16 years old, you had it hurts?  Mu Yin charges have been there.  She likes to look cool class, creativeness Smirnov Gu Xuan.  Gu Xuan, meter eighty of height, the set of a white T-shirt.He walked Mu Yin Dutch side, gently, with meticulous cool wind, Mu Yin charges blush; physical education, Gu Xuan standing on the playground, direction and occasionally looked toward the Mu Yin charges, Mu Yin charges heart beats faster shallots years, so much unspeakable joy, sorrows and joys, as well as gentle heartache, Mu Yin Dutch know, it was all because Gu Xuan.  High School Mu Yin charges, behind a ponytail, fine Huaqun wrapped her stunted body, she was like pea trees Sentimental.Her friend, a beautiful white swan, like Josephine, play the piano, rumba.Mu Yin charges like Josephine, loved as their own.  Josephine is the ideal Mu Yin charge of their own.  And, also like Josephine Gu Xuan.  Dutch Mu Yin think, Gu Xuan she probably would not like it?She was so small, thrown in the crowd too small to become a speck of dust, no one noticed her.Can, Mu Yin heart undercurrents charge waves.In her own diary, over and over again to write his name: Gu Xuan, Gu Xuan, Gu Xuan two cool word to let her see heartache.  Campus Culture Festival.Dutch Mu Yin sitting in the school theater, Josephine Siao United States if the stones on the stage, her white dress, thick black hair, playing a soul-stirring “Braveheart”.  Gu Xuan, standing next to the Josephine Siao, blowing a bagpipe Ireland.Cool flute, piano and crystal of melody, Mu Yin charge enchanted.  Dutch Mu Yin think, maybe she’ll never come to the stage Gu Xuan side bar?And so close she can always just people crowd Gu Xuan eyes.But Josephine able to achieve all this for her, is not it?Applause, they flood flooded Mu Yin charge head, Mu Yin charges in a crowded heap of people, suddenly burst into tears.  Gu Xuan took Josephine’s hand on stage curtain call.Lights next couple of people, beautiful and sweet.Dutch Mu Yin heart the ups and downs, both joy and sadness.  Two years later, Mu Yin Netherlands went to college in Hangzhou.  All the secrets she knows, and only care about Xuan.  Gu Xuan volunteer in, fill all schools in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, as if eager for his woman and lust Gu Xuan Mu Yin charges, she was holding an old suitcase, in the early fall, take a train south.  Hangzhou is a kind of city?  I heard that, a fairy named Bai, only a paper umbrella, and her husband live out half their days on the bonds of the Department of West Lake.Mu Yin do not charge the United States, did not spell, she only here secretly send text messages to Gu Xuan.  Do you know me?I know you!Old for a long time!  Today you go on the road, like most of the kapok tree.  You really do not want to ask, who I am?    I never had to reply.  Dutch Mu Yin is like a one-man show Zibianziyan, the singing do read the play, love and hatred and delusion, and that shadow heart happy love entanglement.She Gu Xuan phone call, dusk.Gu Xuan at the end of the line had a loud bang ask: Who?who is it?say something!Mu Yin Dutch hurriedly hung up the phone, standing there in limbo.  She was like a child doing something wrong.  Kapok open when Mu Yin charges seen in the playground Gu Xuan.  Beside him was a girl wearing a red dress Ports, hold Gu Xuan bright and had the crowd.  Mu Yin Yang broken in the Netherlands, the indifferent expression.This time, Gu Xuan Mu Yin charge with a greeting, warm sound Shen: Hello!Mu Yin Netherlands!Mu Yin Gu Xuan did not expect the Dutch would call her, she was dazed, eyes staring only two girl paint on the lip Lancome lipstick, diamond-like sting Mu Yin charge eye, and this is a Mu Yin charges , Josephine Siao women are different, style such as water, it is a breeding ground for the city’s big flower peony ah.  Dutch Mu Yin nodded, hasty escape.  Dutch Mu Yin know, and then she just stay for a while in the care of Xuan side, she would cry out loud.Dormitory downstairs, red and gold flowers bloom a tree strong.Mu Yin took charge Fanpen, suddenly crouch, hide their faces sob.  In Zhiweiguan the night, hung round Sky blue Red Moon.  Josephine came from Shanghai Mu Yin Netherlands said: my birthday, Josephine Siao, you must come!  Mu Yin charges is determined.God knows, the cool tensions spilled from her fingertips to her toes.Gu Xuan came in, Mu Yin charges being careful to Josephine concept of palmistry.Dutch Mu Yin said: Josephine, you love to come. Congratulations.!  Mu Yin placid Netherlands, Tim tea cloth dish.  Later, three people are drinking wine.Gu Xuan said: classmate three years, before we actually do not speak?Josephine said: Gu Xuan, said this was the Monastic!Gu Xuan gentle smile face.  Dutch Mu Yin heart, somehow, a slight pain.  She looked at Josephine Gu Xuan grabbed from the hands of the wine, is the birthday of Dutch Mu Yin wine, he drank, he can, but against Josephine Siao laugh: terrific bar.Mu Yin Netherlands eating a dish of pickled fish, tears falling spat dish, she picked up the towel, with a smile: too much red pepper.  