Someone asked him to choose one word to describe yourself, Ji thirteen chose boring show, because many people are so squirrels will describe me.He said with a smile, he looks a little shy.His mouth squirrel, a group interested in science writing and dissemination of loosely organized spontaneously gathered together, is the founder Ji thirteen.They start from April 2008, says the scientific squirrel named group blog.At the global blog contest held recently in Germany, soon after the birth of this blog, she won the best international blog public and Best Chinese public blog award.In these blog authors among some of the major science journals both domestic editors and reporters, science writers and translators, some of the white-collar workers and students interested in science spread at home and abroad.In a science editor of the site do neurobiology Dr. Ji thirteen, just one, but also one of the most diligent.The last thing to do after work is to turn off the squirrel blog, go home first thing to do is to open squirrel blog.Just off Ji thirteen, grilled finished the last morsel of food in lunch boxes say.Lunch is not far from his downstairs to the supermarket to buy, incidentally, I bought some instant noodles and bread.The so-called home, he spent 1600 yuan per month to rent a small room.In the eyes of a friend, Ji thirteen original is very focused on the quality of life of people.Recently, however, the Ji thirteen attend these.I want to go to work, keep people talking about the squirrels will cooperate, to go to see the film will be held in Shanghai, but also to write a column for a number of magazines.He broke his fingers the number of sides of his mouth.Next, he will have to prepare for participation in the first national network of science weekend seminar held in Shanghai, the house needs at home two days.Because often in the middle of the night complete code word, their clothes thrown on the ground, and he fell asleep, so the room was a little messy, but six rows of books on the shelves and on the ground but only a few pile of magazines, neatly lined up.These science-related books and magazines, mostly in mid-2004 after the fall of the just and lasting bonds Ji thirteen.Prior to this, Ji thirteen name, does not exist in science communication circle.In the Fudan University campus, first-year doctoral student in neurobiology Ji Xiaohua, the students seem just a bit of literary and artistic temperament Polytechnic male.Number eight forward again, the campus literary decline, the brother of poetry have left, just into the Department of Biology at the University of Zhejiang, the boys man Ji Xiaohua, then without a word often focusing instead on writing a little poetry, but unfortunately not on the table, just to leave quietly to look up.Fall in mid-2004, is a doctoral student Ji Xiaohua, had the urge to write something to.He put a paper rewrite a story, signed Ji thirteen, a lot of bulk to the e-mail magazine editor.Two whole months, Ji Xiaohua while doing experiments in the laboratory, while waiting with Ji thirteen-related news, but everything heard from since.Just when he felt should give up their fantasies, the editor of a scientific journal, a letter back to Ji thirteen, rekindled hopes Ji Xiaohua.This is thought to nurture her doctoral student, soon gave the editor sent a article about the perception of time, Ji thirteen name soon became a type.His way of writing popular science, this floodgates.In the last three years of Fudan University campus where he was while doing experiments to write papers, while staying up late to write scientific articles, Dr. Ji Xiaohua; and in the writing and dissemination of scientific circles, he is gradually being known to the Ji thirteen.”The new discovery”, “Life Week” and some articles published in scientific journals eyeing him, this dismal situation at the time of writing poetry twist.More and more people asked him, not good at this speech of people, then, focusing instead on more than a dozen newspapers and magazines to write articles.He loved this man asked him to be the day, at the same time, he also humorous language, presided over the science section of a magazine quiz.This gives Ji thirteen fans brought a lot of readers.In an editor of a major newspaper Sciences of view, Ji thirteen is the rare scientific articles written in such interesting people.But, at that time in scientific circles has spread minor celebrity Ji thirteen when they return to campus, or that life low-key and cautious Ji Xiaohua.I have been without the knowledge of mentor, he was afraid that I ought impact do experiments.He recalls.Knew he was writing science articles for newspapers and magazines doctoral students, it means a full understanding.In their eyes, twenty thousand yuan every year to get royalties from a number of scientific journals Xiaohua Ji, life is more comfortable than others.Dr. graduation, when other students are busy looking for a job or applying for postdoctoral studies abroad, has been played for decades dealings with biology major Ji Xiaohua, he decided to follow their own interests, not engaged in scientific research nor looking for work, do a sleep freelance writer woke up to.This decision, in class and at home have caused a small commotion.Until graduation when his mentor knows that his disciples this reticent, in scientific circles has been spread a little bit of status to.Ji thirteen and gave up the opportunity to work in a public institution in Shanghai, it also allows parents to work in his hometown Zhoushan somewhat puzzled.Busy time to be too busy, often give leadership to write a speech, but also to accompany drinking, good boring.He explained to his parents.Parents finally accepted his son’s decision, in their view, his son did not find a job, but flies are also good.After November 2007, five months did Ji thirteen freelance writer, began to build a science writer communication platform.Ji thirteen first built on a Google group, originally wanted to name it The Nutcracker, only to have been registered by people.Then he thought of squirrels.