Yesterday, I brushed my microblog and saw a report that a newspaper officially closed its publication in 2016. The report said that it would continue to serve the public through the internet media in the future because of the impact of digital media and media and the decline of paper media.. Raised his head to think about it, seems to be the case, how long has it not been since he bought a newspaper at the newsstand? How long has it been since I booked a newspaper? It’s been a long time, hasn’t it. Remember when I was a child, at the beginning of each year, my father would go to the post office to get back a large stack of orders. I took a pencil and searched my favorite newspapers and periodicals one by one. I was so excited that I scratched a lot of them. I was frightened by my father and repeatedly exclaimed how much it would cost.. However, my father believed in the value of money and priceless knowledge, so he connived at me and helped me subscribe to my favorite newspaper. I subscribe most often to the regulations of the monthly magazine of story composition and the draft of the juvenile literature and history newspaper, as well as to the regulations of scientific exploration and so on.. Then I calculated and looked forward to the day when the newspapers and periodicals were delivered. I picked up the newspapers and periodicals and put them in front of my nose, smelling greedily. I was particularly intoxicated with the fragrance of the ink and the wonderful taste.. After school holidays, I was holding books and newspapers and leafing through pages. I especially liked to make the’ wow’ and’ wow’ sounds when I turned pages, indicating that I finished reading another page and reaped another page.. Father is a man who loves books and cherishes books. He will compile the annual publications and newspapers together with lines, stick them on the sides with brown paper, and make notes and marks. He looks like a thick book that can be stored for later searching and reading.. In this way, my family kept a thick stack of books and newspapers, heavy. I also often go to the bookstall on the street corner and stand in front of all kinds of magazines, books and newspapers. The colorful world I see in front of my eyes. These books and newspapers are my only girl’s good friends, so that I can indulge in the world of knowledge, forget loneliness, forget loneliness, and accompany my whole childhood and school days.. Later, I insisted on subscribing to the regulations of participating in the story meeting for ten years and participating in the youth digest regulations for fifteen years, ordering books and reading books became a habit of following closely. I wash up every night, change my pajamas, lean against the head of a bed, light up a bedside lamp, indulge in the myriad worlds in the pages, taste hundreds of thousands of flavors, and then savor all kinds of stories and fall asleep.. That night was beautiful and peaceful. My initial job was in a state-owned enterprise, and most of the company were old uncles and aunts who were nearly retired.. What they look forward to most every day is the moment when the chief of staff delivers the newspaper. I remember the director was an old Shanghai aunt, with short hair, black hairband, black gold-rimmed glasses frame and small eyes, but never without sharp eyes.. Every time she stood at the end of the corridor, shouting, ” Here comes the newspaper.”! Colleagues in various offices started to move and stood at their respective gates, craning their necks to look forward to the director’s figure. The director will step up the newspaper from office to office. After that, voices will be quiet in the corridor, and the sound of ” going” and ” turning the newspaper” will be heard everywhere. People will be intoxicated with all kinds of reports like hunger and thirst.. You always read the newspaper across from me, so you have to be prepared. He will make a cup of good tea first, put it at the table, then sit quietly, rub his hands, stroke a few locks of fine hair in front of his forehead, straighten his body, then seriously spread out the newspaper on the table, turn up page by page, end up his teacup from time to time, and empty his mouth.. Looking at him, you can’t help wondering if there is any Yan Ruyu or golden house in his book and newspaper world? The attitude of Xiao Li’s teacher next to me to read the newspaper is completely different. He always stands at the table, picks up the newspaper, quickly leafs through the newspapers, mumbles about some eye-catching titles, then turns them over, throws them aside and complains about’ boring, boring, dead’ and so on. I understand that, for him, what he pursues is not the content of the newspaper, but the process of reading it. When colleagues who go out to handle affairs come back, they will also clamor for the latest newspaper and can’t wait to read it. At that time, the Internet was just beginning to develop and the office could use 163 dials to access the Internet.. Young colleagues learned to browse information online and gradually lost interest in newspapers. While the old colleagues came over to look at the computer, they shook their heads, took off their reading glasses and said’ so small a word and so much information. They looked too tired. It would be better to read the newspaper quietly.. ‘ gradually accustomed to using the internet, reading newspapers has become an entertainment activity, watching jokes, telling gossip and so on. However, newspapers also have an important purpose, which is to find classified information. At that time, there were no 58 cities and no fair network. We wanted to rent houses, rent shops, recruit and so on, all through newspapers.. So I lie prone on the special information issue every day, carefully study the information of the small case and small case, draw with a pen, and choose the fate of myself and others.. Later, with mobile phones and smart phones, the world is so big that it is still on the screen of mobile phones, so most of us are still low – headed, but we are no longer looking down at newspapers but playing with mobile phones.. No more newspapers, no more magazines, no more bookstores. There are many more workers in the streets who distribute advertising newspapers, all of which are about health care, medical treatment and sales advertisements. Some old aunts will collect the newspapers and take them home to pave the bedding, while most of them will be discarded on the ground, trampled, rolled up by the wind, lifted up and swept away by the big broom of the cleaners.. I have already changed my job, no one will subscribe to newspapers in the office, and I have gradually forgotten the feeling of reading newspapers.. After moving, only to find that there is a library downstairs. So I took the time to accompany my parents to visit the library.. When I entered the reading room of books and newspapers, I saw several rows of tall bookshelves and newspaper racks. In the quiet reading room, many old people sit at the table reading books and newspapers. I heard the familiar clatter again. I carefully looked at the faces of newspapers at every table in walk on by. Some of them were serious, some pointed at them line by line with their fingers, some read them in a low voice, and some transcribed something in their notebooks.. I have a feeling of crossing, a feeling of moving back to the past. That long-lost time actually made me feel like crying. A word eye appeared in my mind, called ” Time is slow” and another word eye called ” Time is quiet and good.”. We live in an era of high rhythm and rapid pace. We have experienced ever-changing times and life. We gradually forget the past life, the so-called ” people are not things.”. However, we must also admit that it is a pity to forget some things. Let me ask you, friend, did you read the newspaper today? Have you read? Friend, how long have you not read the newspaper? Friends, if you are free, you might as well find a corner, read the newspaper and read the book! I believe that that kind of ink book fragrance will certainly touch you!