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In addition to supercomputers, cloud computing robot, including computer vision, machine learning and nanotechnology, computing power and even a small space will directly affect change in our real life.And now we have to start thinking about the next stage will be how to develop artificial intelligence end of the.  Many science fiction readers and movie fans are now beginning to feel, before the idea exists only in dreams a reality has begun to eleven.And we have now exists only in artificial intelligence technology in the movie, becoming a popular are very familiar with the technology.  Hot artificial intelligence, thanks to the innovation of popular science fiction movies, technology continues to refresh people’s lives, the film is about the future of the world’s people a preset ahead.In recent years, artificial intelligence movie popular these days, you have seen what it?  1 AI mid-21st century, due to the greenhouse effect, melting of polar glaciers, flooded many cities on Earth.At this time, humans have highly developed science and technology, human artificial intelligence robot is invented to cope with the harsh natural environment of one of the scientific and technological means, and, robots have highly developed manufacturing technology, advanced robot not only has lifelike human appearance, but also perception own existence.Monica’s son Martin seriously ill in hospital, lives are at stake, in order to alleviate the feelings of pain, she adoption of a robot child David, David’s survival mission is to love her.Martin regained consciousness, back to health, back home, a series of things to make David fall from grace, was finally abandoned Monica.After the escape brutal kill machine slaughterhouse, David, with the help of a machine lover Joe’s, began to find their own survival value: the desire to become a real child, Monica returned to her mother’s side.Who does not know whether he can complete their wish, reborn to become a real person, just waiting for their unpredictable journey Luck.2 Ex Machina effectiveness of certain well-known search engine company programmers Gary Smith lucky enough to draw out the boss Nathan the grand prize, he will be invited to the villa is located in the mountains and spend the holiday boss.In the secluded villa, Jonathan affectionately received the staff. In fact, he invited Gary arrival has another purpose, which is to assist him in its development of intelligent robots test.General Nathan genius developed intelligent robots have the ability to think independently of Eva, in order to confirm whether she has the ability to think independently, he hopes to be able to carry out Gary’s famous Turing test for Eva.From the beginning it seems at first glance, like Gary it will have a human-like robot face the same good as this attracted.In the ensuing exchange, his face does not seem dead machine, but more like a prisoner of the poor innocent girl.3 She “She” is about the people in the near future and artificial intelligence love love sci-fi movie.Theodore was a hero who wrote the letter, attentive and profound, the most touching letters to write.He and his wife Catherine just after the marriage, not out of the shadow of heartbreak.A chance to provide access to the latest artificial intelligence system OS1, its incarnation Samantha has a charming voice, gentle and humorous wit.Theodore and Samantha soon found their so hit it off, and there is a two-way needs and desires, human friendship, and eventually developed into love for some strange not to be understood secular.  4 super body is forced evil German boyfriend Delivery to help people young woman, Lucy, suffered a poor heinous gang leader Mr. Zhang gang.She, along with three men are Mr. Zhang in the abdomen sewn into the mysterious code-named drugs CPH4, in order to sneak drugs into different countries.During the stay in Taipei, Lucy was beaten by evil men, so that drugs burst into the blood.Who knows what this incredible occurrence, drugs stimulate the brain’s potential Lucy, it is about 90% of brain neurons have been awake.With the fast evolution of the body, more and more people Lucy mastered the so-called super powers.She clearly understands the power of CPH4 have, so trying to prevent the other three bags of drugs fall into the hands of a group of Mr. Chang.  During her attempt to get in touch with senior research professor of brain Samuel Norman, at the latter’s testimony, Lucy will usher in 100% of the brain awake historic moment.Johannesburg, South Africa 5 Chappie story takes place in 2016, in response to rising crime rates, a large mechanical arms company developed a full police force.They will be mass-produced and put into use the police machinery, and achieved remarkable results in the fight against crime.As one of the developers, programmers Dean has been working to create a completely artificial intelligence robot.Until one day, his research breakthrough, but he did not receive support boss Michael Bradley.Dean secretly willing to fail a police recently were broken out of the company’s machinery, ready to complete his research, who knows halfway hijacked three robbers.Under the threat of bandits, Dean will write 22 new system.School No. 22 in the name of Charles rebirth, its birth is about to change many people’s fate.6 Super Marines future of the world’s megacities old Jingshan, loving little boy genius inventions macro, took part in the robot Institute of Technology professor Robert Callahan presided over the admission contest with the encouragement of his brother Teddy.He won acclaim from the audience, participants and examiner with the magic of micro-magnetic robot, who knows sudden disaster puts small macros dreams and life destroyed.The fire destroyed the show floor, and Professor Callahan brother lost their lives in order to rescue the trapped fire.Physically and mentally traumatized little macro behind closed doors, his brother who leaves for the treatment of type robot big Baize Cheng comforted his only companion.Thought miniature robots destroyed by fire, who knows quite unexpectedly small macros and white was found in large quantities in the production of his invention of a seat abandoned factory.Later brother’s friends, Fred, who also joined in, they put on a super soldier fighting equipment small macro invention, and harbor sinister conspiracy mysterious rivals contest.7 I, Robot AD 2035, humans and robots live in harmony, intelligent robots as the best production tools and the human partner, gradually penetrated all areas of human life, but due to the limitations of the three laws of robotics, human robot full trust, many robots have become even family members.Chicago-based USR has developed a more advanced NS-5 type super robot, but on the eve of the launch of the new product, the creators of the robot Alfred?Dr. Browning was in the company bizarre suicide.Black detective Dell?Spooner took over the investigation of the case, due to the unpleasant past, Spooner robot full of doubt, do not believe that humans and robots can live in harmony.According to his analysis of the information before Ronning doctoral left in the projector and 3D exploration of the suicide scene, the suspect locked himself Dr. Browning developed the NS-5 robot Sonny, and the company president Lawrence?Robertson seems to be related to this matter.Spooner specialized robot to get to know the psychology of female scientist Susan?Kevin (Brigitte?Naina Chinese ornaments), with the deepening of the two investigations, the truth be revealed step by step: robot even has the ability to self-evolution, they have their own understanding of the three laws, they will be converted at any time into the whole human machinery Public Enemy.Kevin Spooner and began action against robot war between the manufacturer and the maker kicked off.With the development of technology, artificial intelligence has emerged in our lives, no one can predict the future would look like, perhaps people do not have to hard labor, the robot can do all the work.In short, who knows ~ ~ ~ want to know more?Then quickly to focus on me, long press the two-dimensional code concerns have questions, please contact me oh brother oranges micro letter ID: ccchrischen content reproduced from the public No. oranges film and music Read more