By the end of 1975, 20-year-old horse did not have transferred to the aerospace industry, in a seven machine factory when workers.Plant for the first time bonuses, in order to break the big pot, the higher the bonus as first, second third-class provisions: First 8 yuan, 7 yuan second-class, third 6 yuan.Because of this difference in dollars, the plant shut down discussion.Smoke-filled conference room, the atmosphere was very boring, each participant are preoccupied, turned the wonder years of the newspaper, few people kick off.Finally someone stand up: I of the National People’s Congress, do not care about the dollar, the dollar also less able to live, but I do not see why I should give a dollar less?Ma did not have realized a marathon meeting to begin, he said: I want the gold prize, but let me walk out.The crowd amazement, the horse did not have to read two days happily library books.Years later recalled this story, Ma did not have wrote: then I want to get special pass, with the money to buy two days happy, very value.