Hongmen feast munched on 20 years of food and nine paragraphs / article, and felt the time was fast when it was better. many things seemed to be yesterday, and people were getting old year after year.. Regretting the fleeting of Shaohua, it was suddenly discovered that Caijiu had been sitting at the banquet of Hongmen banquet for twenty years, and it was quite interesting to take stock of the process.     More than 20 years ago, he began to study the historical data of the war at the end of the Qin dynasty in order to evaluate his professional title. under the strong guidance of Mr Tian bingye, he wrote a series of words, which were also arranged by Mr Tian to be published on the regulations of participating in the Huai hai cultural exchange.. By the end of 1997, he had written a draft regulation on participation in Liu Xiang’s relationship and ウ the end of Hongmen banquet Ж, which was arranged by Mr. Tian to be published in the 4th issue of the ” 1997 decree” of Huai hai Wen Hui, and was subsequently suspended from publication in the Huai hai Wen Hui regulation, and this article also nearly ceased to be published in the Huai hai Wen Hui regulation.. I had a narrow squeak. I almost couldn’t publish it. According to caijiu’s rookie insight, from discovery to publication should be regarded as a qualitative mutation. Although discovery is more important than publication, only publication can ferment and have a follow-up effect. Over the past 20 years, the influence of the dishes on Hongmen banquet has been the result of fermentation.     Hongmen banquet is very famous and causes great misunderstanding.. To put it simply, because Liu Xiang’s battle ended in Liu Sheng’s defeat, a considerable number of people thought Xiang Yu had made a mistake in not killing Liu Bang at the Hongmen banquet.. Twenty years ago, after taking care of this problem, Cai Jiu thought that the reason why the Hongmen banquet ended like this had a great relationship with Liu Bang’s transfer of the rights of Wang Guanzhong.. Because of his ignorance, he thought that this was the exclusive discovery of Caijiu, which made it easy to change the name of this article to ” Who Knows Hongmen Banquet” at the beginning of the Internet in 1999. It was widely published on the Internet and used this name to participate in the miscellaneous knowledge regulations of ancient history in the future.. I don’t know what kind of chance to take part in the historic hongmen banquet. soon I spent quite a long time on the front page of sinology. it became a disaster and was found on numerous teaching websites and even various websites.. From then on, eternal knowledge has become a fixed word, followed by numerous followers, and various names of eternal knowledge have sprung up in succession.. Who knows XXX through the ages is full of bully spirit, who gives up me is hardly to be discussed, which is equivalent to thousands of years. I have the final say on this matter.. This is probably a language that doesn’t surprise people. Caijiu’s move is too conceited and self – confident. It doesn’t even consider whether to let everyone know what they are doing, nor is it afraid of being ugly and making people laugh at others. It’s a big blow first..     Taking this discovery as an opportunity, a new consideration was given to the whole Chu – Han war process, and a new breakthrough was made in understanding it. Two new regulations on the cause of Xiang Yu’s downfall ( attached to the interpretation of Xiang Yu’s regulations ) were identified in the Convention on Biological Diversity and Chu Huaiwang’s historical status ( attached to the search for Chu Huaiwang ). Among them, the article on the interpretation of Xiang Yu’s regulations soon became a model for writing, and fame was not included in Chongwen Book Company’s 2007 edition to participate in several Dongfeng changes – a selection of regulations on the history of wine cooking in Tianya community..     After the publication of the regulations on miscellaneous knowledge of ancient history at his own expense in 2005, his heart grew greatly, and the so-called ” influential work” soared. Some old knowledge was gradually sorted out into online articles under the name of ” eternal knowledge”. While these essays on reading history were published, they will soon be compared with the regulations on the banquet of eternal knowledge of Hongmen.. At the beginning of 2007, in order not to reduce the old blue chip stocks of this dish nine to blue chip stocks, the dish nine took care of this historical fact again, and found that the previous understanding was not comprehensive enough, and there were still quite a few lingering charms that could not be explored, so it was really a good place to eat.. As a result, we searched the edges