In this way, we played down a feeling. You choose new love, I choose time. good night,good bye. Wen: No matter how bad your conditions are, there will always be someone who loves you. No matter how good your condition is, there will always be someone who doesn’t love you. It’s fate to meet the right person at the right time, and this fate just needs patience and frustration to meet. There will always be someone in your world who loves you more than imagined.. If love cannot last long, what is fate? If you can’t keep up with love, who is your favorite person.     If love can’t bear fruit, what’s that love for? Forget words, tears brimming, look at each other. The cold wind passed by without touching the flickering candle. Trembling, I don’t know who extinguished the loneliness that slipped quietly in the fog. On that day, I said good bye. Why did I break all contact since then? It turns out that not all people can have exposure to each other.. Let it be, a person, clean.     I often wonder how to measure love? Once upon a time, I thought it was miss, miss is love. Some people say it is giving and sacrificing. Others say it is care and concern. Most people say, is the feeling. Now I find that the measure of love is bigotry. How bigoted you are to this person, how much you love him.     I’m waiting for that day, smiling and listening to friends talk about you without covering up, no longer sad. Some things don’t seem easy, but I know time will help me. The more afraid of losing, the easier it is to lose. The more you want, the more you want to let go. It’s hard to let go, but there’s no choice. There are many things in the world that can be redeemed. But there are more irreversible things, such as old dreams, such as years, such as feelings for a person.       In this world, the most easy to change is the human heart, but the most wasteland is also the human heart. Perhaps we met in the wrong time and space, at the wrong age. You don’t want me to think about anything forever, but I’ve always been rational. I’ve made a fool of myself here to believe in Qiongyao’s land. I thought I would meet a man who loves me with all his heart and does not ask for anything in return until he is old.     What kind of editing did the broken heart do? What kind of montage did you and I use in our meeting? But also do not set a perfect ending? What kind of editing did the broken heart do? What kind of montage did you and I use in our meeting? But also do not set a perfect ending?     I love you – I hate you – I’m sorry. In love, there is no need to say sorry. Because if a person really loves you, he will accompany you with his life, protect you with his best efforts, fit you with persistent changes, and warm you with many and many hugs.. With these, why do you still say sorry? I said sorry with my mouth, but I was thinking of leaving in my heart.. And it is true love to’ compensate’ you with all your life.     Love begins with temptation and then becomes warm. The warmth of love is the lamp that lights up at home at night, the medicine that is handed to you when you catch a cold, the hand that caresses your shoulder when you are upset, and the shoulder that leans over when you are sad..     Sometimes I really want to take out my heart and throw it out, then say, ” What do you hurt?”? A worthless thing. I pretended not to care about you, but I hurt myself.     Hedgerow and sparse QQ: 766314719