What cappuccino practice?Coffee is one of three drinks, species are particularly large, cappuccino is a lot of people like to drink, then you know cappuccino practice it?Today small'll tell you about the practice of cappuccino。 Cappuccino first approach is to press milk into the pot, probably down to about half the pressure pot, then close the lid, pressing a hand holding the pot, the other kept under pressure pumping pressure only hand pot piston, the faster beat out the more delicate milk foam, until the milk becomes a pressure pot by half a pot on OK, then pour out the milk and milk foam spare。
Followed make coffee, the pressure pot washed, then placed in the coffee pot pressure。
If the amount of pressure pot 3 cups (12 ounces), then put 20 grams of coffee powder, with 90?Hot water is poured into a uniform pressure jar 95 °, poured into the ring at the spout noted that the coffee powder fully make contact with hot water, and then the lid is closed the lid of the piston should be gently pressed on the water after timed 4 minutes, gently press the piston down, but do not press in the end, leaving space for a finger, good!Coffee done。
Cappuccino final approach is the deployment of cappuccino slightly!Take a his beloved coffee mugs, will make the coffee into the cup, you see how much you drink espresso or a light point and set it!Then, when the previous good press milk into coffee, note down the best to use a spoon to press down the liquid, so that liquid milk to pour coffee, and finally the milk into the milk foam coffee scoop top。 Cup of delicious cappuccino on the well, it is very simple!。