Occasionally, I turned up my diary and saw the mood I wrote down. I always couldn’t find any memories.. The truth that has been forgotten dies in silence and has to be cherished in the next life.     The step forward is dusk, and the step back is life, floating and heavy, and waking up like a dream. The years left quietly, the wind and frost covered the smiling face, and the habit was to be waited for and put oneself behind the humble position.. Take care of yourself on the way after parting. When frost and snow float, I hope that the flowers will also be brilliant red. Why should I be afraid of smoke and rain on the way?. On the dusty day, I had pain and tears, took away a fishing fire, left an old ticket, and repeated the long-lost clouds and smoke..     What I want in my life, how many autumn I have searched for, I often decide to give up and have it, and I can never see it clearly in my confusion.. When the sun no longer rises, when the mountain peaks have no edges and corners, do you like me to wander in the cross street once and again in a daze?? Who shares my general thoughts? Braid the fantasy in your heart. Confused heart, whether still can have again? I am not afraid of ups and downs, but I beg to be drunk together in this world of mortals..     At first, I was casual and a little warm, but now I can see clearly and I am no longer sleepy.. Life is only a matter of investigation in the wind. I don’t want to stay alone. It’s hard to come and go. It’s hard to get together. Suddenly I look back again. This month is like that year. I was drunk with the cool breeze for a thousand years.. Don’t say how changeable the water is, how doomed it is to gather and disperse, and how it is only in a dream to meet each other.. Life can’t see clearly, but hope for eternity, the most romantic thing, with life slowly getting older.