Homeland just walk out the door of a cafe I heard Li Mo said loudly behind: You’re always so cold to me, I love you wrong yet?is it wrong….  Although early spring, the ancient city but still surprisingly cold night, coupled with Li Mo sad but that dismal sentence, homeland just felt a chill straight back there to invade the heart, cold, shivering, she can not help but bind tightly windbreaker, pick up the pace, as the front lights dim intersection ran.  Curved line to the secluded alley homeland only to discover tears had wet the piece of thin face, hidden behind the indifference of the heartache and loneliness of being overbearing instigation of the weakness of the soul.She broke down and cried, collapse of the body helpless fall down along the wall, fell to the floor.  High tea hall with Li Mo dialogue still ringing in the ears, Li Mo said Azi, let yourself, I can give you happiness, you are so young, should they want to pursue, not willing to be the fate of all slave, you have a choice, he is not a non unavailable.  Homeland laugh, the sound is very bitter, she said: you let yourself, you are well aware, we can not!Now you know how life is definitely not what I want?How do you know I’m not happy?What do you think I want to be?What can you give me?.Forget it, just as we never met.And I, having chosen a life now will be trying to go on!With others to fulfill hurt myself I can not do!  Li Mo laughed, but it sounds like that is the irony, he said: Azi, why do you always self-deception?Why did you have to sacrifice yourself as a person not worthy of love?Sake, can you fulfill others, how to do their own?You make me forget you?Do you think I can do it?You willing to hurt me?You remember, I’ll wait, wait forever.  Sangzi carried away, she could not bear to look at Li Mo pair of big eyes with tears, she said: so one day you are tired, they will forget me, this world everything is changing, too emotional.  how about you?Do you become?Will not you come back come to me?Li Mo tearful eyes red, but he tried not to cry.  I have become, but can not even changed with you, we have no tomorrow!Said these words when their homeland can clearly feel my heart kind of inexplicable pain, but she had no choice.  Li Mo looked away, tears welling, he said: I will wait, whether you come or not come!  Homeland do not understand why God is always such a teaser, she displaced, dispossessed of time that had promised to take care of her life Li Mo actually disappeared!Li Mo I do not know, how many want their homeland due to the sleepless night he survived, she kept etc., etc. Li Mo came back to go along with her, she was a really good person alone so helpless.However, this process too long, long time to five years slip between the fingers.  Five years, you can forget all the things should be forgotten, can not forget that the homeland was holding her hand to climb trees together, catch fish, flapping cicada Li Mo.But she was tired, calm and five years of hard living Yiba polished her calm, she knew, she was five years ago that no longer timid little girl, and Li Mo is no longer that big for her pigtailed boy, time to pull them too long, they can not go back!  However, just when their homeland and turned others in hand, at the beginning of a new peaceful life Li Mo has appeared.When Li Mo happily busy schedule like in front of their homeland, their homeland had a clear sense of the heart blood boil over high-pitched, but the moment they calm.  They say their homeland ended.Li Mo back, in the heart of interpretation?Long story that ended with!  Li Mo did not see their homeland again, she thinks the only way to make him forget that he went to start a new life, maybe five years ago from the day of his departure should forget their homeland.  Li Mo still left not abandon, he often drunk after drinking to call their homeland, cry like a lost child.Once he yelled downstairs in their homeland, homeland said angrily after drunk, Li Mo, can you like a man child, you look at yourself, like a bunch of useless mud.  Li Mo looked desolate homeland laughed, smiled and smiled and then burst into tears up.  Li Mo finally getting married, in this golden October.Li Mo said, homeland, I married you must come, you do not come, I do not have the courage to walk into the marriage hall.Sangzi say, do not be silly, that is truly your own happiness.