and corners of the hongmen banquet again, gave a new explanation, prepared a web article on the detailed regulations of the ancestors who knew XXX through the ages, and based on this, made a long article on the regulations for the preliminary investigation of the truth of the hongmen banquet, which was published in the university journal through Mr Tian’s matchmaking.. The ninth dish struck the iron while it was hot, and further cut the Hongmen banquet issue into a batch of online red letters, such as ” Hongmen banquet conclusion” and the relationship between the two whatevers ” who knows Cao Wushang through the ages” Hongmen banquet lesson plan completely criticizes ” Hongmen banquet conclusion and Li Yuchun’s fan regulations” and so on, which are both more convincing and very dispiriting.. As boasting of participating in the ” Cai jiu shanzhai” military parade regulations, they thought that these words ” are independent and complementary to each other, forming a cross-fire network, and shooting those views that are not in line with Cai jiu into holes and holes, face – less, and miserable. Therefore, this is not only a well-deserved teacher of tigers and wolves, but also a teacher of making food nine feel super cool. They not only let the food nine pass through the old addiction sweeping the world, but also let the food nine taste what it feels like to run amok.. ” In 2008, some booksellers published a collection of vicious online characters to participate in the profile regulations of history. Food Nine and Dot Spirit tied the words of the Hongmen Banquet back into a more splendid draft of the ” Never Disperse Hongmen Banquet” Bill, lifting the Hongmen Banquet upside down, which was the final decision.. Due to contract restrictions, it was not convenient to access the full text of the article before its official publication, but the last part of the article was also well received by those who participated in the contest.. In 2009, before the Dragon Boat Festival, the 10th anniversary of ” Caijiu Shanzhai” was commemorated by the regulations of ” Caijiu” Military Parade. The first official to enter was the regulations of ” Who Knows Hongmen”, a well-deserved mother of tigers and wolves. A considerable number of the teachers of tigers and wolves participating in the military parade are more or less of their blood, so they must walk in the head.. The commentary on Cai Jiu’s military parade summed up what he had done at the Hongmen banquet, saying: ” The Hongmen banquet is like a mountain blocking the view of countless people, like a heavy lock, causing many events to be covered with inexplicable shadows and causing many historical misreadings, but this is the family dinner of Cai Jiu and will never have any impact on Cai Jiu.”. So understand the hongmen banquet, also read a lot of history, so the blood of the hongmen banquet has been flowing in the words of caijiu, so caijiu broke into the porcelain shop elaborately decorated by experts and professors of all times with a sword forged by the hongmen banquet and smashed it inside. Although many experts and professors can only look at the dishes and do nothing, they can pretend that the porcelain shop is still intact and continue to tell people the beauty of it.. How to do, continue to hit. A recruit fresh, eat all day. ” After 2010, I felt that 2009 was a watershed in the decline of writing because I felt that the writing style was not flourishing.”. On this basis, I began to sum up the route. I chose three of my books to be the three main ones that make me feel the best and make others feel the most uncomfortable, namely, touching the dragon and not saying Zhao Tai, never leaving the Hongmen banquet and forever Cheng Qianfan.. Now it seems that although the three are equally famous and cool, the Hongmen banquet is the sum of the other two, and the biggest difference from the other two is that the Hongmen banquet involves a wide range, far-reaching influence and active flow. Behind a single article is a group and a forest, and it continues to flourish. For example, the recent draft regulations on blood and injustice caused by taking part in monkey bathing seem to create a scenic spot with only one Hongmen banquet.. So the ninth dish is always enjoyed and enjoyed at the hongmen banquet table..     However, life is a balanced market, and there will be no good things to be done by all the people. Therefore, although there is a great banquet in Hongmen, there is also a loss that titles cannot be evaluated.. However, the number of people who have been appraised of professional titles is numerous, while the number of people who have been able to enjoy their professional titles is few and far between.. With this in mind, it’s hard to avoid Ah Q, the title of your mother.