Out Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, he specifically looked at the surging crowd around to look, over there, a sports delegation from another country and he’s almost out of the airport, fans like the tides welling up in the hands of reporters camera, a variety of telephoto lenses began Kaka Ka flashed.He subconsciously give yourself an awkward smile, he shrugged his shoulders, then dragged his heavy training equipment, hurried through the noisy crowd.Such a scene, he experienced many times, screaming fans let him memorable, but unfortunately, those fans are directed to the other sports stars.He is well aware of the identity of the Iraqi national badminton team badminton players support the whole team only one person’s national team.Now For him, the most urgent task is the first time match the scene rushed to the Guangzhou Asian Games, by all means to quickly adapt to the venue.Although representatives of the national team, but in order to save money, head of the sports delegation to Iraq before the start of the race the day before to offer him an economy class.He was also told that the competition as usual, no coach, no trainer, he must be a man on the road.So, this is called Yala’s only 24-year-old boy, had to embark on the journey of the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou alone.Yala luggage and training equipment settled onto the hotel, then went non-stop Asian Games venue.When he arrived in the taxi track, the time from the game has been very close, that is, he did not have time to warm up training before the game to adapt to what the site is a no-brainer of.Soon, the game started.Yala opponent was the first known Chinese Hong Kong badminton singles Hu Chan.Although not very used to the site, but the first game, both sides turn up the score, but in the game even once into a stalemate.As the scene no one recognized the boy from Iraq unknown, so no one understand the ins and outs of Yala, it is not clear how badminton is there such a strange young man, no trainer, no doctor, even even the coach did not.Hu praised the performance began somewhat impatient, his coach had called the first technical timeout and re-arrangement of tactics.Empty seats on the player at the moment, his team-mates were struggling with other games.No one came to cheer him refuel.The audience applause but added there have been coming out, but Yarra know that applause is not for him because on the same site, at the same time making, as well as badminton champion Taufik game.This awesome knockout against Hu.Yala fought 26 minutes.Before that, he took off the plane from Iraq, turning halfway twice, after 12 hours to arrive in Guangzhou.Prior to that, he trained at the continued fighting in Iraq 10 hours a day, five days a week to train; before that, he was a Sentimental Iranian youth, in order to chase his dream of badminton, he left parents 14 years old and homeland and moved to Iraq.When the staff of the Yarra tournament experience to inform viewers are watching the game, people are impressed by the young man’s spirit, that game, when he.3 is larger than the score when Hu praised eliminated, the scene everyone standing ovation for him, at that moment, Yala Yankuangshirun.Now Yala, is sweating in the gym, he had a dream, to be perfectly on the stage to show their Olympics, no matter what the outcome, he would deduce that the most exciting yourself.2012 London Olympics footsteps getting closer, Yarra said sometimes he can see his two-foot on land in London, his hands waving racket in a dream, this time, he often would laugh in my dreams wake.