The night was so quiet, the sky was drizzling with rain, as if to express my grief for my father, and the night wind also played a plaintive melody, as if to engrave deeper traces of my father’s thoughts in my heart…….     Dad, do you remember? You have been away for a whole year. How have you been through this year? Is everything all right with you? Time is passing by, but my daughter’s feeling of missing you is not only decreasing, but increasing day by day.. You left your grief to your daughter, and you also left countless memories to her daughter, who remembers in her heartache, grieves in her memory, cries in her heartache, and cries more heartache in her cry.. Looking at your photos every day as if you were right in front of your eyes, your daughter holds your warm hand and cuddles up beside you, listening to you singing to participate in the dongfanghong bill, listening to you telling the story of the battle, her daughter enjoying her father’s love, we are happy and we are happy.. Her daughter’s eyes glistened with tears….. But reality really shattered her daughter’s dream. Now dad is far away from us. It is only in her dream that she meets each other. Tears flow in her eyes, but blood flows in her heart..     When my father and daughter miss you, tears can’t stop, even crying, and the sound of my daughter missing you reverberates in my heart for a long time.. In winter when snowflakes are flying, my daughter looks at the sky, and the window of her heart is veiled with sadness, hoping that she can turn into a white snowflake and spread it to you, brushing away a trace of dust for you and moistening your cheeks.. When spring comes, my daughter hopes to turn into a wisp of spring breeze, invite another butterfly to sing softly for you, and then offer dancing. In the hot summer, my daughter hopes to turn into a white cloud under the blue sky to shield you from ultraviolet rays. In the golden autumn, my daughter hopes to turn the fruit of immortality into wine with her heart, so that you will be healthy and live longer than Nanshan.     Dad’s daughter knows how lonely she is, how lonely she is, and she is not afraid. whenever sunrise rises, the lark on the branch is my daughter. she is chatting with you and singing the father’s rules for you. whenever the night comes, she will shake the moon boat and invite stars to light the lights for you, or chat with you and play hide-and-seek with you..     Dad, the daughter thinks about you, thinks about you, and thinks you don’t want to extricate yourself, just wants to let this heart-breaking and heart-splitting pain like the tide of waves submerge her deeply. Dad, the daughter thinks about you, thinks about you, thinks you still have to cry, and lets her miss you deeply with her deep love for you.. Daughter asks you to promise one thing. While you take care of yourself, you must bless your mother’s health and longevity and spend decades with your children..     Dad, although you are too far away from your daughter, she will miss you all the time and will care for you forever.. If there is an afterlife, I will still be your good daughter, and she also believes that there is an afterlife.