Once there was a country called Brad country, Brad country lush, Brad people living sheep.  One year, the country’s sheep Brad got strange diseases, only a lackadaisical, they are no longer graze, have fallen dead.  Prince A medical officer beginning to follow the old flock to heal, but the sheep have still lying on the ground, dead sheep, Brad entire country plunged into hunger, children and the elderly, like the sheep have died.A prince anxious early, but he can not do anything.  One evening, the prince stayed in the beginning of the Arab-Israeli traced by water, he met God in the stream stream.A stream of God is like the beginning of the prince, roasted barley and barley wine out to entertain him.A prince from early snack beef and mutton, cattle and sheep milk to drink, he never drank barley wine, but also never eaten tsampa.  These foods are so delicious stream of God, tell me, what is this?  Your drink is barley wine, barley do you eat tsampa.  You say barley, barley is grown in the kingdom of heaven to you?  No, all of the land can be planted barley if you can grow it, Brad country will never hunger.  I want to Brad country will never hunger!Stream God, please give me a barley seed bar!  I did not barley seeds, you have to then ask the mountain day uda.  Yamagami day uda, where is he?  He in Great Falls you have to turn the ninety-nine mountains, crossed ninety-nine rivers, mountains and rivers go to Great Falls connected, mountain uda day in Great Falls inside.  A stream early farewell to the Prince of God, he was armed with spears, ride horses, to old King said: Goodbye, father, I have to go look for barley seed, then on the god of grain-growing land in Puebla State.  Go.The old king said early Ah, no matter how far the road, you have to go to the destination, and then come back here.  A prince climbed a mountain the beginning of another mountain, ford a river and a river, he went a full three years on rocky ground.His horse to eat the ghosts, and his spear was magic magnet sucked out of his hat so that crazy wind ran, his feet are shoes worn stone.  He bareheaded, barefoot, went to the end of the plateau, the plateau at the end, a tall Podocarpus tree, sitting under an old pine mom, she was knitting a bag with the hands of line.  She said early Ah: Young man, what are you doing?  I am looking for mountain day uda and asked him to barley seeds.  Then you have to continue to move forward, the head of the mountain there is a river rock, you rock along the river against the current upward, until you come to Great Falls, you call the name for the mountain waterfall, and even call three times a day mountain will appear in Wuda front of you.  Thank you, old mother.A beginning hands together, pay tribute to the old mother bent over.  As he bowed down, the good old mother to weave the bag hung his head and neck.  A beginning, find barley seeds, they put into this bag!Grain seed Enron sleeping in the bag until you put them back to earth Zaisa.  Finish the sentence, the old mother disappeared.  A early climb the ridge, there is really a stone at the foot of the mountain river, he walked up the stone counter-current river, come to the end of the river, I saw the Great Falls thundering down, facing the waterfall early Arab shouted: Day uda!Day uda!Day uda!  And high mountains with mountain in front of the waterfall, he looked solemn physically strong, sound like flash floods: Who are you, find me doing?  Yamagami day Wuda, I Jiao beginning, from the East Bula country.Our sheep got strange diseases, the number of fewer and fewer people are starving, have died.I have planted barley in Puebla State land you please give me the seeds of barley.  A beginning, there is no barley seed barley my only off the shell, they can only eat, can not grow.  Shell off?Why shelling?  Because loafing exclusive secret barley planted his Quartet gods in exchange for shelter with food.Life of barley seeds, only state-owned loafing.  Oh, I have to go to the snake kingdom.  Do not go early Ah, do not go any further, it turret, turret, back to your own country, you spend your whole life will secure the years, even hungry, they will not starve to death.You know, loafers will never allow outsiders to get barley seed, whether mortal or divine man, the snake kingdom to steal all of barley seeds, have been lazy dog becomes Charlie, then cook and eat the seeds if you go to Pirates , is no exception.  But I have to go, even if the lazy dog becomes Charlie, even if they are caught and eaten loafers.Tell me, where mountain day uda, snakes Kingdom.  