Although wild rice wild rice stem what is a relatively common thing, but some people still do not know why wild rice was。
So, wild rice in the end what is it with the following small series will go and see what it is wild rice。
What is wild rice wild rice is a unique aquatic vegetables。 As the world's wild rice and vegetable cultivation only country in Vietnam。 The ancients called wild rice as a "mushroom"。 Before the Tang Dynasty, wild rice is cultivated as a food crop, it's called wild rice seed or carving Hu, it is "six Valley" (glutinous rice, millet, millet, sorghum, wheat, wild rice) one。
Later it was found that some mushroom due to infection on Ustilago without heading, and there is no plant disease like stems continue to expand, gradually formed spindle-shaped fleshy stems, this is what we now eat wild rice。 In this way, people will stop using the smut fungus wild rice flowering, breeding ill deformities such as vegetable plants in the body。 Now, instead of those healthy people, the results will be heading the water bamboo seen as a degenerate, a wild species。 Is a more common Zizania aquatic vegetable fat is Spear spindle rod is mushroom grasses Ustilago esculenta stimulate the formation of most of the。 Zizania edible portion which is formed by the underground stems base expanded Spear。 Originating in China, was born in lake water, most of the country are cultivated, listed on the fall。 Zizania Waipi green sheath, the three cylindrical shape, color or yellow Huang, juicy meat, low fiber, high protein content。
But it contains oxalic acid, eating too much can affect the body's absorption of calcium。
Wild rice stem is our specialty vegetables, and water shield, perch and known as "Jiangnan three dishes"。 Because of its texture is tender, sweet and real, is considered vegetables to share, with a total of fried meat, its taste more fresh。
What is Zizania Zizania with a nutrient, wild rice and tomato – diuresis tomato scrambled Zizania material: two tomato, two wild rice, a little salt, MSG practice: 1, the wild rice washed, cut into pieces or filamentous。
2, tomato cut into pieces or sheets。