Kangxi 24 years in early spring, the new governor of Jiangsu to Suzhou.This is an old man, he Tuoerdainv, soil commoner wearing socks, depressed, not like one of the princes sits, like a farmer down.He is the whole child on the pot, and cook to taste not the slightest official.Kangxi Lord how to send such people to the south?Governor of Jiangsu is a lucrative job, former governor Yu Guozhu, a confidant of the prime minister pearl, only to cash in the US poor, term governor to do down, plundered people Aoaozhijiao, he went to the outgoing myself Gluttons.Tiger went hungry tiger to eat, now fattened the scrubby old man, I do not know how much blood and sweat of the people have to spend!  Soon, a well-dressed, handsome young man has come here he took office, but he’s a little more than government, County Xian Wei Changshu Suzhou government under the rule.He is a graduate of the Imperial College, pass the examination to be appointed for the post.Young man named Zhao had wings, routine, after Suzhou, Jiangsu governor Yamen first to report, to build a chapter to go to office.He dropped the card Yamen, but it came to nothing, that there is no echo.How, governor big personnel busy, forget?Also voted the second card, it is still not below.He bowled ten consecutive business card, is not seen echo.  Chiu Tsang wing anxious to inquire about the news Detective.Detective said: You do not have took office, the governor adults to impeach memorial deliver your go up and will soon approve down, you go home.  Like splashed cold water, Zhao had wings stammered: I have what sin he has any right to do so?  Detective said: You have Bribery misdeeds, not an officer.  When not official, but where I misdeeds Bribery?I would like to discuss a governor adults innocence.  Detective turned into the inner hall, the wing Zhao was then reported upwards, pass under the above words: governor adults say, you forget things two years ago in the capital bookstores do?When you as a scholar, yet a money-hungry, local officials in the future to do, how can line their own pockets, to be a thief wearing official hat?You still take off early official uniform, spare the people right here.  Zhao Zeng wing think: once, he was reading a bookstore in the capital, came a little young to buy books, buy a “Lu”, when pay, a copper coin rolling on the ground, did not notice.Chiu Tsang Wing forward, the money slam their feet, a small youth out of the store, he picked up the money and put it in his pocket.  At this time, a little old man came over and patted him on the shoulder and asked him what his name.Zhao has actually say the wing.The old man sneer or two, gone.  Is it, is that the old man’s new governor?  Really a drop of water in the oil bottle.When not on the official, it is a penny nothing official, an exhibition of himself, face disgrace.  Chiu Tsang wing whining bitterly back to the inn, he vowed to revenge.  The innkeeper said: Zhao Xiang Gong new office, cheeky angry color, we entertain ill-shop?  Zhao had long sleeves with a toss of the wing, said: never mind, this son of a bitch scrubby governor.For no reason, the harm done to me.I do not believe he is pure, without any defect fall into my hands!  The boss came, a wing had covered his mouth Zhao: if you can not say that!Governor master was a big clean government, he not only banned extort wealth of the people, self-discipline is also particularly strict, their own children after reading the book, but also to the countryside to pick vegetables, daily consumption.Mrs. errands, chair wafting broken cotton, passers met all moved.This is a rare good officer which!  Are acting, this is an officer of the special skill, for show to the people to see.They do private activities, who knows?’Qing prefect for three years, one hundred thousand silver snowflake’, who do not know this doorway!  Zhao had stayed in Suzhou wings, he’ll have what the governor classic fight in the end.After many check it out, Zhao had wings susses the great master of.  He called Tang Bin, Henan Sui people, Junji nine years, the first 189 sitting the examination, did pass on forage management of petty official.Usually smart, thrifty, wearing clothes and straw sandals to vegetables, tofu with rice, known as tofu soup.Not long ago, the court sent the auspices of Zhejiang Provincial Examination.As usual, the candidate scholar, first thanks to the examiner for teachers.Apprentice must offer red envelopes.Accompanied by several examiners, get a lot of red envelopes, only Tang Bin, he met with students rich, red envelopes to accept, to see a poor student, does not receive a red envelope, red envelopes to the students instead, one to one to, evened out.A test down, he was naked to Zhejiang, Zhejiang and finally a naked, even the penny did not take away the dust.This clean image, brought him a great reputation.Kangxi emperor pro point he made governor of Jiangsu.  In the eyes of Zhao had wings, which in turn was acting.Tang Bin threshold thief is fine, he ate a small loss, accounted for a great deal, governor of Jiangsu mingled so high, you can have a free hand, fishing a lot of money.Zhao had wings calculation, the first woman to make a fuss in the Tang Binzai digging wild on the outskirts of this matter.  Suzhou Grand Canal from the outside flows through the bridge, outside the city is a piece of farm land, off the beaten track, four boys and teenagers here digging wild.They coat clean, unlike the children of farmers, but also not dressed spoiled rich kid.They are Tang Bin four sons: Pu Tang, Tang Jun, Hang soup, soup Huai.At this time, the children come to a heap of young people.  The young man said: You are all northerners it?  The children aim at him, saying: We say that the North would, of course, a northerner.Rhetorical.  No, you dug from the wild, you know northerner.Suzhou people only digging shepherd’s purse and Malan head.See you!Bitter herbs, vegetables gray, dandelion, grass sauce plate, frog leaves, grass puffer dig anything, not from the north, where there will be a?  You’re a naturalist, we dig the wild, you can say the name.