Outside suddenly began to rain.Thin dense, tangled.  The trio became the birthday party two recall.Gu Xuan and Josephine comes to campus cultural festival, Josephine Siao said: I especially like the French Sophie Marceau, perfect jade.Then look at the movie “Braveheart”, they would understand the love between men and women, could have tragic to Allure.Gu Xuan said: bagpipes quiet inside the cool, pure, and I especially like the feeling of life in a positive charge Yin Mu his mouth half a pickled fish.  She looked out the window downtown, slightly frowning, got up, smiled and said: I have to go to the bathroom, you wait for me.Instant she touched Gu Xuan that lingering eyes, jade stones, cool wind in kapok.Mu Yin heart H’s what charge.However, Gu Xuan, he was so warm and how?Even in her birthday tonight, and do not belong to her.  Mu Yin hastily withdrew charges.Turn back, tears rolling.  Mu Yin did not go back to the Netherlands.  Mao Zhaoyu, she staggered to go back to the dorm.Next, Mu Yin Hesheng a week’s illness.Those dim sun and the moon, always remember that night she wrote in the bathroom door after Gu Xuan word, it was her engraved with scissors.Dutch Mu Yin think, that night, Gu Xuan themselves to eat into the stomach, since then, the secret about the Gu Xuan, can only be rotten on the inside of the bar?  Year 2006.autumn.  Munich sun climbed silk curtains, bed room fell on Josephine’s face.Like the big wave of seaweed covered Josephine’s eyes, eyebrows, lips, could not see her sorrows and joys.  Can, Josephine cried last night.  Crushing tears trace perched lips, still vaguely.She was awakened by the sound of pigeons downstairs.She still half stooping, did not get up.Do not run away, she would know, put a jar of yogurt on the shiny table, a dish of salmon and bread.  Gu Xuan always been the case, concerned about her diet and healthy living.  In the corner of the sofa, there are stalls avalanche of telegrams.Mu Yin charges in which said: Honey, this Saturday, I will see you flying over Eurasia!  Josephine’s heart, for no reason off a bit.  Last night, Gu Xuan drove out, for Josephine Siao went to the market and bought Mu Yin charges favorite frog salad, banana split, as well as Munich beer.Munich wine, live here, usually drunk down, why people want to live it to understand it?  Josephine also understand.  Gu Xuan Mu Yin back to the Netherlands.  Dutch Mu Yin did not think Josephine would greet her in bed.In the end three years gone, the two women embracing, reveals a strange.Mu Yin Dutch think, Josephine Siao, or as the United States, was sick, according to the White Swan as holy, so women, men born is to let it hurt?  Mu Yin charge Q: Josephine, flies all right?  Josephine A: makeshift bar.Her eyes glued to Mu Yin charges, the quiet and said: this week I had an abortion, the child is not Gu Xuan.  Dutch Mu Yin suddenly look back, scattered to the window.Slowly, her heart sank as mist.She knew she should not say that sentence, but she still said to Josephine: Josephine, you should not!  The next few words, and tears by her belly Yanhui.Mu Yin Dutch really want to say, Josephine Siao, you should not disappoint me.  Is not it?  Gu Xuan and Josephine, they are today, then completely fulfill Mu Yin charges.Mu Yin Dutch think that he can not have Gu Xuan, but she was willing to let Josephine fell in love with Gu Xuan Mu Yin Dutch think that this is her ideal.And that year, her birthday party, no one knows, she carefully arranged for the care of Xuan and Josephine.  Mu Yin charges tragic dinner.  7 years devoted themselves so once destruction?  Germany autumn, and deep youleng.  Gu Xuan holding a beer at the bar and said to Mu Yin charges: a toast to you and me!Cheers for a living fuck!  Dutch Mu Yin Gu Xuan did not expect so crazy drunk, climbed the stage, one by one undress.  There have been booing below.Mu Yin Netherlands also climbed to the top, clinging Gu Xuan, her heart is very painful sting lights.She coaxed Gu Xuan: good, we go home!I know!Gu Xuan Mu Yin suddenly pinch charge hand, he kept asking: Do you love me?do you love me?Mu Yin charges ranging answer, Gu Xuan Mu Yin fell Dutch arms, sobbing like a child: Mu Yin Netherlands, you know?I’ve always loved you, but you, why always so cool!  That moment, Mu Yin charges that her heart is broken.  10 years to pay ah, this evening, finally have the answer.Can this late love, Mu Yin charge cable just feel sad, because, in any case, those who recover less than one month when Delicate pale blue, is not it?  Mu Yin walked Dutch.  At that time, the restaurant being arrayed on the table for her to do Gu Xuan, Josephine Siao breakfast.Carrying a yellow suitcase, she was walking in the street covered with dead leaves, only to hear the sound of boots sparse.  It will be a new day.  Looking back, Mu Yin heart cool quiet of the Netherlands.  Goodbye, Munich.  Goodbye, Gu Xuan.