1.He sang a rival show the Ming Dynasty, the most famous cook to four the number of diesel Miyou strict spoon, and one of them also received the title of Iron Chef Ming.However, private citizens have been circulating a statement, saying it was not four tablespoons of food, rather drink a soup, this soup, refers to the capital Shoppes Yi Hua Zhai old brine soup.Yi Hua Chai in the West, Sauce with a pot of brine is said to been 300 years did not put out the fire.  Yi Hua Zhai this pot of brine soup ancestral three hundred years, in order to maintain the delicious taste of halogen soup on a regular basis to add to the soup secret eighteen dressings, in addition to fennel, star anise, cinnamon, aniseed, licorice, outside nutmeg, Amomum, pepper and other spices these common, most people blindly spices Miraculously, turned out to be a medical stone!  Rumor Yi Hua Chai’s first head of Sun Father, in Rui river bank in West Yangshan, found a piece weighing more than fifty pounds of medical stone.Chunks of medical stone is not uncommon, rare is the day the Sun Father saw that the next piece of medical stone, is a tummy Jinlin shining armor of the dragon, the leading positive droop in the medical stone.Father Sun At first glance see this dragon, almost scared half to death, he was too timid, did not dare to run away, had to carefully hide in the reeds, keep this article stranded flood dragon For three days.Thirsty, Father Sun to drink reeds in the water; hungry, he would chew reed roots, so boil for three days.The third night, thunder and lightning, torrential rain, a bright Toru world suddenly flash fire, dragon piece suddenly I heard a low roar, an instant they flew up into the sky.Father Sun quickly rushed forward, picked up a piece of medical stone.Why should pick up this stone?Father Sun observation for three days, found the dying dragon kept his mouth dripping with mucus, mucus all these infiltration into the stone of.That mucus is ambergris ah, the infiltration of ambergris stone terrible it?  Father Sun will be a piece of medical stone back home the next day, stone dry, the people in the village have smelled strange smell that smell of ambergris.  So, Father Sun will do with this piece of medical stone spices, start marinating food, great taste.Then, Father Sun Lucai to start a business, due Wonderful taste, was crazy pursuit, the business grew and grew, braised pork shop open to Beijing, became later Yat Chai.This vegetarian spread Hua Yi Sun Bingchun hand, is the sixth generation of the business is still very, very prosperous.  Was once engaged in a game of four dishes Ming, Yi Hua Zhai also invited to participate in the race, they were served a one halogen leg of lamb.All judging people think that this road halogen leg of lamb taste very beautiful, but the choice of materials to be a big problem, succulent old and firewood, so Yi Hua Zhai Lu Cai arranged only in the late Ming dynasty of four dishes, which makes many people regret incessantly.Later, a widely circulated statement: Yi Hua Zhai brought a piece of halogen leg of lamb, leg of lamb in fact, not really, but a soaking suet, and in the old brine soup cook for three days of wood!The matter has not been confirmed, but Yi Hua Chai business is getting better.  Although the business is hot, the treasurer Sun Bingchun there are concerns, one piece of ambergris maifanite always someone coveted Fortunately, this stone has been placed in a very private place, not everyone can pick to go; the second is a piece of wheat with so many years of preparation rice stone halogen material, has been getting smaller and smaller, only two pounds of the component.If you run out of stone, so Yi Hua Chai Jinzizhaopai basic can be considered down.  Stone also remain for some time, but things feel the burn again.  This morning, Yi Hua Chai treasurer Sun Bingchun just remove the door, ready to open, we found the opposite one feasting, followed by firecrackers, a huge gold standard is hanging in the doorway, above screamed: fragrant bones.  That name sounds’s creepy, Sun Bingchun to be a little slow to God, in the smoke slowly dissipated, he found this store stood a few square table, a few benches, the back is bright cabinets, put some brightly colored cooked food, which actually is a braised pork shop!  Yi Hua Zhai opened three hundred years, numerous rivals met, but they lost Yi Hua Chai.This time, I do not know why, Sun Bingchun heart is faint bit worried.  Soon, this fragrant bones on the show extraordinary strength to.  Incense bones dare to call such a weird name, naturally has its special, most people on the shop in the lobby of the beam is amazed, to ten feet high hung a long dense bones.  Soon, the printing of anecdotes and spread, said that this is a young dragon skeleton, bones and fragrant braised pork ingredients, actually added to constituents keel!However, these are privately spread gossip, but this is the message the more secretive, more mysterious, the more weight people’s curiosity, followed, incense bones business began to hot up.  Sun Bingchun heard the news, shocked, it had won, they Yi Hua Zhai use the ambergris infiltration of stones, bones and incense directly with the keel, the difference between these levels suddenly came to prominence.  Even more frightening is that Sun Bingchun sent the bones of a small boy to buy some incense Lucai back, Sun Bingchun a taste, feel a cold lump jump up from the spine.This taste, and he Yat vegetarian dishes compared favorably, and eat vegetarian for a long time that Yi Hua mellow lo, but feel that the bones braised pork fragrant, mellow with a breath of fresh air, with pastoral wind chic feel.  Yi Hua Chai daily limit braised pork were originally sold, often a morning will be sold out, but since the opening of the bones of incense, Yi Hua Zhai often the evening before closing time, even a few days did not even braised pork sold.