I have been to the grasslands and seen endless grass. Swimming in the green ocean, I am full of energy and pleasure. I want to swim like this all my life and let the fragrant grass surround me tightly and even drown me.. However, I still came out from the vast grassland and melted into the world of mortals and the secular world in a city lacking grass flavor, making a restless heart point to the direction of grass spitting green..     In fact, I prefer grass in my hometown, scattered and scattered, or small plots of land distributed along ditches and wasteland.. From my childhood in the countryside, I was close to the soul of grass. I looked at them humbly stretching out their delicate bodies from the earth, and I was awed.. As a teenager, I carried a sickle and a wicker basket and went outside the village to cut pig grass. It was summer or autumn, and grass grew lonely in Yuan Ye. I waved a sickle, and I heard grass singing happily. But I prefer to come to the wild in the morning and break many glittering and translucent dewdrops. I want to know if the drops hanging on the grass are transparent notes after note? I don’t understand why they are so humble and small, but why are they so calm and calm?? In the wilderness, in all the barren land where there are many cracks, take a good look at how happy and healthy the grass is.! They dance in the wind, dance in the rain, and stretch their flexible life tirelessly. Even if they are burned, they will have time to spare. Next spring, their roots will still have a thick green color..     For many years, I have alienated the grass in my old garden. In the city’s bright red wine, my heart has gradually hardened. I know that my heart is deserting day after day until the sharp sand grains engulf my last ray of green flame.. I don’t want to see such a desolate ending. How I want to go back to the middle of the grassland, to the fragrant dewdrop – laden grass with tender green. I lie on the quiet and moist grass, close my eyes and dream a warm green dream.. I will let grass enter my desolate heart and grow freely there. Only in this way can I feel soft and loving in my heart. Will pity and sympathize with all the life in the world.     I also want to say, among all sentient beings, who is not a poetic and humble grass? Because of growth, because of singing, because of forbearance, because of dedication, we have every reason to be noble. Therefore, I must arrive at my hometown one summer and have a long-lost date with Caoer in a garden like a wash.. I lay in the middle of the grass, listening to their whispering, or watching their passionate dance when the wind blows. I know that grass is my former life and future life, and I have no reason to refuse them. 820 words