Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, shop Beijing city Yanshou Temple Street ICAC’s bookstore, a young scholar look like standing not far from the account table while reading bookshelf.At this stage a teenager accounts to buy a “Lu” is being paid for the book, there is a copper coin rolled out to the feet of the young man, young Xieni eyes glanced around, then move the right foot, put coins riding in the soles of the feet.Soon, the young man paid their money to leave the shop, the young man leaned down to pick up the coins While the soles of the feet.Coincidentally, the young man riding money, take money out of the scene, was sitting on a stool inside the stores saw an old man.Seeing him, stared at the young man read a long time, then stood up and walked in front of the youth, talk with youth, that he called Fan Xiaojie, also learned about his family situation.Originally, Fan Xiaojie’s father, a teaching assistant at Imperial College, he followed his father to Beijing, the Imperial College to study for years..Today occasionally through life extension Temple Street, see the ICAC low bid book bookstore of other bookstores, so come and see.Old man smiled coldly say good-bye and left.Later, Fan Xiaojie to monitor the student’s identity into the transcribed work at the museum, and soon, he was qualified to sit for the Ministry of Personnel, was selected to go to any county in Jiangsu Changshu Xian Wei office.Fan Xiaojie was very happy, he took water and land and hardships south.Nanjing to the next day, he went to bureaucratic superiors Changshu County Jiangning House vote quote report, requested an audience with the boss.At that time, the governor of Jiangsu Tang Bin adults in Jiangning town hall, he received the Mingtie Fan Xiaojie, no interview.Fan Xiaojie had to stay back Posthouse.A day to go, it does not get met.This happened 10 days.Day 11, Fan Xiaojie patiently went audience, commanding officer guarding the town hall conveyed to him the governor adults command: “Fan Xiaojie do not have to go to Changshu county office, and your name has been included in the memorial impeachment, dismissal of.” ‘I  adults impeach I committed a crime’ Fan Xiaojie somehow, could not wait to ask.”Greedy” escort officer calmly replied.”Ah” Fan Xiaojie surprised and thought to myself: I have not either, how there will be corruption stolen card  must be a mistake governor adults.Hurried request when governor for adults statements clarifying the facts.After the guard officer to go and report it, and came out to convey the governor to adults: “Fan Xiaojie, you do not remember what happened Yanshou Temple Street bookstore in yet  you as a scholar of the time such as a copper coin yet love life, luck today when on the magistrate after corruption brains can not become a robber wearing his post  do you immediately take off his official seal out of here, do not make people suffer.”Fan Xiaojie man then remember previously encountered in the ICAC bookstore there, but it was the governor’s visit is private patrol adult Tang Bin.From: Chinese folk tales Network X% 2 / 7o8.Net / C.JS>