At that time, she was also writing poetry girl love love to dream, to the campus in full bloom lotus posture pretty elegant spirit, far as the eye full of chaos fly eye, but her heart was silent, until his appearance.  Southern spring, rain is always so long, and she with him that the blue plaid umbrella is painted like rain and fog this Pomo most distant charm embellishment.  Throughout the rainy spring, she indulge in the fragrance of love.Alice in Wonderland seems to fall, bringing rain stained her face, her eyes shining like drops of water on the green leaves, her head slightly to Jiaohan: Our future is what?  He replied: You embrace the sweet smell of baby leaning at the door waiting for me to come back, were on the table Aromatic taste of a good meal he did not pay attention to that bright eyes dimmed instantly.  She said: However, I would like to write a book it.  He no effort to smile: little fool, what I want is a gentle good wife rather than a writer.  The cold air was a slight sound, it is a sound of shattering porcelain, no, her heart, so proud and fragile young at heart.  So, you go to cook it good girl.She will never be so, to his surprise.  He stood in the dormitory door waiting for her, all night, haggard and gray decadent, she ignored.He Trustee brought a long letter of confession, she did not split.Until graduation, she really did not forgive him, young love is so pure and refused to tolerance.  Her book, along with a legendary name her literary achievements, it is after ten years.  Television should invite her to come to his city to do talk shows, elegant writer was not wise to talk about a collection of literary works placed in a bookstore, who else did not read?She starred in the most solemn stance, arms-year-old daughter as fragrant flowers, she sounds to talk about the couple get along, and even the layout of the room early education of children, the last live performances still a lot of culinary arts, it really is a color, flavor and taste.  TV, she is the perfect woman happy family with a distinguished career have both, eyes clear as before.She did not know if he has the look, and his small woman cook together.  Late, she returned to the hotel, his call comes in.  you are amazing.He said sincerely.  Her heart, faint pain up, a decade of efforts, really just to prove to him: a love of writing girl can become a good wife?  The sweet pain of the past and has already turned into ashes of time, in the middle of magnificent stage, beginning to end, but she was a person of performances.And ever so concerned about people, but it has finally become a distant audience applauded, smiled, then left.