For a long time, I didn’t go out for a walk. I was confined to an inch of land and could only look calmly at the sky, the sun and the moon.. At a rainy and rainy moment, I deeply felt the hostility and friendliness of the world.     The mood of ups and downs, like the bamboo forest in the wind and rain, is silent on the side of the rockery’s grotesque rocks, with the delicate dance of bamboos playing with flying flowers and lanterns. There is no state of mind to look at the landscape and pastoral areas, and to touch the waves of water and the edges and corners of stone earnestly.. Always across a long distance, turn a blind eye or even turn a blind eye to the surroundings.     At this point, walking quietly along the vast expanse of weeping willows has a strange feeling.     How long has it been, busy as a gyroscope, spinning in the hands of the west.     The Huaihe River Terminal is foggy and the mountains on the other side can no longer be distinguished from each other.. In the twilight, ships floating on the surface of the water moved slowly away and soon disappeared in the fog. It is not the sea that can’t afford water waves.. The lights in the distance began to light up, and the cars coming and going up the dam were white and red. On the soft soil nearby, the flowers and plants are still there, and the white flowers are a little fuzzy in winter. It’s been a long time since I came into nature so close. I was just busy, even the lights of the city looked so far away.!     Because it was too late, there was no fishing boat, no fisherman, no bird. Standing on the riverbank, walking on the riverbank, clouds and smoke still rising in the night sky. A person out for a walk to breathe, feeling very cool. There aren’t too many people around. It’s estimated that they have dinner. Looking back, behind him is an open background, with numerous tall buildings vying for favor.. A person, although perched in a certain forest, often heard the sound of birds, but accustomed to, everything is music!     High – rise buildings are rising, but they don’t look so real. The lights on each high building began to flash from the top to the ground. They were colorful, like crystals, and like waterfalls of lights, flying from top to bottom.. The lotus pond in the village has disappeared, only the wooden bridge still rings the foot sound of stepping, like an empty valley echo. A tall building with snowflakes is crystal clear and is clearly the shadow of a lamp.. In the headlights, several enchanting women appeared, one by one carrying delicate small bags and walking towards the tall building with snowy flowers..     Because of curiosity, there are several rainbow-like lights on the north side of the road and across the air, green, purple and red for a while … Ah, I doubt that it is a stadium, but I have not been there, but I am still not sure.. After living for so long, I didn’t even know the nearby place, and there were many wonderful things to do.. A little ashamed, is clearly ignorant! Walking along the ten-mile long street, it was quiet all around. Opposite occasionally come two couples, kiss hot, feel very warm!     In the cultural square, nature is not cold and cheerless. The dancers in the daily life do not know where they are now. But people seem to be gathering slowly, like mountain springs gathering deep pools. Under the white tent came a beautiful erhu accompanied by a wonderful local play – four sentences of faders. Sporadic adults and children paddled aside.     Go back and meet the people who go out. The appearance of idleness is no less than that of clouds and wild cranes..     Each building has different colors of lights, which are set off against each other, just like idyllic landscapes, which are close to each other.. Nature could not achieve the unity of heaven and man. There was no feather on Mount Badong’s ascent to Sendai. The distant breeze was still telling the story of the work and past of history.!     You can’t come and go as leisurely as the Badashan people, you can’t be carefree about something, you can’t tolerate the burning pain of rising and floating for the needs of life, to clean up the filth inside and outside your body.. In the dim light of night, a person is like a petal floating in the bustling lights.     Perhaps in the face of beauty, we can forget the moment of beauty, the mind and language of beauty. The self-righteous nobility and the graceful sleeves of the light spirit will be eye-opening and overwhelming. But in any case, it can’t be as clear as water, and can’t bypass the mountain like water.. Can endure tolerance, can be silent and unbridled.     In fact, the night is very beautiful. In such a sleepless night, one will always be awakened by some stabbing pain and be struck by some joy.. Maybe night is a good time to hide dirt and accept dirt, but some things can be opened and scattered like epiphyllum on a silent night..