93-year-old Ferrari still open, so Brigitte Lin old man becomes a wild child of the devil!Now that’s alive!Click the blue text below the title, a key concern in this account when you do not know where there are beautiful sights?When you do not know where to go for their own travel?Even when you do not know where to travel? Here, you can find the most suitable place!Just click your attention gently, tourism can grasp the situation, to grasp the wonderful life of their own!  12-year-old living out wandering 14-year-old began to publish works of 32-year-old Chinese sensation 90-year-old is still restless prefer red are smoked, such as life 93-year-old still drove his Ferrari ran everywhere called Huang Yongyu media have used the word after a mad cool 90 Pa drag to describe the naughty wild humor of his bones had heard huang Yongyu, but really get to know him, or because a while back that file is the fire Fan Art variety show “see words such as face”.In the first phase of the program, and Zhang Guoli Wang Yaoqing read out and Cao Yu Huang Yongyu of correspondence in 1983, especially with nine Huang Yongyu long letter, earnestly curse Cao Yu that period, very enjoyable.  Who is Cao Yu?  Author of “Thunderstorm”, the founder of Chinese dramas, great master!  Huang Yongyu it?  Is a painter, or a little younger than the 14-year-old Cao Yu, a painting that what dare to write a long letter of 9 bluntly told the dean of a drama: I do not like you after the liberation of play.Not like a.Your heart is not in play, you lose a great well-informed gem, you are mistaken for the potential of the bit!Shrinking from one ocean to a small stream.And so hard, then, not only did not get angry drama master, also in a letter framed and hang them on their walls?Personnel encounter genius, only people worship the devil’s face genius, a genius can only bow down.Huang Yongyu is a rare case of the devil.  A lot of people give him affix a label is not the first serious conversation or behavior, whether in its own way he always seems to still shock today, he said: The last time I entered a woman’s body, is to visit the Statue of Liberty.  He said: Professor walking the streets, much as dogs Masters.  He said: Why wear clothes, naked best.  Last October the old man have something to say to uphold the character also published some remarks caused a storm all of you to feel: people are really not a thing not only remarks on the amazing old man does not intend to take the unusual way of doing things when we all other when he happens to draw three friends of winter drew my ugly but my mom like a rat hut, sit by me too, me too sleep.  A wife, she left to see the right to see her.   Few pens full of vivid and witty phrase or a paragraph machine front or sarcastic or witty or incisive have to warm social peeling head next to many users have commented with his life in the most down to earth and funny painter Huang Yongyu old man and do not care actually there are serious For example, when he described the event in lotus barbaric growth there is a thriving wild beauty and the beauty of this he took decades to achieve and a lot of people compared to the painter huang Yongyu not send more college because his family was poor self-taught 12-year-old three hundred and sixty of his work outside the home half probably did Shen Wen is perhaps their uncle after which shares the foolishness of young painting skills by leaps and bounds huang Yongyu working for two years to get his first life drawing pen reward then he was 14 years old fame is in the 18 years after 1956, his masterpiece Chunchao Ashima had shocked the entire literary world huang Yongyu fire dormant for thirty years of his first pushed to the public those admiring but the threshold of spectators almost worn out old man asked about the secret of the painting is actually not even a good honest people who teach more than non-red you say you I had my people are called Huang Jade is a downright genius not only in painting or sculpture accomplished deep Publishing poetry of poets and writers in fact, he also hides his most prominent piece of property charge into a crazy love Huang Yongyu hand so far has been 8000 lotus paintings reporter asked why you do not computer appliances in the painting because I used the most familiar is the pursuit of flashlight young wife Zhang Mei Xi blurted out nervously waited a long time I had a hundred pounds of food stamps, do you want it?   So the two men also happen, no matter the goddess and the US United States Xiangruyimo decades Huang Yongyu is 93 years old and still so childlike stubborn willfulness looked like a old elf does not love to sleep in addition to health do not eat fruits like taking the time to paint Aspect “You Are the One” old man there is a pull-style sports car collection hobby is his good heart but also with occasional whim xiaonianqing a fight but also because the same love writing Brigitte Lin huang Yongyu and became very good friends and they often demonstrate their writing skills Brigitte Lin also revealed himself the “goddess come,” said huang Yongyu is because I want you to become even famous wild child now 93 years old but he has been painting still amazing speed for lunch he would paint a masterpiece on the 61-year-old Brigitte Lin him some time ago personally created 138 paintings and animal related fable sharp review of the animal even more soul tremor seemed to see the great masses of society or the bones huang Yongyu passionate and wise old elf and this joy is not superficial but the game world after insight into the world of such a detached attitude towards life chic and lovely old Perhaps most people understand the live (Source: painting culture micro letter: Taizhouwenhua).