In the end made no hair boss Diao Diao Shizhong person, in fact, just a labor contractor, four points piecemeal job, chipping away, you can not make some money.This morning, Diao Shizhong eating breakfast at a noodle shop, was about to get up, rushed outside to 14 workers, surrounded by his group-group, Diao boss panic, and asked: Do you want to, you want to do?The 14 workers are cunning bosses to recruit temporary workers, they did a month, the completion of the project, no one got a penny, seeing the Spring Festival approaching, they are anxious to go home, to come to the boss Diao.Diao boss immediately called the police, the police soon arrived, as a matter of migrant workers, clerks also brought a legal aid center of Xin Hui.A Xin Hui met with these workers, saying: We go with me, I will help you to respond to a salary and not a minute less!These workers one, boss Diao will be fenced in, walked together toward the Legal Aid Center office.To the office, a Hui Xin carefully listening to representations of migrant workers, boss Diao ask: why do you want to rely on their wages?Diao boss screaming injustice: I did not rely on!Project was completed four days ago, yesterday afternoon, I took 36,666 yuan to pay the whole of their foreman Ding Yi strong, a lot of points.Ding Yi strong take the money, but also wrote a receipt to me.So saying, he took out a receipt from the bag.Xin Hui asked a laborer: Ding Yi Qiang is what you people?Workers looked at each other and said: do not know.Diao boss see them installed stupid, the heart of the fire Teng up, said: Ding Yi is not strong you do foreman?A man named Song Sanjun of migrant workers, the boss said, pointing Diao: We work every day, you are led us to do, everyone do with what is expected, by your schedule, you are our foreman.Diao boss said: I do not know and you are to Ding Yi Qiang, of course I have to give him your wages!Xin Hui a hearing here, be listening to the debut Road: This boss Diao received a project, men nobody, Ding Yi strong subcontracted by these 14 individuals, who work personally arranged by the boss Diao, Diao wages by the boss Ding Yi strong and settlement, as to how much to Ding Yi strong workers, he would not care.Diao boss in order to prove himself, immediately to Ding Yi strong hang up, dial a few times in succession, are shut down, this felt the situation was serious.A Xin Hui has an urgent, she said to migrant workers: Do not worry, wages a point no less, will give you.You first do a procedure, we Legal Aid Center tonight on’ll get you a lawyer to protect your legal rights by passing laws, one to court, Song Sanjun impatient: endless litigation, we have to wait until when will the money?Xin Hui a patient said: you rest assured that we are with tonight.Song Sanjun ignore a Xin Hui, seized him by the collar boss Diao, even shoving several times, said: We do not want a lawsuit, you do not pay our salaries, we will not let you go!Diao boss he does not eat this, saying: I have paid a wage, why should I pay twice?Song Sanjun grabbed Diao boss to against the wall, a Hui Xin immediately to stop him, stressing each syllable: You did not like to pay, you will sympathize with you, support you.If your hands wildly, make things more complicated, before you even think about to get the wages of Chinese New Year.She say, the rest of the workers have to stop Song Sanjun, advised him not to manhandle.Then, Xin Hui immediately call a law firm, attorney speed to send support requests.Came after lawyers for half an hour, a man named Ma Chanda lawyer arrived, he very patiently listening to the narrative of both sides, he turned to Song Sanjun: Who is strong Ding Yi?Song Sanjun shook his head: do not know.Then how do you get together?Song Sanjun said: We are fellow Guiyang, had to do on a site, completion of the project, intended to home for the holiday, hit the train station in a stocky, invited us to do this project, and then led us Diao boss there, no shadow, and what his name is, what we do not know.9 coins horse law asked: What do you know that he is what people do?Song Sanjun shook his head and said: I do not know.Diao boss said aside: Ding Yi Guiyang is strong, he is a fellow with you.Ma Diao lawyer turned to the boss: Why the hell you say they are fellow?Diao boss Ma Xin a lawyer and wisdom aside, to say the whole story.Originally, Diao Ding Yi strong understanding boss has twenty-three years, he knew that Ding Yi Guiyang is strong, there are a lot of men Guiyang membership of migrant workers.After receiving the boss Diao engineering, Ding Yi strong and speak clearly, the recent years off, open a little