Zhang Jian is a traditional Chinese literati in the heterogeneous, or the prophet thought and action.Prophets often means solitude, not meant to be understood, it means the encounter secular criticism and boycott.Whether it is metaphysical thought, or a physical practice, Zhang Jian’s life are carrying out an arduous, very tragic breakthrough, scholar Zhang Jian, often alone with Hengdao immediately popping up in people’s vision.Examination hall was the first battle of his life breakthrough.For the first time to participate in the state trial, Zhang Jian ranked than one hundred.Mr. Song Toyama rebuke: Even if a thousand people to test, if admitted nine hundred ninety-nine person, only one person does not take, and that is you!Zhang Jian angered and embarrassed, and came back in the house he overlaid with a note written on the nine hundred ninety-nine.At bedtime, he will grip the braid with bamboo board, a flip body, affecting scalp braids on the pain woke up and saw the hole is nine hundred ninety-nine, immediately got up and lit the lamp to study, per night will do two oil.Summer mosquitoes, Zhang Jian to put two jars under his desk, his legs into the altar in studying.Revival again and again, not only in Zhang Jian of the lifts, and gained the reputation of southern wit.But the imperial road back has gone very difficult.From 16 to 42 years old, Zhang Jian imperial Journey After 26 years, until the 42-year-old fifth candidate to Beijing, in the world before it was Quebec.If Zhang Jian stop at the success of the imperial examination, satisfied Gaoguanhoulu future, but China more than a lucky reader, more officials of a family line, but he did not, he was brewing a more exciting, more ambitious Breakout.When high school champion Zhang Jian, the positive powers waited for opportunities, the era of national peril, he size up the situation, decided to resign to return home, escape ranking ocean, being to self-employed.Zhang Jian away from officialdom is not out of the author’s lofty hero fade or negative, but in order to save power in the people as their responsibility, to a chamber salvation and the revitalization of the nation’s patriotic sentiments, writing in Jianghai earth.The late Qing Dynasty is the most intense period of conflict in Western culture, many people obsessed with traditional culture, have historical prejudices and national sentiment, too conservative, Zhang Jian has shown rare foresight and magnanimity, the Chinese culture and Western mastery.In order to explore after the Meiji Restoration in Japan jumped from reasons of power in East Asia, in April 1903, 51-year-old Zhang Jian, the first time he set foot on land in Japan.Japan Osaka Expo shows the results of the Industrial Revolution made, when lights and other electrical appliances is still rare in the Qing state, while Japan has extremely commonplace.This makes Zhang Jian eye-opener.In more than two months in Japan to study, Zhang Jian has 8 visit to the Expo.He believes that China wants a place in world trade, we must develop industry and commerce.After returning home, a vigorous economy began to break.In Zhang Jian initiated and promoted the first National Fair of the Southern Seas will be successfully held, attracting more than 30 million people in the eyes, temporary exhibition has played an open atmosphere, different day of the rich and powerful policy role.At the same time, Zhang Jian industrial salvation ambitious plans also people unimaginable speed in an orderly manner.Zhang Jian said: a man to do a county matter, to have a vision of the province, do a save, to have a vision of a country, do a national affairs, to have vision of the world.By the early 1920s, Tai Sang Group’s more than 70 companies, became China’s largest private enterprise group.Commendable even breathtaking, but also incredible is that these companies make up the economic and ecological network downstream vertical linkages and horizontal linkages of the industry chain related industries.In order to ensure a stable supply of raw materials mill, salt reclamation company he founded; cotton gauze to solve transportation and warehousing, he founded the shipping company, the construction of docks, warehouses; to ensure the building and maintenance of mill equipment, he founded the iron plant, smelting plant; take full advantage of the power remaining by-product of cottonseed and cotton mills, he also founded a flour mill, oil mill; and to address liquidity facility for each enterprise funds, he also founded the bank, issued stock.For many years, large stocks of Health is one of the most sought-after stock market, the Shanghai daily newspaper published in its market.Zhang Jian in 1920 to build the Nantong Bureau embroidered, and set up branches and offices in the United States, France, Switzerland, Italy and other countries, China has become an important milestone in the national capital to the world.When Zhang Jian to build the memorial, people found out that, due to too many categories Industrial founder Zhang Jian, the results Taifeng, he was not able to find a suitable system to be summarized and divided.The face of a person’s performance descendants even summarize, classification are quite difficult, arduous year when the founder can imagine.Zhang Jian and the world economy still hold a dream of scholars.He did not look limited Health Group, he pursued a balanced development of the whole region in Nantong.In Zhang Jian efforts, the most difficult period in China, occupies the north shore of the Yangtze River in Nantong build a fairly complete economic, cultural, medical and charitable system, with the pre-school, primary education, higher education, teacher education to vocational education, special education, social education complete education system, as well as the country’s first museum garden, library, observatory.Nantong million people watched become a national model county, to a lot of people dream of a real reference and comfort.It was seen then foreign distribution map of the world, many Chinese cities are not marked, but this town is marked with Nantong.August 1926 1 at noon, Zhang Jian has discomfort, but in order to observe the progress of the Yangtze slump project, he braved the heat and engineers came to the construction site.After viewing the site, Zhang Jian bedridden due to illness intensified, died on August 24, he said he had fulfilled to the cause of life, when the rhetoric is the cause of death.During the Cultural Revolution, the rebels opened with four olds in the name of Jian dig graves, after being opened, we found that within only a hat, a pair of glasses, folding two-edged.At this moment, Zhang Jian finished the last of his life personality break through, break through the deeply touched by posterity.Zhang Jian often say things a man his life, only a loner, straight from the straight sets eight characters.I want to do club, difficult man, do folks, difficult club.He lives alone, spiritual support is the heart of the lofty ideal of society is obsessed with the dream of rejuvenating the country, for this dream, he worked a lifetime, and constantly break through.