Mountain out of a bead, on the palm A beginning, that beads of water like the same clarity: Snake kingdom in the West, clouds in the wilderness, you have to climb a huge wall, into the field loafing.Barley seed storage barn in the center of the infinite field that is the case you find loafers, you should immediately swallow the wind beads, it makes you run fast as the wind.Loafing spell so powerful that you can not lift it alone.You can only gain strength from love.Later, if you have a girl you do not mind your dog’s shape, you can really love, willing to marry you, the curse will be lifted.  Thank you.I am leaving.I will never forget you, Yamagami day uda.  Go, A beginning.To the road, immediately leave.  A prince received a good early wind beads, and mountain goodbye, continue westbound.  He was walking up until you reach the fall, he came at the end of the beginning of the Arab-Israeli plateau, in front of the clouds.  He climbed up a huge wall, looking down through the hole in the wall, surrounded by high walls loafing fertile fields, planted a field full of barley, golden sun, shining mature barley seeds, golden glow in the autumn wind light.  This is grown on the land of golden grain, this is my traveling all over thousands of miles to find the live barley.A hole in the wall at the beginning of squatting, looking toward the barley fields for a long time.  The snake kingdom heavily guarded, with a huge wall at intervals of ten feet standing on a giant guards.When the birds to eat the food, the giant defender will stooped to pick up a stone on the ground, with a stone bird knocked down.Giant guardian stone-throwing skills are very accurate, almost every shot, bird fell to the ground, the Giants will bend over to pick them and eat into his mouth.  A early the next day to reach the snake kingdom, appeared loafers field, he personally sounded the drums harvest.Hear the sound of gongs and drums, all streaming to the fields to harvest giant, huge giant force, move quickly, they only took a day or so, all the barley had already been harvested, the Giants led loafers, gold destined for the food granary.  A beginning hiding in the cave walls, to take advantage of moonlight into the field to pick up the seeds fall to the ground.  However, dark days, loafers put out a pack of hungry big hen, hen Kaka Lo cried, flapping his wings to pick up food barley, but a meal time, they are scattered field of barley they eat clean.  Giants tired all day, the stars came out, they were all asleep.  Late at night, early Prince A giant marching one after another grunt, alone in the center of the field across the field there is a tall mountain of soil, the soil at the foot of the mountain there is a Golden Door Golden Door, the barley is stored loafing barn.  A prince approached the sleeping giant beginning of guards, took off in gold keys from him, he opened the door to gold casting, I saw piles of barley as a golden hill, towering in front of him.A prince before the beginning of barley heap knees, his hands around barley seeds in a bag in front of Jingbo.The bag looks small, but how loaded are loaded dissatisfied.  Approaching dawn, the beginning of the Arab-Israeli think barley going back did not move, just stood up.Unexpectedly, a rose and hit his head on the roof rang bells hanging gold.  Ding bells, bells Ding Ding Jinling when the bells as if possessed like, frantically sounded.  A beginning immediately ran out of gold Dong Fu, but guarding the giant woke up, lazy angrily appear in the hole.Loafing tall, he wore a gorgeous silvery scales cloak.  Those who steal my food, I have become rations.Loafers growled, open Xuepentaikou.  A Prince early hastily swallowing mountain wind beads.  But it was too late.  Loafing out palms, thunderbolt shot from his palm, lightning touched in that moment the prince, the prince turned into a brown dog.  A yellow dog becomes a prince cast four legs bolted early, like the wind across the field loafers.Loafers with giant behind it Kuangzhui.Pick one thunderbolt exploding behind yellow dog, a poisoned arrow then a fall in behind it.  But yellow dog as if they had wings, it also run faster than lightning fast, poisoned arrows and Charlie catch up with it.  It flew over the wall, in case of the mountain over mountain, over every ditch ditch, over the mountains, far fled the snake kingdom.  On the night enveloped the earth, speeding yellow dog in the moon.Dawn, wind power beads faded, its speed slow down, but it’s still a moment to stop, running toward the east.  Ran and ran, ran from the fall of the spring, yellow dog came Lou Ruoguo.  In the slopes full of Gesang, which met three beautiful Russian princess full, it stopped over Russia: Hi, brown dog, what are you hanging around his neck?  Yellow dog ran over the foot of Russia, stopped.  Russia removed its full bags on the neck, opened it, inside full of glistening yellow barley seeds.  