bit higher wages, in addition to 100 yuan per person per day outside, in addition to his twenty percent referral fee.Because hurry to live, Diao Ding Yi strong boss and did not sign a contract, mission accomplished, the boss Diao’s wages to 14 people a strong Ding Yi Ding Yi strong also wrote a whole received 36,666 yuan of receipt.Informed of the situation, Ma lawyer severely criticized Diao boss: employment have signed labor contracts.You do not sign contracts, and strong money to Ding Yi, who knows what money?Workers do not get paid, of course you would like to discuss the.Diao boss a silly, if this thing really went to court, he was definitely lose, or bad luck, once again pay your salary!Thought of this, Diao boss asked: I’m the bad luck, then you pay the sum of wages.You 14 people, out of a total of 308 workers, according to the hours count wages.Song Sanjun one, immediately objected: We did a full month 14 people, more than four should work, how cunning boss only 308,327 out notebooks from the bag, I remember clearly above: a 9-month rain , not construction, the actual construction date is 22 days.Song Sanjun non-compliance: rain can not work, this is your boss to do, we are on the site, not any left.Diao boss said: you do not work, I have to pay 80 yuan one day?More wrong!Song Sanjun say, you and Ding Yi is not a strong one day you tell a good 100 yuan?After listening to a Hui Xin, Meng surprised a moment, do not know Ding Yi Song Sanjun not yet strong?He knows how strong and Ding Yi Diao boss privately negotiated price?I was going to ask, Mr. Ma to stop her, and Diao boss said: you by the amount on the receipt goes to pay for it.Diao boss refused, saying the money goes on the receipt, including to Ding Yi strong referral fee.Song Sanjun said: We would pay thirty thousand.Then, is holding Diao boss, asking him to go to the bank to withdraw money.Diao boss really listen, just go Song Sanjun.They stopped a Mangjiang Xin Hui, said: Diao boss, you go to the bank to get money, the money directly to them, if they find you money next time, you do not give back?Workers who hastened to say: you have to prove that we will no longer him for money.Mr. Ma said: Diao boss, you still put our thirty thousand yuan into the account specified by it he turned to Songsan Jun said: You go back and write a list, tomorrow let people on the list with ID card, to the Legal Aid Center paychecks , a point not less!Song Sanjun with 13 workers sped away, he put these workers bring a construction site arrangements, and turned to another room, to see a man, who?Ding Yi strong.Again assistance turned out that it was a hoax.Ding Yi Diao see strong boss man honest, this project was not any contract, in addition to Song Sanjun find these workers, and the rest related to their own familiar, so he received a salary of migrant workers after letting Song Sanjun with those of migrant workers go Taogong Qian.Ding Yi Song Sanjun listening to reports of strong, really proud.Just then, a Xin Hui took Mark lawyer, Diao boss and a police broke the door, Ding Yi strong police came to him, and ask: What’s your name?Please show your ID card.Ding Yi handed strong identity, a Xin Hui pointed Song Sanjun, asked Ding Yi Qiang: What is his name?Ding Yi strong suddenly panic, said: Song Sanjun.Xin Hui a hot pursuit, asked: What is your relationship?Ding Yi suddenly strong sweating, said: He is, is my brother.Ma Song Sanjun lawyer asked: Since you are Langjiu relationship, how even he is what people do not know?Since you do not know what he is where people?Why he has chosen to know and Diao boss agreed wage of $ 100 a day per person?Song Sanjun suddenly realized that he exposed his true features in this sentence, after all, a guilty conscience, a nervous, has cropped up a truth: our wages, Ding Yi him strong, he really did not give us.In this sentence, the Ding Yi strong collar wages, but also set up a scam to expose the whole scheme.A Xin Hui said: Ding Yi strong, you take away the workers wages, can come up with a!Ding Yi angrily stared Song Sanjun strong one, from the bag and pulled out the money, the boss Diao returned in full.Ding Yi strong suspicion of fraud was taken away by police, a Xin Hui to convene another 13 workers drew near, the boss on the spot Diao made a wage, Song Sanjun also received money, he turned to leave, a Xin Hui stopped him and said: You participate of this fraud, I, as a legal aid center staff, give you one more legal assistance, to remind you, the public security organs surrendered it go.Song Sanjun transfixed, long time before the pressure of cross God, said: I’ll go, ‘ll go.