Saying twenty-seven years, the Yangtze River Delta, three feet Lane Head, people coming and going.Wang called the Teapot of Liuer Ye, are carefully crafted a case before the dwarf plum pile.Over the years, aristocrats and celebrities collection Liuer Ye think of a few pots, often trust relationship, open the back door would like to see Liu pot style.But she Liuer Ye do not believe this, it comes only willing to pay high prices, people do not understand pot pot of love, never expect half a step into the willow house.Since the storm that day, a neighbor Hu three small fry, Jichong come Liuer Ye, Liu Erye, something good, something good!Hu three ran panting, easily picked Liuer Ye old table segments cuckoo plum pot filling the two big mouth, paused to say, let the town, boy, am Laileyibang riding high horse, carrying guy Jun Ye, led by the Japanese still looked, everywhere they find out you are, the higher price you want to hear it pot.Liuer Ye not be slow from tortoiseshell glasses Cross and Hu three looked at, he said slowly: missing.Hu three anxious, his face piled laugh, bending leaned Liuer Ye, Lord, you do not know, guys can kill without spilling blood, you want to see them, they are not afraid to mess things up.Liuer Ye bow in silence, still engraved with a plum.Hu three seeing this, then quietly withdrew.A few days, really a Japanese officer, kimono wearing a light ash, step bowed, slowly came to the house before Liuer Ye.Dude pass through, Lord, there is a door to the Japanese audience with your!Just listen Liuer Ye, a whisper, but not.Dude trot out, punching the Japanese say, today we master physical discomfort, but not off, you please return it!Surprisingly, this is pretty polite Japanese, bowed toward the man said, please be sure to tell your lord, my name is Saburo Sato, come here, you want high-priced collection of classic home a pile plum pot, I told you classic pot very, very fond of, I will come again.Having turned left.Man lay it to pass, then there Liuer Ye.At this time, the daughter of Choi Ha Liuer Ye heard, she was a little afraid, and said to Daddy, Daddy, it seems the Japanese are eyeing us here it is, you see how to do it, we can not sell pot to kill me fellow enemy, Dad, we rushed back it or else!Liuer Ye love looking at her daughter, her daughter ah, you do not be afraid, I want the Japanese pot, he did not dare to us how, since the trouble came, we wanted to how to deal with, put your mother and your brother We called our family to discuss how to do good.This evening, the whole family sat around the table, each face two words are written, heavy.Liuer Ye do pot life, it is a word of love.Love pot, such as life, to make pot craft, specializes in endless.Mrs. Liu looked at her husband, think of what might happen later, and could not help with sleeves wiped tears from, Yun-Fan Liu Jiagong child said to his mother, Mother, do not be sad, plum pile pot is the lifeblood of his father, certainly not fall Japanese hands.He went to his father’s side, looking down with Liuer Ye whisper something, Liuer Ye look a bit getting better.Joji puzzled mother with pink clouds, can only moan and groan.Within few days, Hu three come from nowhere message went Liuer Ye here, rush around questioned said, Lord, you really put the pile to sell Laomei?That it may ask the Japanese how to do?Lord, you are happy to point saying it, or we the people of the town had to follow the bad luck of it.Liuer Ye not be slow looked Hu three, third, I Liuer Ye sell only to people who love pot pot, and now someone with more than a decade to want me to pile plum pot, how there is not for sale the reason, he now wants the Japanese, but the pot did not, unless he came to kill me.Otherwise guard pot fruit, Hu three front foot away, rear foot which took a team of Japanese troops, once again came to town.Every house is shut up in a hurry, the Japanese went ahead to Liu house, tapping, Liuer Ye personally open the door.Led by the Japanese saw Liuer Ye, he bowed deeply and said: Jiuyang Liuer Ye name, Nice to meet you today, the ability to speak further.Liuer Ye anger from the prestige to say please!.Japanese Liuer Ye follow a pedestrian through the courtyard to the front hall, Liuer Ye imposing appearance, waved, Sato Jun, sit down.Saburo Sato deadpan put down his sword, greeted the men, Koji king, you go to the town’s people call up.Koji by purpose with a team of people rush to leave.Liuer Ye calmly watching Saburo Sato slowly stood up, Liu Jun, I come here before you to seek a high pot, I heard this is one of the best Chinese pot, one hundred and cinnabar Bailian Tao Indian tobacco bed pin locked Fragrance.Qi Gu is not declared and the number of spectrum, stone tripod either Yin Wei Liao.Who had heard that you put the pot to sell, I know, you most disloyal nation, Liu Jun I respect your man, how to explain it as a matter of your?Liuer Ye not be dry, cleared his throat, Jun Sato, you love my pot, my honor Liumou people, but the Chinese emphasis on first come first served, 5aigushi.COM that the pot is my life’s work to make, plum blossom from the bitter cold, both branches wrapped prunes or budding Jiao Mei, and both lifelike, like picking at any time from the pot on the go, this is the pot Favorite people want, such as river carp.I want to thank Jun Sato, not your reminded me Liumou people would not be so soon decide to sell it.Saburo Sato shouts, sneer a few times, Liu Jun, you probably do not know me Sato’s acting style bar!If people respect me, and I will respect him third, if we are attacked, I will let him no peace.Said that time, deputies Koji and a team of people to the town’s people are brought to the willow house, that instant, the whole yard was crowded around the crowd, the buzz, the sound of children crying, crowded throw into confusion the sound, let the yard suddenly noisy up.Koji pulled out a gun, the air and the airing of the second tone, all of them quiet for a time, Sato cold sound in the ears of people: folks, Sato today I will not embarrass you, as long as we pay to Liu Jun a plum pile pot, you are safe.If buried together today, Liu Jun could not pay pot, then I’m sorry, I want you men and women of the town.