A pin put him on the throne of a philosopher banker put it well: little things will always be the major event of the roots, the tree bad wing of every tree of life can find the answer from its roots.Details determine a person’s fate, only to see the event and ignore the little things people can not succeed on career.    The famous French banker Qiake often recall the past to young people during his lifetime, his experience is always so that told Meditation Qi Jing.    Early in the study, Qiake on Lizhiyaodang a banker.Initially, his courage to Paris one of the most famous banks to take a chance.The results ate a cold shoulder.But this young man is not discouraged, he went to several other banks have been shut out.A few months later, Qiake went to the bank of the beginning, and have the opportunity to see the governor, was rejected again.When he slowly out of the bank door, suddenly found his feet there is a pin.And out of people might think was stabbed pin, the young man immediately stooped to pick up a pin, then carefully placed in the trash can next to.    After arriving home, running the day lying in bed Qiake.He has a job 52 times, the opportunity may not even have a job interview.Although the fate of their own so unfair, or the next day ready to try their luck Qiake.When he left home closing, surprised to find a letter in the mailbox.Open look, my God!The original letter of admission is well-known that the bank sent home.It turned out yesterday to pick up a pin Qiake scene was governor saw.He thinks it is fine careful bank staff must have the quality, so changed the original idea, he decided to hire this guy.While relying on a small pin, Qiake walked into the bank door, with one pair of a needle will not let go of the heart, gradually to a meteoric rise in the French banking sector, the bank later became King of France.    World affairs, will be in fine, on the road of life, do they ignore the small things!