State radio and television press and publication departments: the site may not be re-edited classic literary works Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 22 – (Reporters white Ying, history of competing male) State Press and Publication broadcasting sector 22 Kusakabe issued a notice to further regulate the Internet audio-visual program communication order。
Notice requirements, all program sites may not produce, disseminate distorted, spoof, program vilify classic literary works, are not allowed on the classic literary works, radio and television programs, network original audio and video programs for re-edited and re-dubbing, re-titling may not intercept a number of program segments spliced into a new broadcast, should not tamper with the original intent of the ambiguity of the spread of editing work program segment。
  Notice that some recent Internet audio-visual program production, broadcast non-standard problem is very prominent, resulting in a very bad social influence, there are some programs to illegal online audio platform and related illegal audio-visual products as the title, the illegal audiovisual content circulated on the internet provide a channel。
  Notification requirements, provinces and autonomous regions of Press and Publication, including radio and television departments to strictly manage users upload renumbering of similar programs, there is no guide to the issues, copyright issues, scissors content adaptation audio and video programs to fight the problem of providing communication channels。
The program copyright side, radio and television organizations, film and television production agency complaints such programs, to do offline processing immediately。