Ah, you are the dog days of the Spirit of God do?You have brought to life the seeds of grain.  Russia over the place of encounter with the yellow dog opened a field, yellow dog dig pits in the ground, full of Russian barley seeds spread to the pit.  Yellow dog becomes fierce day by day, it is the guardian of barley fields, cattle and sheep to keep close.Spring winds, a spring rain sprinkling, sprouted barley, wheat seedlings of one day everlasting high, headed and finally, the bear new barley, barley seeds of a new full every day, in the autumn sunshine, showing a gold color.  Barley yellow, yellow grass, the full three sisters to the Russian marriageable age, the prince neighbors have riding a horse, three princess to marry.  Three princesses, the most intelligent of the three most beautiful Russian princess full, each prince wants Russia can select their own full.  Russia full sitting barley Tanabe, do a bunch of turquoise necklace married, she put the necklace given to their favorite prince.  However, the necklace was gone just do.  Russia has made a full string, but this string necklace in front of a bunch of, like, just do a good job, had disappeared.  Russia had started full third string.  Only half of the third string necklace, bonfire party to begin.  Princes torches, dancing around the bonfire, Princess Ze lay the necklace given to the most handsome prince looks, Louruo Guo Wang blessing she said: Ze lie, you have done well, you will get my horses.  Second Princess Hamu measures selected the best prince dancing, the marriage necklace hung around his neck, Louruo Guo Wang blessing she said: Ha-measures, you choose well, you will get my cattle.  Russia has yet to fill three princess choose a husband.  The king was angry: Russia full, do your necklace?  Just then, a brown dog came from Russia covered, it all of a sudden rush to do just robbed Russia full third string necklace.As a result, it is the Jingbo put on a three-string necklace marriage.  what!You married necklace given to a dog!That dog just like you get married.Lou Ruoguo king was angry.  No, not.Although the Russian full-liked piece of yellow dog, but she refused to marry a dog.  Then you can take your dog thrown into the fire burned, retrieve your wedding necklace.King said.  Marry Prince surrounded by yellow dog, put it to catch fire.  No, not.Russia stopped over in front of the fire, the yellow dog rescued.  Well, since you want to marry a dog, King said, you can only get a handful of soil my.  The king and handed over to Russia a handful of mud, sent her packing.  Russia took over the yellow dog, crying and left the lively fire.  Went barley, barley see mature students flashes of light from the moon, yellow dog stopped.  Russia full wiped away tears, smiled: Since I can not find love, I had the barley harvest.  She harvested barley fields together with a piece of yellow-dog.  They work all night to close down and filled three bags of barley.  To the dawn, yellow dog suddenly began to speak, it said full-Russia: Russia is full, you are willing to marry me?  No, I can not marry a dog.  I was enchanted loafers, there must be a princess and I wish to marry, in order to lift the Magic.You saved me from the fire but only out of this, not enough to lift the lazy magic.Goodbye, Russia Man, I’m going back to my country of Brad.  Russian Yellow Dog to leave a bag full of barley, and then pack it from the other two bags, ran to the East.  It cocking sowing barley seeds, yellow dog so Run away run, running back Brad country.  Brown dog through the place barley seedlings grow slowly, gradually heading barley seedlings, barley seed bear new.  Since then, the country from Lou Ruoguo to Brad vast wilderness, there was barley.People see the brown dog sow barley seed, that dog food is God brought down from heaven, so often do tsampa, they want to throw a ball to let the dog to taste.  This ceremony gradually became the custom, until now maintained.  Besides Russia full, since yellow dog was gone, she began looking towards Puebla State.Wait until barley seeds to grow barley, barley yellow dog she walked along the road walking forward.  She walked slowly, beginning of barley seedlings or green, green, and so she went to Puebla State, barley has matured, from afar, is a golden Golden Road.  Barley yellow dog standing at the end of the road, said to her: Russia full, will you marry me?  willing.Russian Moon said, though you’re a dog.  Carter, yellow dog missing.Russia’s standing in front of a full, Prince Brad Arab country early.While going through hardships, still very handsome prince Afghanistan early.  A full early with Russian married, they happily lived a lifetime.