They are introduced to, and when he was very poor family, but looks handsome, but graduating from college.The reason why he looks fancy degrees are generally she is because of her wealthy family, her parents promised to buy them a house.When getting married, she chose a house from near his unit, he did not feel what was, after the discovery can marry, as long as he can take a few minutes the way to the unit, and she go very far to go to work.Since he can not help but feel bad for her, every night personally pour a large basin of water for her feet.And she was always in a hurry soak, then quickly clean up the house to cook.He laughed she would not enjoy, is a work station machine, she just listened in silence smile.  In this way, the days tick in a hurry in and over time, not how he had loved her sinking heart gradually disintegrate in time, the changed color.I do not know since when, as she fell to the feet of water in his absence, she did not pay attention.I do not know since when, he became not want to go home, she goes to see the face of stiff felt hate, I doubt yourself then how will fancy her, and neither ability was not any appearance.He sighed to know that he is now a successful career, not to say a house would sacrifice their lifelong happiness.  With this in mind, he started his own debauchery, what massage parlors, bars!ballroom!Noh can play where he Wanbian, the woman is no shortage of beautiful, charming, intelligent, and as long as he likes to get it working no money, he is also a strange woman, how people can style charming, pretty, pretty, and she has always been kind of sleepy look, neither dressed up, did not know how to please him.  She does not know he has a lot of women on the outside, but she no noise no trouble, he returned, she was not scared, he did not return, she is not angry, as if he is a sort of accident, her heart is not in important.  She’s like this, and did not give him a sense of freedom, but feel uncomfortable, always felt she could not guess what is in my heart, like a deep body of water can not see the bottom, but he wanted her to quarrel with him, do not like the family, like noisy fights, then divorce.Yes, divorce is his ultimate goal, no noise no trouble facing her, he was embarrassed to request for divorce, after all, have a change of heart that he is the wrong man.  He was a few colleagues took to their feet this day, very luxurious foot bath shop.He walked in saw a familiar figure, he rubbed his back in the hall.He was not sure went over a little closer guess, he stopped, and several colleagues asked him: how the?Do you know that people pick up hygiene?  He quickly shook his head and said: I know that such a figure, I only know beauty.He said several people laughing and went.  Early in the day he returned home, she was cooking for yourself, to see him come back just lightly say one thing eat it?He did not say anything, and his face was ugly dark.  She was a little surprised his complexion asked if he was sick, he angrily shouted to her: I did not give you money is not why you go to the shop cleaning feet, this is not sincerely want to throw it in my face?  She blinked, tears in his eyes flooding, opened his mouth, swallowed the bowl of the face, he said: Can you give me a pot of hot water it down?  He was stunned, wanted flatly refused, she can see the face of injustice, he did so.A pot of hot water surely, in front of her, her feet on the water, satisfied sigh.He took out a divorce agreement handed it to him and said: I know you want a divorce earlier but could not find the reason, I really do not want to quarrel with you, I want to keep the feeling when you give me back feet of water.This is not what I too selfish, I always think you can go back, can remember the days before, but now appears to go back, go back now, then I simply give you your right!Then in the divorce agreement he signed his name.  Received a divorce settlement, he suddenly silly.Holding a protocol like regret, but also like to forget looked at her, and she had a good soak feet, leaving him holding the water drained.He wanted to call stopped her, but opened his mouth, and ultimately did not cry out.