Ningbo, south of fortune teller a seat Tianfeng Tower, the late Qing dynasty, a Jiaozhu Daihatsu hawkers often there Maishao Bing.Zhu made this name though called big hair, can live to over 30 years of age have not even sent a small fortune.Zhu Chi hair short people are poor, the poorer the more stingy, usually a penny more important than the larger disc.  That day, went to Zhu made friends with Liu Ermao Temple fair, Liu met halfway Ermao nephew Liu Jun, Liu was just thinking to buy ink, paper and ink on the set, so the three of them go hand in hand.  He came to the Temple, far beheld the door of the temple surrounded by a large circle of people.Zhu sent them to squeeze in look, I saw sitting inside a fifty-year-old middle-aged man standing near block wooden sign that read: fortune teller, a Diaoqian a hexagram.  Sun Banxian!Liu blurted Ermao.  Zhu Daihatsu also think of it: often heard people say, the door came a Sun Banxian Temple, a fortune teller says a quasi.Sun Banxian trio decided to count a count.  Liu is the first turn Ermao.Sun Banxian him with a physiognomy, immediately smiled and said: you add your family to a big fat baby!Ermao Liu’s wife has been pregnant six months pregnant, heard this happy Zuidou Bulong, happily paid the money Gua.  Then turn to Liu Jun.Sun Banxian carefully observe his face, had asked birthdates, then pinched fingers counted.Moments later, Sun Banxian smiles, hand over Liu Chong said: Congratulations, ranging from twelve carrier, as many as four or five years, small farm families must be proud Husband!Liu heard elated, a vow, saying: If so, re-gift with a certain niche Xie!Sun Banxian boldly assured: If you look at the next missed it, just bash this small fortune-telling booth Husband!Liu gratefully took out a Diaoqian, both hands to the Sun Banxian.  Zhu made the final turn, Sun Banxian him with the same face, and asked birthdates.Subsequently, Sun Banxian close your eyes, began to seriously count on fingers.After a long pause, Sun Banxian suddenly stood up, clapped his hands, said: this man’s fortune tellers more extraordinary, after a number of years to make a fortune when the high official!Side of Liu and Liu Ermao repeatedly exclaimed, Zhu Daihatsu envy.Zhu made but curled his lip, a grain of salt Q: I have a Maishao Bing, but also to make a fortune when the high official?  Sun Banxian surprised, leaned Zhu hair carefully looked at.Zhu big hair is straight hairy heart Qiaode.After some good look, Sun Banxian asked: Are you in Tianfeng Tower Maishao Bing?No wonder looked familiar, it’s you!Sun Banxian himself, your face posted a large block of plaster, just did not recognize.  Zhu hair softly and ask: demigod is not to be changed to say my life was not made money, if not official?  Sun Banxian waved their hands, said firmly: not miscalculate, you have life in wealth, but also the official transport!But though you’ll make a fortune, you would be official, but in the end die on a penny, and roadkill!  After listening to Zhefan bad words, Zhu Daihatsu Dengqi triangle eyes immediately shouted: shit demigod, I think that is a charlatan.!Then, Zhu made a penny unpaid, gas hum gone.  Zhu made the Sun Banxian not too seriously, this matter will soon be thrown into the back of the head.However, three months after Liu’s wife Ermao really just gave birth to a big fat baby.The fall of the second year, Liu participated in examination, comprehensive examination of the first name of the lifts.Ningbo City immediately stir the whole, people excitedly spread the news, said Sun Banxian Liaoshirushen.  Careerism Liu cited in a message to Zhu Daihatsu frightened.This Sun Banxian really Liaoshirushen, it seems he dead or is not available on a penny.Zhu hair grew more and more anxious, grew more and more afraid.Pondering pondering to go, and finally he decided to never again touch a penny.  In the past, Zhu big hair and mean and stingy, put a penny bigger than our disc.But from that day on, he no longer care about petty, often doing business to give the customer a penny.This way, Zhu Daihatsu popularity changed for the better, biscuits business is more prosperous.  Not long after, Zhu made with the point of savings, he no longer Maishao Bing, diverted to start a business Fisheries.When selling aquatic products, Zhu is still the big fat one article, two give the text a fraction of customers, won a good reputation.Fisheries business is very successful, Zhu made a few years save a large sum of money.  After the Opium War, Ningbo has become the five trade city, Zhu mind active Daihatsu Chouzhunshiji, with British business to start a calico.In the process of selling calico, Zhu Daihatsu abide by the principles of making money and gas, continue to give customers a small profit, the parties won acclaim.Cloth lucrative business, Zhu earned a big fat pours.  At this time the Taiping Rebellion broke out, the war intensified, the court increased military spending in recent years, increasingly empty treasury.To raise money, the Ministry of Personnel quietly sell official post.The southern area, many of the rich man to buy a letter of appointment issued by the Ministry of Personnel.  