I like the high-profile charity, which is the personality dictates, but also to bring more people together to do charity, but sometimes there is indeed a matter of good and bad methods.There is a saying in the past called: Tianyuandifang.Indeed, the big point of saying, the world is a circle, a square-composed.If you enter the microscopic world, in our lives, but also the square round, everywhere.For example, for milk containers are generally square box, mineral water bottle containers are generally round, round bottle for wine in general and on the box-yard, between the radius, all lent their wonderful.Why in the world is beautiful, colorful?Because if only square, not round, the world becomes rigid, hard, lack mellow beauty.On the contrary, if only round, not square, it is the world’s lack of masculine beauty.The world is so, especially a person.What is a person’s party?I understand that there are principles, have to stick to doing something not done; what is a person’s circle?There is work, there is a compromise, learn to compromise and concessions on the issue of non-principle, more conducive to success.How can a radius?The ancients had given us the answer: No rules, it is difficult Cheng Fangyuan.What this rule is?It is the natural law, social law, human moral rules, etc..With these constraints on human behavior, the world would not be very confusing, very confusing society will not, be able to live in harmony.On the contrary, if we all go its own way, do whatever they want, is bound to be punished natural, social and legal.Mencius said: rules, radius matter to it.The ancients said: the good is like any radius.So, ancient and modern into a major event, and both proficient radius of the Road.Can with a radius of wisdom, maintaining the status quo, to the status quo should change, control them, invincible.As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, my children, “wrote a letter to the future” is so introduced me: the father so many years the most important is to do four things: First, do charity, where there is a disaster, where there father figure; the second is to do business, his father said, if there is no wealth, there is no basis for a charity; the third is to make environmental protection, anywhere father to promote low-carbon environmental protection.He gave me and my brother was renamed, a name is Chen environmental protection, a name is Chen environment; Fourth, caring for your family and neighbors have turned, and our father loves my mother, grandparents and great love home.I often heard my father talk: how to help our village do something?10 years, I accumulated a variety of funds and materials donated over 1.8 billion yuan.In my life through 45 years, I am most proud of is that he has been in harmony with the environment and human efforts to run around this world Sound of Music.This is my stick, my dedication, regardless of whether others understand me, I will be indomitable, no regrets.I understand, and maybe that is the principle of life, is the party.On the other hand, I like the high-profile charity.This is the personality dictates, but also to bring more people together to do charity, but sometimes do have a method good and bad problem, what to do to have a more successful issue, which is round, and round sometimes be appropriate adaptation and adjustment.In fact, this year, I also do charity on their own way to make proper adjustments, the purpose is to achieve better results.A party to a round the world, got off with a flick of a life.Radius of wisdom, is the true meaning of the world, is the wisdom of life, we need to read the solution with the labor of a lifetime, and once read it, our world will become more harmonious, our lives will be more exciting.