This world is not real white flawless white paper, but that achievement is perhaps the defective wire perfection. If the White likened life, then put that point defects on the white paper seen ups and downs of life on the road right.Some people, that point will be seen as a picture of the starting point, that point will become a blemish on white paper in his hand unique paintings.Some people, it was selected to replace the white paper, or that is to paint the other side, everyone knows, even if it is for a piece of paper, for a face, it will not be complete white he wants. The former, a painter.The white paper goes on with their flaws become the most gorgeous works; the latter is the chaser.They always constant pursuit of the perfect white paper, always in vain.Life’s long road, the artist portrayed the difficulties and obstacles exquisite views, so their life is very exciting, worthwhile trip.Chase, who has been looking for no bumpy road, so they go smooth and flat, it is also a blank.No rough, no setbacks in life and how perfect, how can the achievements of a gorgeous picture? Perhaps, how to treat that point, it would have doomed you are drawn on white paper wonderful painter, or the constant pursuit of the perfect chaser.