Wasteland can’t say, all the green is still green. If, can find the spring photos, compared with the current green, there is no ambiguity. These days, the weather is like early spring, with continuous rain, falling and cold feeling beginning to spread, and the curtain of the porch window seems to be moving to send the autumn cool in the oblique wind into the roller shutter’s hope.. Living in the posthouse, the lamplight of the promenade, wrote a note of nostalgia. Helpless, the swan goose injured its wings. Hesitate, listen to the cold shiver of the leaves in the rain.   Maybe it was the spring of August! The decline, though not to say, cannot be said to have no such tendency.   In fact, different moods have different scenery. A kind of leisure, there is a kind of scenery with it.   In the haze, the waverers, under the eaves, suffer from the erosion of the wind. The sunshine in the vision seems to be engulfed by a black hole. The tiny stars have become the rudiments of rain, and then fall apart with autumn.   Cold, mountain forests and red maple leaves present the last festival of life to the people of Leshan and Leshui.   Go, go. Vanity is gone. The fat days began to lose weight.   The sign of high peak does not seem to indicate the real direction. Those who came to the world and went to the party here did not respond to anyone.. Doubt each other, guess, watch out for each other. Only one to the north, empty. In my heart, I hid daggers from each other. Fortunately, the haze blocked my eyes.   Ping Ye Momo, a plate of sunflowers, lost its expression as bright as it should be because of the dark weather and was at a loss to do anything about it.. This is also good, at least some spare time to treat’ sprain’.   The abyss is bottomless, and Long Yin is here. His eyes closed and he allowed the snake lizard to perform.   Sparse umbrella, moving in the pattering rain. Muddy, in a metaphorical way, persuades struggling steps.   The decayed, fuzzy, rain-soaked and clear-cut show the vicissitudes of life, and the cicada slough’s dandruff also shows the ancient meaning of exhaustion..   Mang disorderly eyes stopped blinking in the field where there was no luster to reply.   Blind staff, with their pointed shoes, knocked on the ground constantly, with grass as weft and grass as warp, netting its shadow. Occasionally, a worm’s chirp and a breeze can wipe out its footprints.   Deviating from the dynamic balance, if so, the festivities began to end. The lingering sound is just a thin vine, and the falling light and shade is slowly languishing..   The moon of the abandoned well has lost its appearance, and only one side of the dark depression has sealed up the past bright and rotten photos.. The pattern on the edge of a frame of decay recorded the original.   Moss like a dumb purple lip, endure the unbearable disease miasma.   Cough of residual Fu wrapped in a wound disease.   Where’s the graceful demeanour hanging on the swing? The net of autumn closes the smile written on the cover of youth.   The withering defeat has collected the dust from the sun and the moon, and what meaning will it express in its crumbling branches and parasitic thatch?? Yu Si, a crow aphasia, its pecking day.   I don’t know where the grave robbers came from and dug deep into the plot. Scattered stories, like pestilence, began to approach the living.   Fossil, wake up, panic when the disaster comes, explosion erupts in general. Revival of the eyes, transparent space-time barrier. However, its clear meaning penetrates the reality. If it stands with a pillar, it will be the most beautiful tomb inscription of the end of the day.  The stagnant words and unfinished actions have inherited the original style and are continuing the original.   What kind of reincarnation is this? Not complete repetition, instead of human will. Today’s chariot, the tunnel running through time, will not only hear the thud and scatter the flight feathers, but also what else will it be? Who’s the downfall of the dead money – like fallen leaves?   For some reason, those who want to sing with their necks could not make a sound at all.. Its long shadow was disturbed by chaos.   Who can resist the coming darkness!   Who is the prophet? No one is a prophet! Not a bold prophet, standing in deep darkness. The darkness gave him a silk dress. However, he is convinced that the deepest darkness is nearest to the bright light!