Ji big pipe out of the puzzle in TV drama and legend, Humpbacked Liu and Liu Yong Ji Xiaolan always the head, often join forces and make fun, and the whole was depressed.However, according to the elders he said, and Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan also had a fry, the two men do something which is more powerful?    What happened was this: Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan go once came to visit, took a fancy teapot with the hospitality of Ji Xiaolan, see is love, then gave him a pot of this request Ji Xiaolan.Ji Xiaolan has always been very generous, but this time shaking his head: Liu man ah, this teapot is the best, I use two paintings and a 3200 silver paste it in return, how good you easily send?    Humpbacked Liu is also an expert in tea ceremony, playing pot banker will know the benefits of this pot, he put out the 5200 silver price, but also dead grinding hard bound, but that is not promoted Ji Xiaolan.Humpbacked Liu a look at this trick does not work, simply do not go home to sit Ji Xiaolan, and has been from noon to sit sunset, Ji Xiaolan a look at this battle, nor in time, nor to stay, while he looked down at the front of the teapot, while also look at their own self-alarm clock, and finally count on the heart.    Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan Road, a cry for change clothes, go out for a moment, that she sat back down, he said Humpbacked Liu: This house is too hot, not as good as how to change a cool place?    Humpbacked Liu laughed: With how you change, I’m going to take pot.    Ji Xiaolan not get in a word, with Humpbacked Liu went to another room, the servants had other side of the teapot and tea things brought together.Two men talked for an hour, Ji Xiaolan teapot ready to bring tea, tea fleet was empty, then shouted: Wang, add water.Wang promised soon housekeeper, came in from the outside, just pick up the teapot, just listen to the corner of the big chime clock rang, Wang scared when the bang flick, in the hands of the pot that actually broke ground bang bang!    Ji Xiaolan and Humpbacked Liu could not help but cry all ah, Ji Xiaolan against Wang was furious and said: Well you dog lackey, but this rare good pot ah, did not pay big bucks to buy a place to go, do not have this baby, my lord how can a cup of tea after?Come what, give me this clubbed to death!    Wang splash knees: Sir, I have something to say!Yung me finish, you Zaishi no later than punishment!    You speak!    In fact, there is an identical pot restaurants in Hong Yixian our capital, that the king boss restaurant once accidentally fell into the water, I happened to pass by him rescued.I want their Tao Yinzi from Yixian incense pot restaurant that will buy it back, Wang boss should not fail to give me this face.    Ji Xiaolan said: Since you can get back a exactly the same, you will avoid a beating.However, the master can not wait long, this pot before tea, with flooding need in order to use half an hour Longquan Temple, I advise you within a hour, it is necessary to buy pot, then put the pot with the Longquan Temple spring flooding well.Now is the moment Xushi six, six Haishi moment when I have to look less than good Longquan Temple Baptist pot of water, I peel your skin!    Xushi six engraved is half past eight pm, Hai Shi six engraved is 22:30, while in the south of Beijing Longquan Temple, back and forth to be an hour, which is two hours; Yixian Hong restaurant in the east, back and forth almost need an hour , if you go to a single place, riding a horse an hour too late, if have to go to two places, but also just bought the pot Longquan Temple Baptist on the spring, it is absolutely too late!    Wang felt the pinch, repeatedly beg for mercy, but mercy Ji Xiaolan, a ton of bricks, and said that a person can only do these things, not allowed to call helper, Wang listening, do not say two words to the backyard to pick up fresh horses, Jiabian away.    A girl over an hour, the clock was when the Western beep when Wang came back, holding the hands of that pot, said: back to the master, you want to get back in the pot, the pot also soaked Well, now tea can eat, I’ll just go soak.    Ji Xiaolan Fu Zhang laugh, for Humpbacked Liu said: Liu Xiong, you talk about the topic came out, Wang is how a man ran south Yidong two places within an hour, the thing to do this neatly?Can you guess which reason, I put it to you the teapot; if not guess, it is your incompetence, I would not have to contend with the pot!    Humpbacked Liu sneered: This is not easy?I just look a broken pot, the pot is false, Wang break out of an hour, then the pot really holding back, you can fool me with you?    Ji Xiaolan said: Liu Xiong was right, I can not bear this pot broke, he has been hiding.However, Wang is now holding another pot, indeed bought from Yixian Wang Xiang restaurant owner hands the pot, and has been soaked with Longquan Temple in spring, you do not believe, can send people to the restaurant Longquan Temple and verification, Wang is not been to see these two places.As long as you guess why the Wang hour within a two hour walk the road, I do not a penny, I will give away your teapot.    Humpbacked Liu one to the interest, he smiled and said: whiz, you can not go back on!