He knew the house in possession of priceless treasures.Aunt in order to keep this priceless treasure never married.In the last moments of life aunt called him to bed and gave him a will and a key, told him to take good care of her in exchange for a lonely life treasures.Childhood aunt became his only sustenance after losing their parents and rely on.Twenty-year-old aunt before he closed his eyes and nodded hard to show his determination.Nearly forty years, he moved to London, won the British nationality.In 1979 he inherited the aunt of property in Hong Kong overnight, he has a mansion, money and countless antiques.He naturally became a well-known millionaire.Two years later, fortune favored him once again, the United Kingdom issued a notice to him, asking him to accept another huge legacy pen.Those old treasures are rare in the world is located in a old house in the English countryside.After many setbacks, he finally found the treasure in the corner of the estate entrance.At that moment he approached the treasure was a sight that stunned: covered with straw and cotton house in disorder lay a big box, there is no order at all; on some wooden countless small insects crawling; through the dim light he opened a few boxes near the door, I found it actually full of dazzling jade, priceless ancient paintings, bronze culture of the radiation.His heart began to ache a little, these people are supposed to accept the praise in the spacious hall at the moment like a pariah like antique suffer unfair treatment.In addition to the surprise of what he considered more up: I would want this information public?Once the message is open, in a foreign country if he could continue his leisurely life?A moment later he made a decision to let themselves incredibly: from scratch, while learning, while cleaning up these antiques, so they replay the old light.From that day on, his life becomes a single mode: In addition to three meals a day time, he has dark, dank old house work, buried one thousand a day.Look at those antique piece are brilliant, his mood is also particularly happy and forget the work of fatigue.To find suitable local packaging of these antiques, every day, to find materials, furniture city, became his field of transport of goods frequented.Each time finding the right packaging material he treasured, like ants take them home, once again dive into the dark, dank old house to continue his work.Friends play jokes on him said, picking up litter which is why the mansion stood?He always laughed off the question.The face of a man who repeatedly wipe antique, packaging, registration has been very boring, but he withstand far more than that.When moving antiques he knocked some teeth, dentures installed after his work did not stop, but has become more serious.Another time, when moving a Bronze Warring States period, he accidentally injured his foot, right foot suddenly lost consciousness, paralysis sitting there.Hospital test results are: comminuted fracture of the right foot five toes.Since that day, the sound of a family against wave after wave.He did not speak, and then get up the next day to dry is 10 years old house.10 years, he cleaned up more than 60,000 pieces of cultural relics.With these antiques, he could buy a small town in the UK.Just when all his friends and relatives waiting to become a millionaire, he made a decision to let the family firm opposition: He put all the antique shipped back to China, donated to the State.Those antique far from home for many years once again returned to the embrace of the motherland, of which more than three national cultural relics as many as 150.In order to cobble together expensive shipping costs, he sold his four villas.His name is Zhao Tailai, modern China is the great-grandson of a famous diplomat Wu Ting-fang.He donated more than 60,000 pieces of ancient art to the Museum of Chinese History, Xinhua News Agency Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art and Guangzhou Museum of Art and other units, with a total value of more than $ 800 million!Some say he is stupid, he does not say.Some say he does not enjoy a happy life, he also silent.Some even asked why he worked so hard in the face of great wealth, he laughed, a striking phrase, he said: It is the treasure of the country, the country’s heritage, but being there in my collection only.