There is a big fat Kuoshao Zhu borrowed money, with a magistrate’s commission as collateral.Later Kuoshao not out of money, the commission will go Daihatsu Zhu.Zhu RBI hair down with this commission make up a seven items magistrate, I went to the office Fengfengguangguang.  Zhu took office Daihatsu true colors, because his post is to get money in return, so he tried to plunder local people.Retiring three years, Zhu magistrate fishing only enough capital, but also severely earning a huge amount.See an officer to money more easily, Zhu Daihatsu simply leaving the business in politics, spend lots of money to buy a real lack of Ningbo prefect.Shajiao real lack prefect?Is paid the money immediately took.  After taking office, Zhu prefect corrupt, fish people changing nothing.People all hated, he secretly called Zhu Flayer.Choi also made, but also when the officer, Sun Banxian Every word come true, Zhu made more fear of a penny.Weekdays, Zhu prefect in front of anyone who brought a penny, then the consequences can be very serious.Once, Zhu little girl accidentally comes to a penny words, just Zhu hair was passing heard.Zhu made furious, hands, put the little girl beaten to death.  Over time, Zhu strips piece of heart disease gradually people who know.  Prophecy come true soon, Taiping east, Ningbo City break.Zhu Daihatsu disguised as small traders, he slipped out of the city in disarray.Escape not far behind to catch Taiping.Zhu Ben made hard to go forward, breath went to the riverside.  A small wooden boat moored to the river, on board an old rudder workers.Zhu Daihatsu stumbled on the boat, said to the old rudder work: the old, old, fast, fast ferry me across the river!  Workers put in front of the stern old fat man looked carefully, recognized him as Zhu strips cute hate.  You can cross the river, first to pay!Old helm worker said slowly.  Zhu made the waiter arms to work out a large silver ingots, both hands to the old helm station, urging him to quickly set sail.Look at the stern old workers money, he shook his head with disdain.Zhu Daihatsu thought he was too few, quickly took out a gold.Old helm glanced at work, still shaking his head.  Taiping battle cry this time is getting closer, Zhu tears up.He gritted his teeth, took out all the gold and silver, all piled up in front of the old rudder workers.  Workers pulling his beard stern old said: These I totally do not, I’m just a penny.  To hear a penny, Zhu Daihatsu scared cold sweat.The last ten years he had never touched a penny, who did not take more than one penny.  Is it, a lot less than the gold and silver penny?Zhu big hair did not understand.  Old rudder work seriously nod: Zhu strips, All I want is a penny!  Zhu Flayer hear these three words, Zhu Daihatsu consequently understand, old gold and silver helm do not work, they want their own life!  In the afternoon, Zhu made the Taiping detention town hall entrance, living knife knife cut him.Crowd of tens of thousands of people, all applauded.  We arrived at the Qingming Festival, Zhu sent the wife to her husband’s grave, the road met the Sun Banxian.Zhu Daihatsu wife walked tearfully to Sun Banxian said: you do Liaoshirushen, Zhuofu really died in a penny on.  Sun Banxian deep sigh and said: fortune teller full deceive, Zhu Daihatsu died on a penny, that’s to blame!See Zhu Daihatsu wife bewildered, Sun Banxian tells the inside of reasons: the year when the telling, Sun Banxian said Zhu hair can careerism, and that was all flattery.Later, Zhu said he was sent Maishao Bing, which brought back memories of the Sun Banxian.On one occasion, Sun Banxian hungry, just after the pancake stall at Tianfeng Tower.Three biscuits a penny, can Sun Banxian pocket only two pennies, so he told Maishao Bing discuss intention to credit a penny.Unexpectedly Maishao Bing Zhu made a penny more important than the big millstone, not only refused to credit, said a lot of hard to listen.Sun Banxian shame and hate, hungry back home.When the Sun Banxian recognized Zhu made his fortune in the conclusion turned a corner, saying that if change does not change mettle, Zhu Daihatsu will die in a penny, it was all revenge, then vent.Coincidentally, later Zhu really made a fortune and career and, ultimately died on a penny heard here, Zhu Daihatsu stunned wife.Froze for a moment, she did not understand: So, Liu Ermao baby boy, Liu examination examination, you are considered a quasi-ye?  Sun Banxian chuckled and went on to explain: At that time, Liu’s wife Ermao frequented the Temple to burn incense, her belly swollen, and continue nausea.Pregnancy reaction often big boys, accordingly, concluded that Liu twenty cents a day to be blessed with a child I went to put the Temple telling stalls, passing back and forth every Liu family, Liu often see slog.Liu Xiaoguan smart and hard-working people, so I set him sooner or later will branch conquest Finally, Sun Banxian eloquently: the fate of this thing, three days, seven people!