Today is my birthday and Christmas peace day. Jesus really loved himself so much that he gave himself this day of peace, happiness and peace. That’s why I prayed silently to God every time the Christmas bell rang. I always hope to walk out of the scenery all the way along the way in life, surging to the deepest touch and flowing out the most beautiful melody in the years..     However, with the passage of time, another year was inadvertently added, and the ring of life also drew a circle quietly. Years long gone, seasons singing together, I have reaped happiness and also experienced sadness and sorrow, how can those sad and joyful memories be forgotten, how can those stories of spring flowers and autumn moon be forgotten, happiness and sadness are my feet, from young and innocent childhood to youth interwoven with bitterness and joy, and then to calm like autumn mountains, looking back on that journey, I left footprints one after another, the footprints of happiness became deeper, the footprints of sadness became shallower, leaving more touching, warmth and happiness..     Early in the morning, the window was opened, and the sunshine added a touch of color to the original good mood. The blue sky was flowing with cool clouds, and several white doves flashed through the eyes … Ah, I seem to see Jesus’ love and clever life, with a grateful heart, thanking the sun, thanking life, thanking all the people around me, including those who know and don’t know, for the value of my living existence and my colorful life..     In my world, there are beautiful dreams and hopes, loneliness of struggle, loneliness of growth, and hardship of life, just like my surging effort rushing on the riverbed of time. I have dreamed of being laughed at, lost, waiting and frustrated, but all the prized gains and losses, gratitude and grudges and grievances will fall into fallen leaves with the wind and become a living thing of passing the eye and passing the clouds and flowing water to the east.. Perhaps, after grinding again and again, life will make oneself know more about the true meaning of life and the meaning of living. After night comes the glow of dawn and after winter comes the bright spring.     From an early age, like words became a part of my life, like hanging bottles hanging over my life, reading my life bit by bit, nourishing my emotions and saving my pale worldly life. It constantly spread, infiltrated and overflowed my blood vessels.. Although words can’t pull back the lost direction, they can heal their own ends through words.. Therefore, I always want to search for the source of the sound of music through words, find the source of good feelings, constantly comfort and pity the weakness of human nature with words, constantly pick up those displaced souls by writing, present the humble years in front of me, lift all the love in the world over my head, and let myself feel the tension and warmth of life.. I think, in the future and on the journey of life, along with those lost time, my pen will always flow with sincerity to love and sex, and I will be a person full of emotion and blood in life, projecting exquisite pictures from the bottom of my heart..     All the way along, feeling all the way, although ying zi is not the same as the old Zhuo Yao, the appearance is not as vivid as yesterday, but what remains unchanged is the faith inscribed on the chest hall, and what does not regret is the youth that once shed sweat.. Because I know that human life is a process of asceticism and a drama of ups and downs. At the end of the road to life’s hope, we can find a kind of wisdom, see the lighthouse of the Holy Spirit, and understand the essence of human nature, so that every soul can be purified and comforted, full of joy and happiness of life.. Yes, ah! When I came to this world from the transmigration of life, I was destined to start a deep-rooted thinking and a vow to fight for my dream. The dance from life is wonderful and infinite, and the body born never stops..     Although the steps ahead are heavy and solemn and stirring, I firmly believe that the road I have travelled must be the most beautiful! My figure is drifting away!