Text / Zhaoyuan Bo 1912, US steel magnate Andrew Carnegie to the nation’s highest annual salary of one million dollars was hired Charlie Wabo, president of the company, trying to reverse the backward situation of the steel plant.Talking about the nation’s business community went, Schwab is not the iron and steel industry experts, one million US dollars in salary, the value of it?Speak louder than words.The million-dollar salary, value.That day, Wabo went to a steel mill, and asked the director: how your factory output falters it always?Director, said: I have taken many measures, but the enthusiasm of the workers is not always high, and I in trouble for that matter.At that time, just a day shift and night shift when the day shift foreman asked Wabo: Today you a few tons of steel refining?Foreman said: six tons.Wabo said nothing, only the concrete floor with chalk and wrote a big sixth, then left.The next morning, when Wabo came to the factory, found written on the ground floor of yesterday became the sixth Twentysomething has been rewritten night workers.The day shift workers, night after losing to know, is not too happy, they are determined to give a little color to see the night shift workers, and everybody to redouble their efforts, the results of that day refining ten tons of steel.In this way, under the night shift workers continue to race the situation improved gradually this plant.Soon after, its production company actually leapt highest in all steel plants.I want to do, as I want to do; severance award, I do not know the shock.People let off steam, Buddha fight a stick of incense.To let off steam, a lot of people at all catch up with rivals, which is a piece of chalk to increase production of Weber’s secret.