unfamiliar, although he really know a lot of people may not.”Beethoven” is not long, along with comments including only a thin 40, but a total of more than 20,000 words.However, I was deeply shocked.I most shocking not because after Beethoven’s deafness has created a number of great works.Of course, this is shocking enough.As Fu Lei said: “deafness, Simie for ordinary people is part of the world, for the whole world musician is Simie.Simie the whole world and Beethoven never die!”Because there is a body in Beethoven’s more a self-made, independent, great soul gave me a more intense shock.When secular people have to bow to the powerful, Beethoven has always been high since his unyielding skull.Bettina wrote in the letter, Beethoven had to tell what he had met with the royal staff is Goethe’s detail: “Yesterday, we met all of the royal family in return.We already see in far.Goethe break my arm, standing on the side of the road.I said to him, in vain do all my words, he could not make another step.So I pressed by a hat, wear toggle coat, hands behind, close to most of the crowd collision.Prince and his courtiers Mimicengceng; Prince Rudolf of my hat; the queen greeted me first.- Mr. adults who know me.- from the date for fun, I look at this group of people pass in front of Goethe.He stood on the side of the road, deeply bent over, hat in his hand.Later I learned greatly him up with his unceremoniously.”In front of the royal dignitaries, Beethoven has always maintained a self-made independent personality and dignity of a person.Also in this letter, Beethoven proud to say: “kings and lords as possible cause confidential counselor and professor Feel free to reward their titles and medals; but they can not create great characters, can not cause the supercritical vulgar society hearts.”And when he enemies and Clive Prince Ferdinand von North, left when leaving a note, he wrote:” Prince, you are of you, depending on the accidental origin; what I am, rely on my own.Prince are now some, while others in the future.As for Beethoven, but only a.”This speech is confident, but also proud.In those tainted by a secular society humble person there, it will be seen as arrogant.However, it is these deafening sound, has become a mirror of the soul, it can refract a soul of a person is a self-made independent, vulgar or humble.  Thus, Romain Rolland said of Beethoven * grid is “a self-made too violent and too”.In fact, Beethoven is the very great importance of morality.When he was in love girlfriend to marry Zhu Li Aita-Kyu Qiadi Ni Beethoven others and request help her husband, she agreed without hesitation Beethoven.Days later, he wrote that when he met with friends Schindler in the conversation handbook: “He is my enemy, so I want to try to help him.”He wrote in his brother Carl and John left a suicide note:” The virtue * teach your children; make people happy is not money virtue *.This is my voice of experience.In trouble my moral support, so I did not kill a self, in addition to art and morality.”His friend Schindler Beethoven once commented:” Paul the virginity of his life, never need what is wicked repent.”As I was Beethoven high moral character and a self-made, great character impressed when, unfortunately this time I also just read a novel with official.A novel human officer, although those luxury clothing, senior entertainment all day out, however, in their bright appearance inside, wrapped in a humble indeed a dirty soul, in fact, they are not the true sense of the people the, at best, only a few alienated called “people” a special kind of animal it.As long as we are willing to open their eyes look good conscience, we will know that the reality is worse than the novel’s depiction.Of course, everyone knows that fiction is fiction.However, the best novels written in the name of the fictional moment of real life, while bad news is the real name of the banner of lying.  To remain independent personality and the soul of a self-made, then it must stay away from vulgar, you should carefully read Beethoven.Because, Beethoven will teach us how to make people a real sense of people and on capital!